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Bob Barker Rips Drew Carey -- The 'Price' Is Boring

7/27/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former "Price is Right" host Bob Barker put Drew Carey's "PiR" hosting style on blast yesterday -- because according to Bob ... Drew fails to add an "excitement" to the legendary game show.



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I feel the show should have been different & not so much like when Bob was there The microphone? That is signature Bob Barker. Drew needed to make it his own not be a BB stand in.

1516 days ago


My cousin works on Price Is Right sometimes and hated Bob Barker. He said Drew Carey is so much better to work with. Bob Barker was is an nasty mean douchebag and everyone who works there is glad he's gone.

1516 days ago


This is so TRUE. I was just saying the same thing to my son yesterday. I don't know why Drew got this job. He didn't even want it. Bob was an excellent host. I like Drew but he's not suited for the Price is Right.

1516 days ago


He's not really ripping Drew, he just says Drew plays the games and doesn't try to drum up excitement. Bob was a cheerleader, Drew is low key. Drew really doesn't seem to care that much about the contestants and sometimes seems embarrassed about some of the prizes and sponsors. Not to mention embarrassed by some of the contestants. He can be rude. Maybe Bob was rude to co-workers or harassed some of the models. But he was enthusiastic and an excellent game show host in his prime. CBS should have gotten someone who knows how to host a game show or could learn it. Drew isn't it. I think Whoopi Goldberg could do a better job, for example. I'm not a huge Whoopi fan but she has some energy and enthusiasm. Drew is just so lowkey and laid back he might as well not be there.

1516 days ago


I love Drew on the show. Bob Barker became so arrogant & impatient with the contestants who were primarily as old as he is!!
Drew brings a down to earth air to the show, comedy & genuine feeling that he's an "everybody's guy" as well as younger contestants. He gave the show just the kick it needed to keep it from becoming antiquated.

1516 days ago


Bob is right. Drew is boring as the host of The Price is Right. I stopped watching. Someone like Donnie Osmond would have made a far better host. Women would have loved him and he would have added excitement to the show. I say dump Drew and offer the show to Donnie.

1516 days ago


Drew Carey is no Bob Barker.

1516 days ago


Game shows are for retards.

1516 days ago


I worked on The Price is Right for 10 years. Bob is an uncontollable egomaniac, that would not be happy no matter who took the show over from him.

1516 days ago

Donald Ray    

Man, this camera guy is just TOO gay, "Mr. Barker, my friend, I absolutely LOVE you", at ANY minute, I expected the guy to ask Bob if he could give him a B.J. right next to his car.

1516 days ago


I grew up watching the Price Is Right and am a big fan of Bob Barker's animal rights work but I think he should have retired when Janice and Kathleen did. The show wasn't "fun" after that because Janice and Holly and Diane and Kathleen and Rod were gone and Bob seemed really cranky and irritable with the contestants and the show was flat. I think if Bob had retired a few years earlier it would have been better for the show. I agree that Drew Carey is not a slick polished host like Bob, but I have to say that the show is much better now with Drew because it's fun again and that's what you expect Price Is Right to be. Sorry Bob.

1516 days ago


Bob has no room to talk. Drew has been more exciting than he ever was. Hopefully, he treats the models better than Bob did. Bob was nothing but a dirty old man.

1516 days ago


He's right. Drew was good on other shows, not this one. It's BORING! Rosie would've been the better choice. Yeah, she's went nuts since her own talk show days, but at least she could make The Price is Right a little more upbeat and fun to watch. It's painful to watch Drew host this show.

1516 days ago


The only reason that Bob made the Price is Right "exciting" was that he was extorting sex from the models!!! Sexual harrassment much, Bob?!?

BTW, that Bob Barker/Happy Gilmore fight scene was the best part of that movie.

1516 days ago


Bob just became a lecherous old a**hole towards the end. HE was starting to become hard to watch. At least Drew Carey seems to genuinely like the contestants.

1516 days ago
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