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Bon Jovi -- Most Boobiful Photoshoot of All Time

7/26/2010 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Bon Jovi never wanted the world to see these incredibly awesome photos of him and half-naked women from the '80s -- but they're coming out now ... and TMZ has this peek inside the vault.


According to a new book -- "Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi" -- the bodacious pics of the band cavorting with topless women on a bed are from a 1985 photoshoot that was deemed way too risqué for the public. So, the sexy snapshots never saw the light of day ... until now.

The guy who wrote the book -- Bon Jovi's tour manager at the time -- claims Jon went ballistic trying to keep the photos under wraps ... because he was afraid they'd ruin his reputation. It's unclear if he was more worried about the bedroom shots or the pose with Michael Jackson.

No need to fear, Jon. The pics just prove what everyone already assumed -- being a rock star is AWESOME.


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AJFS: You're a douche bag!

1520 days ago


Hate to tell you guys, but Jon and Dorothea were together in and SINCE high school... and she was with him during this stage of the band's career. Don't believe me? Check out the insert/photo in the Slippery When Wet CD/cassette case (the one with the scantily clad women washing cars while band members sit in the cars). Dorothea is "washing" Richie's car - and her eyes are closed.

And - yeah, he does have on shorts. Check out the main picture again. Sheesh.

What's the reason guys want to be rock stars in the first place? To get the chicks! These pictures of wild and young bucks do nothing but prove that point. Too graphic? Gimme a break. You see more *in live action!* in any rap video today.

Mild, but wild. Nice. Not all Jersey Italian women are covering their eyes. No sirreee! None of them ever claimed to be saints, and if people held them as role models during *that* period of their careers, then they were desperate.

Let it rock, guys!

Posted at 8:52 AM on Jul 26, 2010 by PizzaPieJuryGir

true that they have been high school sweethearts, but i do remember that they did part for awhile at some point...but my memory isn't that good on the dates! but i do remember once he got back together with her, he wasn't doing anything like the least that is what he said back then! :)

1520 days ago


The only pics that interest me are the ones with MJ in them. Look at how cute he was.

1520 days ago

Hotdog On a Stick    

ANYBODY who is so stupid as to believe that their favorite rockstar, countrystar and yes, even kershchin music star hasn't banged a groupie or downed a bottle of booze, or snorted a rail or two, or burt a doober or two... is delusional.

One of the reasons we get into the business is FOR these things.

Being shocked that a musician is had sex, drugs, rock-n-roll in their life is like being shocked that a Priest has molested a boy!

Pretty naive to say the least.

1520 days ago


Does anyone else see the "extra" leg in the middle of the picture???? Funky. It isn't Bon Jovi's and it is the wrong way to be the girl on the far right. Everyone else's legs are accounted for. Weird.....

1520 days ago



Posted at 9:36 AM on Jul 26, 2010 by Truth

that link was down for a while earlier and it would not surprise me if they didn't omit some of the racier pics. jon isn't without some influence and one phone call by him to someone in the business is prob all it took!

1520 days ago


#66 reposter...

Yes, they did break up for a while (less than a year), but do you remember the palimony suit Dorothea filed against him when they broke up? It was a few months after they were arrested (with a couple of friends) for breaking in to the ice skating rink in NYC's Central Park. Oh yeah. And then BAM! Two months later they 'elope' on the eve of a string of sold out shows at the Forum. (And no, Dot wasn't pregnant when they were 'taking a break', but felt she was owed something, hence the palimony suit.)

1520 days ago


Forget Bon Jovi, look at Michael Jackson. Georgeous man!!!
Icon King of Pop Dancer Composer Choreographer Tap Dancer
Humanitarian Father Philanthropist

1520 days ago


And if Michael Jackson had posed like this, it would have been all over the tabloids. People would have been out to destroy him. But no one thinks much of these photos or cares.

TMZ you think Bon Jovi posing with MJ is worse than the nudes? Get real.

1520 days ago


These holier than thou comments range from the utterlyl hilarious to the disgusting (hoping someone gets AIDS and dies?? WTF is the matter with you?).

Besides, "Mr Clean" JBJ has said himself he was no saint. Though FTR he did break up with Dorothea circa 1985 around when this pic was apparently taken.

1520 days ago

Bimbo Too    

So the guy enjoyed his time as a rock star! So what! Do you think his wife had no idea what she was getting into! This was 1985, Jon was around 24 years old not with Dot! Even if he was, it is obvious she forgave him or looked the other way. Why should it matter to you. To the poster that said she would never buy another ticket because of these pictures, come on really, are you deliousional to think Jon and the band were virginal! He wont miss your money!

1520 days ago


JBJ cheated on his wife so many times, I am sure he lost count. My friend spent a weekend with the band (namely Richie) and saw JBJ lock himself into his hotel room with 5 girls, and she never saw him-or them-come out the rest of the weekend. He was a typical rocker whore.

1520 days ago


Isn't that Dorothea in the third picture, in the teal dress (with Tommy Lee)?

I can understand why Jon's po'd b/c everything about Bon Jovi has been carefully crafted and secrets kept in the "brotherhood"? The manager in question is the one w/ the 70s porn 'stash, right? Well, he was apart of the "brotherhood", so this is a mah-jor stab in the back to release this stuff....

These are also from 20-some odd years ago when they were KIDS (I'm mean, look @ Richie, for crying out loud). Now, we're talking about family men, Bon Jovi obviously has its place in rock history... Not exactly an accurate representation of who they are, if you ask me. I, as a fan for those 20-some odd years, do not think any less or them... I'm mean, the last thing this is is shocking when you look at the time, their age, and how freaking popular they were.... Anyone who thinks they were saints is naive.

I think it's kinda admirable that Jon's pissed b/c there's a million and one other "stars" who plant this kinda crap. He's still got a little bit of scruples that he doesn't believe "sex scandal" = relevancy....

1520 days ago


LOVE BonJovi....
it's more than obvious this was a photo-op as stated. BJ is not entirely naked even in the orgy shot. Can't you tell he's clowning for the camera!! lol

MJ (taken at an entirely different time than the orgy photos) looks so subdued and almost intimidated. Probably feeling uncomfortable around rock artists who openly act like uinhibited M.E.N. the stage.

The only time MJ could do that was when he was on stage grabbing his crotch! lol

1520 days ago


We already know they did stuff like this back the. Big deal. lol Just proves that there isn't really anything awful hidden about the boys if THIS is the worst they can come up with? whatever. The book is junk and won't sell well.

1520 days ago
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