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Suge Knight K.O. Kid -- Violently Choked Out

7/26/2010 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Greg the Barber -- the guy who famously knocked out Suge Knight -- was choked out in a violent nightclub altercation ... when a bouncer ran up from behind him and put him in a sleeper hold.

** Warning: This footage contains explicit language and violence **

The footage -- first posted on Friday by -- shows Greg conducting an interview for some sort of Internet show in front of Wonderland in Hollywood ... when a bouncer knocks into him from behind.

Clearly upset, Greg aggressively confronts the bouncer -- when ANOTHER bouncer rushes in from behind and puts a death grip around Greg's neck ... until he passes out.

When Greg wakes up, he tries to find the man who attacked him ... even throwing punches at one point.



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nighty I hate bouncers too. I think most of them are a holes but this guy is obviously street trash so i guess they just took out the garbage.

1548 days ago


@gadget what would you and your homies did then? Shot and killed the bouncers? So now you're a murdered who hopefully would be put in jail. Idiot. This was clearly wrong but why retaliate? It was caught on tape and even if it wasn't there were witnesses. Do things the right way. Take it to the courts and maybe we'll have a lot less dead (mostly black) men out here.

1548 days ago


This guy "Greg the Barber" is a wannabe shot caller. Who knows what he was doing prior to this video. Glad he got choked out.

1548 days ago


It was way better than what couldve happened..Its obvious that the security gaurd is training..Plus...the sleeper hold is the rear naked choke..its dumbed down in FAKE wrestling so you fools that try to recreate it cant, BECAUSE IT WORKS...10 years ago..that dumb ass dude wouldve just been beat down...And then its assault/battery..They de-escalated the situation by putting him to sleep..He was WAY BETTER OFF that way...Just because you sucker punch SUGE out doesnt make you a fighter (so quit with the cage comments)..They didnt jump him..Granted the first bouncer is sorta a douche (the way he was jerking and couldnt decide what to do) but if you look, he was trying to keep the mic away from his partners face..Its not supposed to be a fair fight with bouncers..They are there to end things quicky..verbally (preferable)or physically. Plus, they are responsible for the perimeter of the club as well..You dont just forget the **** once its outside the doors.

1548 days ago


This is my take on the issue...bouncers whereever u go will work the same format that thses chumps so eloquently displayed. They come at u in numbers hands down. My BEEF though is with the bitch ass DREADIE that watches on like a hopeless female while these dudes ganged up on Greg. YO ***** WHERE WAS YO' HEART AT THAT NIGHT!?! Greg sorry homie but that was a fail for you...stop ridin' wit yellow back ******* and net nerds. 1hunit

1547 days ago


Nobody gots to call an amber lance! Ya does need to call, da Poe-leese !

1547 days ago


choked out ??????? for 5 seconds yeah right. his dumbazz woke right up he wasnt knocked out he was overpowered and gave up. what do bouncers get paid to do???????

to bounce ignorance!!

what the problem is???

1507 days ago


Excuse me but I still do not see anything violent about this video, please educate me. Whether at the dentist office or minor surgery; or taking Ambien, being put to sleep is a pleasant thing, The black dude was not hurt , was not shot and was not beat up; the white dude just put him to sleep for a moment; What the Devil is wrong with that. The bouncer could have put a bullet in him and he would never wake up

1506 days ago

Suge Knight    

****ing tough acting skinheads. i hope Greg the Barber finds them to take revenge!

1506 days ago

Suge Knight    

TMZ has to find out the names of the bouncers who acted tough in this video! let's call these ***gots the "RNC Skinheads". I say to them: Hide your Kids, Hide your wifes and hide your skinhead buddies...coz we gon find you we con find you!!

1506 days ago


That was completely unnecessary. I hope they arrest the bouncer who choked him out and prosecute him, since the whole thing was caught on video.

1483 days ago


The bouncers may well have been working to clear their sidewalks of attitudinal schmucks who were causing a cluster**** affecting traffic outside their club...dewey thinks somebody bumped him; he can say something; but getting up in the face of one of the security team like that, in a crowded post-club scenario; he was fortunate he only got quickly, effectively, and carefully choked out....if he had gotten in the face of a bodyguard of some Gangster at some compound like a lot of the rappers glorify....he might have been a lot less fortunate. Not many commentors on this blog seem to be aware of how difficult and dangerous and frustrating it is trying to keep a club safe for everybody who ius just havin' a good time; and not there with some fraggin chip on they shoulder trying to
get up in someone's face to impress themselves or their friends.
I work for an outfit where almost all our security guys are huge black men...we do a big after-bar business...and I did note that there was a lot of pale skin on the security team....but dude was NOT workin' the dignity plan...and was definitely asserting himself across personal space lines in a heated way. Nobody was kickin' him when he was down, nobody spitting, cutting or shooting him...etc.
I think he was actin' a fool; and expecting to be exempt from basic normal laws of action/reaction....and he wasn't.

1432 days ago
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