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Suge Knight K.O. Kid -- Violently Choked Out

7/26/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Greg the Barber -- the guy who famously knocked out Suge Knight -- was choked out in a violent nightclub altercation ... when a bouncer ran up from behind him and put him in a sleeper hold.

** Warning: This footage contains explicit language and violence **

The footage -- first posted on Friday by -- shows Greg conducting an interview for some sort of Internet show in front of Wonderland in Hollywood ... when a bouncer knocks into him from behind.

Clearly upset, Greg aggressively confronts the bouncer -- when ANOTHER bouncer rushes in from behind and puts a death grip around Greg's neck ... until he passes out.

When Greg wakes up, he tries to find the man who attacked him ... even throwing punches at one point.



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...And this is why I stay at home on the weekends. Its like everyone is asking for a UFC type fight at the drop of a hat.

1512 days ago


Well, that was pretty much a criminal assault.

1512 days ago


Damn...when did Chief Jay Strongbow start working as a night club bouncer?

1512 days ago


Choking someone out is a dangerous move and should be reserved as a last resort method of restraint by a trained professional, i.e. not a bouncer. You are telling me 4 guys could not have restrained this guy? The guy gave a shove, then he gets choked out? That's overkill, bad decision the bouncers part. On top of it, a bouncer started the whole thing!

1512 days ago

Eric Wright    

Greg the barber went looking for trouble and he got it. He could have just walked away. He had to prove his manhood - the graveyard of such fools is overflowing with baggy pants and scowl faced skulls. The bouncers are doing there job. If greg doesnt like the service find another club to flex at.

1512 days ago


not cool,,,,at all.

1512 days ago

Whip It    

whip it

1512 days ago


Typical. What do you expect when you hire meat heads as 'SECURITY' and pay them 13 bucks an hour.

'SECURITY' out milling around in a street crowd like the bunch of poor ass punks that they are...all dressed in black and tatted up. Gross.

Get a life, and face the truth: Bouncers are not tough. They are usually strong, but cowardly. And, usually as stupid as the wall they are leaning up against. Hence the hourly wage.

In most of their pea-brained fantasies, this job actually has 'status' to it. LMFAO

To be a member of a pack of a poor, cowardly 'bouncing team' at some watering hole is the epitome of loser and failure.

1512 days ago


Genna...I'm not referring to the video. Actually, she is not playing in the video, only appears to be. I was referring to her overall ability pertaining to classical piano. There are musicians who can play classical piano, and there are musicians who can play classical piano with proper "interpretation". The later is the more accomplished and sophisticated pianist. To play classical piano professionally DEMANDS good interpretation (it is the emotive charateristic of music). Oksana doesn't have this level of sophistication. In fact, people at ICON used to joke privately about her playing at a piano bar.
Posted at 8:22 AM on Jul 26, 2010 by John

(Thanks, Maya.) John: Interpretation, as you defined it in the strictest sense, refers to someone who is playing music that was composed by someone else; it is that individual’s artistic expression or view of that work. Oksana composed the music for BH; and played the piano that was recorded for this video. I used that word in an entirely different context. I come from a family of musicians, and I know what it is to be classically trained. Oksana mixes classical with other forms and styles.

I’ve heard a few of her recordings, and she plays the piano beautifully, but only when she doesn’t get in her own way. Far better than someone who “plays in a piano bar.” If the comment from the guys at ICON is even true…it was just plain stupid. Her voice, to me, is like fingernails on a blackboard, and I’m not a fan of her arrangements. I don’t support Oksana in the least, and have no respect for her as a person, but I will give her credit when and where it’s due.

1512 days ago


That is what happens when you frequent those establisments, if im gonna drink, i'll do it at home.

1512 days ago


Lol, crossing Wonderland off my list of places to go!.......WOW

1512 days ago


This is sickening! And we sit around and wonder why young teens etc are doing this ****. I hope the guys sues the a$$ of those thugs. I also hope the video of them being charged and convicted is shown on youtube for all the young people to see, so they realize this is not cool.

1512 days ago


What a bunch of douchebags i hope that guy gets charged with assualt. Bouncer are nothing but crazies who are unable to become cops.

1512 days ago


Interesting the uniforms of the bouncers and all have shaved heads. The bouncers are over-the-top, dangerous and I hope the police take action. Wonder how many people they choke unconscious on a regular basis? Only a matter of time before they kill someone.

1512 days ago


Harvey should hire that bouncer....just in case....

1512 days ago
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