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Supermodel Adriana Lima -- In Hot Water

7/26/2010 6:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Adriana Lima -- widely recognized by experts as the hottest woman ever in the history of the universe -- nearly melted a Caribbean island today during a photo shoot for Victoria's Secret.

It all went down on the sizzling French island of St. Barths.  And if you're not clicking through these photos by now, your brain is malfunctioning.


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Sad sad    

TMZ obviously has a lot of fat ugly chicks who read here. I'm a chick and think she looks awesome. She looks healthy. Not skeletor. I wish TMZ had a place to upload our pictures here. Most these hecklers wouldn't dare to put their ugly mug.

1551 days ago


i like her body, it kind of looks like mine, except i need to lose weight and tone up. i think she is cute, but she is too squinty here. if this is a professional shoot, it doesnt really seem to be. of course, with lighting and photoshop, shoots always come out subpar afterwards. whatever happened to that video shoot with mariah and her bloated beach whale bathing suit? did she manage to come out looking subpar in that video???

1551 days ago


She's beautiful! I don't care what anybody says, she's a natural beauty.

1551 days ago


She looks like she's about to upchuck something in the second picture. Like the grape she ate for lunch.

1551 days ago


I know, God made our brazilian beauty!

1551 days ago


"Hottest women ever" ??? No..I don't think so. I don't know where the little kid interns at TMZ have been going, (obviously just L.A.) I have seen and woke up next to waaaaay hotter chicks than this taco with WIDE hips. So, no this chunky wide hipped mexican looking thing is NOT the hottest chick ever. Besides I don't bang chicks that need to wax their mustaches. TMZ's a big planet...go see it.

1551 days ago


Um. The reason why she has a guy and not a flat stomach is because she just gave birth a few months ago.

I know most of you are 12 year old boys, and you may not quite understand that the skin on the stomach stretches when a woman is pregnant. Well it does. It will flatten eventually. She used to have a flat stomach.

As for her breasts, real. Those get bigger during pregnancy too.

And her most famous feature is her face, which you can't see in these photos. She is indeed hot.

1551 days ago


Few are those who spend inordinate amounts of time on TMZ forums, talk smack about how a hot chick is fugly, and actually have a girlfriend themselves.

1551 days ago


I think she should have given it some more time after having a baby to pose in bikinis. She's not back to her old self yet.

1551 days ago


Like many commenters, I see that this is an attractive woman, but she has back fat (rolls of it in some pics) and a pot belly that most folks don't expect to see when they pay to see good-looking people (as, let's face it, we do when we go to movies or buy magazines). (Same with Bar Rafaeli, although she poses it out better - this Adriana Lima really doesn't appear to be a very good model).

1551 days ago


Her stomach area has changed since since she gave birth. Used to be flat and perfect.

1551 days ago


Some readers here assume that everyone who sees this lady as a-little-too-fat-for-professional-bikini-modelling is probably fatter and "uglier" than she. It makes more sense to think that those who see her as a little over-fat are probably fit and toned themselves - or else they perhaps are not being paid to look fit and toned. A fat person would see her as slim; someone who just paid 5-10 dollars for a fashion mag might see her as needing to tone up to show the swimsuits to their best advantage. Torso fat takes one's eyes off the swimsuit.

1551 days ago


I might have agreed if I didn’t see a picture of Shakira doing a shoot for her new video. Now THAT woman is pure sex in heels.

1550 days ago

Il Duce    

These poses are a joke!!! What is she doing in picture #46???

1550 days ago


She's got a pretty face and big boobs, but other than that, her body is no better than any other model, and there are quite a few with better ones (Bar Rafaeli, Miranda Kerr, or, as much as I can't stand her, Giselle Bundchen come to mind). I know she had a kid not that long ago, but even us mere mortals know to suck in the gut when we're in a bathing suit.

1550 days ago
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