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TV Chef

Goes Nuts Over

Camel Testicles!

7/26/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern has eaten so many different kinds of animal cojones ... that he actually has a favorite -- camel -- but dude admits, "They're not as big as you'd think they would be."

Andrew was in NY this weekend -- where the gonad gobbler also told us about the one food that was just too nasty to finish. 


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1552 days ago

margo schwab    


1552 days ago


Are they as big as camel toes?

1552 days ago

Joe Blow    

Worst show on TV. Just because something exists doesn't mean it's edible or food. Now Adam from 'Man vs. Food', that's a REAL man. All hail Adam!

1552 days ago


I adore Andrew Zimmern, his show is the best! And to poster 5, Joe Blow, you've obviously never actually seen the show...because everything Andrew eats is actually edible and is also food, what a concept! It's not like he goes around eating rocks and nails.

1552 days ago

Leigh Ann    

This guy is a a FAT PIG, but calling him that is an insult to pigs everywhere! He is a FAT, disgusting ASS that should try eating some fruits and vegetables for a change. Hope he has a massive cholesterol heart attack.

1552 days ago


Honestly!! Anything to get atention!! How would he like camels eating his cajones? lol!!
So many great things to dine on in the world and he has to be gross as well as promoting something completely unneccessary for eating for an animal that has served man so well as a live animal. Not amused!!

1552 days ago


If you watch the show, you will learn that the things he eats are considered a common foods in other countries. And if you pay attention, you will also learn that many poorer cultures must make use of every aspect of an animal. This guy is the only foodie on TV who doesn't have a handful of corny catchphrases for describing food (Rachael Ray anyone?). He is great at communicating a food's taste and textures. Like poster #1, becca said, "LOVE HIM!". I'm with you becca!

1552 days ago

dennis in sac    

Post # 3.... Hilarious! This chef is Flippin' Awesome!!!

1552 days ago

Hotdog On a Stick    

I once heard somebody ask '...Do you think that Andrew Zimern guy from 'Bizarre Foods' is gay?'

I said 'I don't think you can eat that many ****s and still call yourself straight.'


1552 days ago


I have news for you. It's not "food", but you're eating it anyway because you're a ****ing retard. Your body is literally your "temple", so imagine what a trash compactor this pathetic loser is. In fact, just being a meat eater is sickening enough, but this moron goes for anything and everything-
and I had no idea that those poor camels were killed just for humans to eat ? I hope that's not true. They're so dopey looking and cute, who could possibly kill one ?!

1552 days ago


This guy is a complete freak. He gets off watching animals be slaughter then eat them for dinner an hour later. Eat American FAT ASS!!

1552 days ago


He sounds gay anyways.

1552 days ago


Honestly, for those of you that think what he does is gross, keep in mind that the things he eats are REAL cusine that locals eat in other parts of the world. He has a great respect for other cultures and is open to what they consider to be good food, and in some cases, necessary for their survival as he has also been to some extremely poor countries as well. I lived in Europe for 3 years and it was only after this time that I realized how unculturalized and unappreciative most Americans are of places besides there own. Think outside the box, people, and don't be so judgmental!!!

1552 days ago

Náah Fenty    

no no, .. I guess the lhama's more beautiful! (shuahsusah'.
brazilian's here ..
guys, go to get up the world!

1552 days ago
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