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Suge Knight K.O. Kid -- Violently Choked Out

7/26/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Greg the Barber -- the guy who famously knocked out Suge Knight -- was choked out in a violent nightclub altercation ... when a bouncer ran up from behind him and put him in a sleeper hold.

** Warning: This footage contains explicit language and violence **

The footage -- first posted on Friday by -- shows Greg conducting an interview for some sort of Internet show in front of Wonderland in Hollywood ... when a bouncer knocks into him from behind.

Clearly upset, Greg aggressively confronts the bouncer -- when ANOTHER bouncer rushes in from behind and puts a death grip around Greg's neck ... until he passes out.

When Greg wakes up, he tries to find the man who attacked him ... even throwing punches at one point.



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Skinheads, the bouncer provoked it, rush him, claimed the door did not exist, then his buddy skinhead, puts a huge choke hold on, which usually does not cause permanent damage, but can, no matter what MMA guys like to say.
While he is be choked out, the first skinhead, has his fist ready to punch saying, don't ever talk.
And there is someone chanting kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill the whole time.

If not for the black guy with the beard, he would have been attacked again.

These bouncers are not white, they are skinheads, if you can grasp how skin color is used to divide the masses.

1520 days ago


You can't kill somebody with a rear naked choke for the length of time the bouncer applied it. It takes upwards of a minute after the point of application before it becomes dangerous. The only other real danger is dropping the guy and allowing him to hit the cement. As Bas Rutten would say, "Never, ever let them get that choke. Because if you're out: you never know what they're gonna do with you."

1520 days ago


Hey Dave #100 you are just plain wrong. serious damage from a choke hold can occur as soon as 12 seconds. Ask anyone who trains MMA for a living, not someone on Chuck Liddels fanclub site. You watch waay to much wrestling. And A$$clown #101 how fitting, watch the video, the bouncer starts it by slamming him with the car door WHEN HIS BACK IS TURNED!! If this had happened to you you would've got in his face too if you had any dignity, which you don't. You sound like someone who's gotten punked out by life, some upper middle class kid that was never really accepted, so you have to hate cuz mommy is screwing the gardener and daddy get's drunk before he fondles you at night. Or it could be daddy smacked you around when you were little ,then he took off and mommy sucks her new boyfriend off while you watch from the dinner table. Either way, it made you an impotent hateful b@stard. Sucks to be you now go crawl back to your side of the tracks

1520 days ago


I like how they talk **** while he's helpless, that is hilarious

1520 days ago


Yes i agree bouncers should be jailed and executed.
We dont need bouncers to stop us acting like apes in jungle and stopping us to beat-up some innocent ppl. No bouncers, live free!

1520 days ago

Goon squad    

Looks like a bunch of skinheads attacking a black guy.

Seriously that first bounce committed assault by slamming the door on the Barber dude. Then ratface comes in from behind with a sucker choke hold.

Both bouncers should be charged with assault. Barber touched the first guy, but that was self defense, especially when bouncer boy was getting in his face after slamming the door on him.

1520 days ago


"The barber started it, but he sure couldn't finish it. lol"

My sentiments. GTB tried to make something out of nothing.

1520 days ago


He deserved to get choked out. Who the fck does he think he is getting in a bouncers face. I would have gave him a couple ground and pounds afterwards too.

1520 days ago




1520 days ago


Personally I do not see anything violent about how the dude was put to sleep. I would rather be put to sleep than to be beat up or shot. Sleep is a pleasant thing; no pain and furthermore being a black dude he should be honored that the white man put him to sleep; also he took care of him as he was going to the ground to make sure he did not get further damage

1520 days ago


The bouncers in LA who work at these clubs have huge egos, and most of them are low life douchebags that go to the gym a few times a week and they think they are unstoppable. I'm glad this was caught on tape.. I've had bouncers push me many times for no reason. This ******* is going to have to find another place where he can let his low life friends in the back door and make $12 an hour.

1520 days ago


Just letting you know that the story behind the video is completely wrong.

If you listen closely while the car is honking you'll hear a female say that there was a congress person's (LA/Cali) car behind them blocking traffic. The guys were actually the security detail for the congresswoman and were well within their rights regarding the law. The attack on the local security bouncers was out of confusion at the end so Mr. Barber was wrong twice and the club is getting heat for something they had no control over.

1520 days ago


That was some serious bulls@#%...bring that bitch ass attitude to CHICAGO and see what happens....those bouncers were wrong and need their asses whopped!!!!!!

1520 days ago


In the video the two bouncers were black and mexican, not skinheads. I bet the K.O. kid was acting hard that why he got knocked out.

1520 days ago


I have been intrigue by suad leija the young Mexican girl and her crime family that operates the largest illegal do***ent center in 53, cities, I see she is federal witness against them. Go to and . I would like to see a piece on her in your news.. and more pictures please..i am sure alot of people will agree with me that this is a very interesting cool story and or her double U.S.agent husband and his operations in other countries...i know they live in Atlanta Ga. and her father was recently extradited to the U.S.A and is now awaiting trials in Chicago.....please if you guys know more of her let me know....thank you.

1520 days ago
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