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Gabourey Sidibe Storms Through NYC

7/26/2010 8:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Precious" star Gabourey Sidibe managed to stay dry underneath an umbrella as she walked around SoHo this weekend.


Wearing eyeglasses, a floral top, skinny jeans and white kicks, the 27-year-old flashed a grin on her stroll through Manhattan.



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let me preface this comment by admitting I'm a fat azz too...
lmao @ skinny jeans - I thought they were just too tight...can you hear the seams crying from the a medevil torture machine.
I agree with all the posters that bring up the fact that her mom sings in the subway-did she help her mom out at all with the funds from her success?
It is disgusting that people thing her being this huge is ok.
She is lieing if she says she doesn't have health problems. She seriously need I also find it sick that society thinks seeing a womans ribs is pretty.

1551 days ago


Don't get me wrong. I think it is best if she follows Queen Latifah's humble footsteps to shed pounds for her well-being and health.

1551 days ago


god..she s fat:(

1551 days ago

Ozzie X    

TMZ is grasping for straws. She is not appealing at the very least. You guys are just trying to stir things up about her weight. Harvey is a douche.

1551 days ago


Actually, it already looks as though she's lost some weight. It makes more sense to lose weight slowly than fast - otherwise the body just gets its revenge by playing metabolic rate games, and yo-yo weight loss/gain/loss/gain ensues (not good for the internal organs). Just making a few changes in the way you eat (mainly what), getting enough simple exercise to keep things going (forget obsessive workouts, walking is fine) - that's all that's needed for someone her age. So stop bothering her. And let her wear what she wants - she's not dressing for TMZ.

1551 days ago


Did you really write that she's wearing "skinny jeans"?
Just sayin'.

1551 days ago


Howard Stern was right, there are no obese women in leading roles. It's not mean to call an obese person obese. People like her are the reason why Obama shoved the healthcare bill down our throats.

1551 days ago


Just cause she's not YOUR type. Take her over to Africa and she is HOTTT! She is actually a stunning woman in some cultures. Africa Vogue cover girl.

Been out of the States much?

Just because women here are badgered into taking up as little space as possible by White males doesn't mean bones are attractive everywhere.

Case im point the Kim versus Kourtney butt off. This would be the exact opposite result in some communities where bigger is better.

You have been schooled. That is all. Gabby isn't worried about you, she's too busy beating off suitors with a stick.

1551 days ago

tmz is makes me lose faith in mankind    

You people that make cruel comments are absolutely diluted. YOU'RE the 'DISGUSTING' ones. You just can't stand to see other people succeed. I'm sure you're all living it up in your great, big mansions with your Victoria's Secret/GQ spouses waiting for you to come out beside the people in skimpy bathing suits that accentuate how 'hot' they are. I'm sure you're Lamborguini is out in the drive way just gorgeous and pristine and when it rains, hundred dollar bills fall from the sky right into your perfectly manicured hands. WTF is wrong with you people? You think because someone's dream is to be famous or in movies that means that you can judge them, RIDICULE them as if they're no better than dirt. How would you feel if your manager at McDonald's put fat, putrid, googly eyed freak that deserves to die on your performance review?
She's following her dreams, she's succeeding. Even if she is rich, why is it her responsibility to take care of her mother btw? Just because someone raised you, apparently in a subway as most of you are stating, where is there a law that says you MUST take up for other people that apparently are happy playing music for petty change for a living?
Take a look at yourselves. A good, long look. If you have nothing good to say, keep it to your nasty, sniveling, SMALL, little selves.
TMZ, shame on you for such cruel comments in your article, CLEARLY meant to egg such ingrates on. Your 'reporting' sinks to a lower level with each post. And all you people who post on here, I'm sure I'll know exactly who you are when I receive my subscription of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE EVER IN EXISTENCE...AKA EVERY TMZ COMMENTER.
Grow up, educate yourselves. Stop harassing someone for their weight, or their skin color for Baby Jesus' sake. God. We apparently have not come that far AT ALL.

Oh, and PS, 'SKINNY JEANS' refers to the cut of the jeans, morons. You all think you're so effing funny. Idiots.

1551 days ago


"'Precious' star Gabourey Sidibe"

Huh, according to the Oscars, the movie is called "Precious Based On the Novel Push By Sapphire".

At least, that's what all the celebs called it about 37 times. :-P

1551 days ago


I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Fat bashers, if you replaced the word "fat" with any other demeaning word used to categorize a person based solely on their ethnicity, sexual preference, financial status, or appearance, you would be a bigot. Let's try it.

"She is so black!! how GROSS! how can she even walk outside being so black?!"


"She is such a gross lesbian!! Being gay is disgusting!! How can she even show her big homo face out in public?!"


"She is sooo poor!! Poor people are frigging foul!! I hate poor people!! Poor people don't need to be walking around, all wearing clothes and living their life!! EW!"

The word "fat" is in no way more acceptable to use than any of these other examples I've provided. It is bigotry, and that is far more disgusting and heart-breaking than anyone's perceived weight issues.

Please grow up.

1551 days ago

al bundy    

Wow, what a fat *****, stop eating!

1551 days ago


Holy **** Big Foot is real!

1551 days ago


I have never commented before, but feel the need to now....I watch the show on TV, and read your site online, and was always so impressed with the way you dished the gossip, without malice and snarky comments. It was refreshing, and entertaining without the cheap shots, personal attacks, or insults that are commonplace in other blogs, like hmmmm, Perez Hilton's for instance. I always really liked Harvey, and thought he was one classy dude. Reading gossip from people like Perez always made me feel negative, disgusted and dirty.It must be trending now, because you seem to be infected with the same juvenile behaviour. I sort of got to "Know you", from watching you banter on the set during the show, and generally liked you all. I an so dissappointed at the turn you have taken with the cheap shots. Why lose your readers and your reputation with this tacky reporting? Take a lesson from Perez Hilton's site. People and advertisers are leaving in droves, and really feeling hatred for him. He is going down in flames, (pun intended,) and the same will happen to you guys. Stand up for decency, or become just another T++d on the pile.

1551 days ago


SKINNY JEANS?!? There is nothing skinny about this chick. What about the What were they thinking moment. I have seen spandex that wasn't even that tight.

1550 days ago
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