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Judge Revel -- Free to Get Her Nails Did

7/26/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Judge Marsha Revel took time out from sending Lindsay Lohan to jail to get her nails done in Beverly Hills this weekend.


Justice may be blind, but it still likes a decent manicure.



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No.7. Just how does this Judge becomes a medi Whore by going about her personal business? She didn't do a single thing to attract these nuts. Do you NOT have a sense of reasoning?

1514 days ago


Goooooooo Judge Revek, you ARE the best!!!!!!! lind-do do aka
dumbo needs to go to Sheriff Joe's jail in Arizona, he'd have
her in the HEAT on the chain gang!!!!!!!!! Dumbo will be out & right back at her ole **** & get caught again, I HOPE SOOOO!!!!

1514 days ago


Oooooops!! I apologize, Judge Revel 4 hittin' the wrong key
...daaaaaaaaah!! Hoooooooooray 4 Judge Revel &&&&&&
Madame D.A. Meyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1514 days ago

jan freitas    

Hersuit is not the right size for her and looks terrible. Doesnt she make enough to buy updated, sized right clothing?

1514 days ago


Really, a judge is supposed to run around trying to look like Pamela Sue Anderson? What is wrong with you commenters?
Maybe you'd better put a mirror right next to your monitors and take a good long look at yourselves before you type any comments about how a person looks, especially when a pap jumps in front of her.
I know I need twenty-minutes' notice to get in my best pose!

1514 days ago


Job well done, Judge.

1514 days ago


Any woman who can afford better, but still dresses like that is not going to be swayed by any 'celeb' BS. She's already proven that. Good for her. Judge: Get a massage while you're at it. You deserve it after dealing with Linds case.

1514 days ago


Why is she not able to get her nails done by herself?

1514 days ago

Throwing lemons at you    

Judge Revel has more class under her middle fingernail than Lindsey and the L.L. fans. She is educated, degree-accomplished, and, dressed appropriate for her age and her profession in this picture. Judge Revel is family-oriented and is not at all ugly. When Judge Revel slams her gavel - everybody jumps and marches to her gavel-beat. Judge Revel is one of the most powerful 100 women in California.

At age 24, Lindsey still behaves like a teenage brat; dresses cheesy like a hooker and also mutilates her body 'cause she's a skank; has to 'act' because she has no real formal education, no normal relationship, and she's in JAIL!

So, who is the real Media Ho?

1514 days ago


She's in her 60's-- I'd like to see what you look like at that age with no plastic surgery-- and she's educated... what about you, moron?

1514 days ago


The Judge did an awesome job with Lindsay. She did not give into
"Lindsay is above any law or rules" crap. It is too bad Lindsay is serving so little time.
Who cares if people like her outfit...she is a Judge and not a celebrity.
I bet she has more class than to have something stupid put on HER nails, like haha Lindsay!!

1514 days ago

Vicky Bershok    

The first time I saw this woman I thought she looked like a very ugly Whore. I wasn't even thinking of Lindsay when I had that thought.

1514 days ago


I don't think she looks bad... she actually looks like a nice lady. All the people that are leaving negative comments must be LiLo fans or something cause I don't see anything wrong. lol Plus she's a mature lady so she's not going to glam herself up and care about her looks as much as a younger lady. And why are people freaking out saying OMG she got her nails done, media whore!! A lot of us women get our hair and nails done, no matter what status we are. It's not like she knew papz would hunt her down either.

1514 days ago


I love her! Mwwaah!

1514 days ago


A judge got her nails done. Wow. I'll bet she had lunch too. Thanks for the non-story.

1514 days ago
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