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Kate Major:

Nude Pictures Are


7/27/2010 6:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major left her lawyer's office yesterday (with her arm in a sling) -- and says she is "disgusted" with Michael Lohan for allegedly shopping around nude photos of her ... photos she claims were taken while she was sleeping.

Kate Major
As far as what actions Kate is taking against Michael in regards to the photos -- all she would say is that it's up to her lawyers, and that she "never wanted any of this."

TMZ spoke to Michael who flat out denies selling the photos -- which recently surfaced on several sites including -- and insists they were stolen.

Lohan adds, "I feel really bad for the way things have unraveled, she's a really good person at heart."


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Who would want to see this FUGLY, fame seeking whore, skankbag naked.. she was with Jon Gosselin and then wanted to marry Michael Lohan??? COME ON.. LOSER!!!!!!

1516 days ago


The timing of those pictures being released is interesting but not the drama.
Has Michael Lohan had one single long term relationship that ended on a positive note?

1516 days ago


I guess that's what you get when you're a no talent whoring herself and chasing fame through Z list losers like Jon Gosselin and Michael Lohan.

1516 days ago


Girls, only you can prevent these situations. a) Don't date a-holes. b) Don't take nude pics of yourself. Get some self-respect, you're too easy these days, you allow yourselves to be abused.

Posted at 7:55 AM on Jul 27, 2010 by tamara

did you look at the nude pics?
her eyes are closed and she looks to be sleeping
she has also stated that the pics were taken while she was asleep and without her permission

i know -- you NEVER let the facts get in the way of your opinion.

1516 days ago


Let me get this straight, she poses for pictures in the nude, she DOESN'T KEEP THEM OR THE NEGATIVES, then wonders why they end up on internet? What a moron. You got what you deserved. stupid twit, NEVER LET ANYONE TAKE A NUDE PICTURE OF YOU AND NOT KEEP NEGATIVES OR DELETE FROM CAMERA! Moron x 10

1516 days ago


I have seen some real sows in my day...enough is too much!

1516 days ago


OMG come on Kate, you're a skeeze just like he is, it's no coincidence you've been with two of the biggest mediawhores there is. Did you really think Michael Lohan was "the one"? Just like you fell in love with Jon Gosselin? Whatever, you deserve what you get, and I'm sure you knew very well about those photos. I don't feel one ounce of sympathy for you.

1516 days ago


Grunt grunt grunt grunt grunt.

1516 days ago


He said he was going to put nude pictures of her out there for everyone to see, he also said he has tapes. Throw his sorry a$$ in jail already. We know who taught Lindsay to say .."It was stolen." Look at Daddy dearest.

1516 days ago


BTW I think Kate Major is a loser as well.

1516 days ago


The person who took the pic needs to be arrested,its disgusting

1516 days ago


Oh, pleeze!! They're both losers!!

1516 days ago


(To a couple previous posters)
She didnt "pose" for them, she was passed out after sex and had no clue they were taken. I guess that speaks to WHY he keeps chicks for a time, sadly, but who thinks that your going to be snapped THEN? WHEN YOU'RE PASSED OUT AFTER YOU JUST ...

To speak to the legal issue there is AN EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY WHEN A PERSON IS UNCONSIOUS, EXPECIALLY AFTER *THAT*. In the pictures you can tell and Michael says she is passed out, but he attributes it to another reason. Again though, there is a reason Michael keeps women for a time, and it's all summed up there in that picture. But when the hitting starts well THAT doesn't matter, good sex isnt worth the hitting.

She can't hire Gloria unless Lisa quits Michael, because its a "confict". Speaking of that, HOW IS MICHAEL PAYING LISA AGAIN? AND WITH WHAT? Oh yeah, see his original intent and exlanation "TO CREATE A CONSERVATORSHIP LIKE WITH BRITNEY"

The Gloria thing is a good point, I guess Lisa helps the people make victims then Gloria goes after them. Apparently you need to call a press conference to sue. Doh! Love how David Bis ignoring that btw. Davids position is "see my previous statement about the woman I had an affair with has been blackmailing me for some time". Workplace sexual harassment? Is that the best Gloria can come up with when David beats her to the blackmail thing? Seriously tho what is up with Lisa saying all this crap Michael is okay and her mom "goes after" people like Michael (if they have money that is)

1516 days ago

Anony Moose    

I wonder how much Michael Lohan got for selling those pictures.. my guess is somewhere between 1-3g. I feel ripped off for even looking at them, and it didn't cost me anything.

1516 days ago


I just realized she COULD sue him for emotional distress over those, but she won't, I just see her trying to move on with her life. I sure as hell would sue him though if it was me he did that to. Not just saying that either, that is HARM, she has a billion legal recourses but she won't take any, so don't s* on her. I don't know her... sure as HELL don't know Michael, DO know abusers and some abused though and s***bags as well, so you learn to "spot em" (s***s and not s***s)

1516 days ago
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