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Dina Lohan -- 'Distraught' with Lindsay Locked Up

7/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's been called a lot of things, but we're told "brokenhearted" best describes her since daughter Lindsay Lohan got locked up.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ that since LiLo's been behind bars DiLo has been ignoring phone calls and letting business deals lapse.

We're told she's been "laying low" and that she "cried a lot those first couple of days." As one person put it, "It broke her heart to have to see Lindsay in jail."

Dina's been unable to visit Lynwood Correctional Facility since Wednesday because Linds used up her allotted time for personal visits.


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If Lindsay is in jail how is Dina supposed to score free coke and get into clubs? Of course she's brokenhearted.

1551 days ago


She is crying because her "cash cow" is unable to produce right now. I wonder if she has made money for herself other than on her kids or suing her ex husband? She is a joke!!

1551 days ago

Blue Lake    

Get it together, lady. You're the reason your kid can't handle her life. Show some leadership. You have more kids at home. Stop failing your family.

1551 days ago


Dina is a joke!

1551 days ago


I don't doubt that she isnt broken-hearted BUT, she really needs to SAY NO TO HER DAUGHTER MORE! If she did she wouldn't be in the predicament she is in! Sad.


1550 days ago


World's smallest violin...

1550 days ago


Here Dina sits broken hearted, she tried to **** but only farted.

1550 days ago


BOO HOO HOO! You are LUCKY you're daughter didn't kill someone on her coked-up chase down the freeway. You're a pathetic excuse for a mother. The only reason you're sad is because this will make a dent in your paycheck.
Wake up Dina. You live in a fog of delusion.

1550 days ago

Lynn M    

Perhaps this will be a wake-up call for Dina, also. She has been enabling her daughter for some time. She needs to stop coddling Lindsay as Lindsay is now an adult and needs to take responsibility for her choices.

1550 days ago


Maybe they should do mother-daughter rehab.

1550 days ago


Grow the hell up Dina! stop milking your kids, get a real job, and hit up the bookstore on the way home for a copy of " how to be an effing parent for dummies!"Lilo is an epic mess fail, but man, with "parents" like these 2 losers, its not wonder. and note to lil sis, you have NO TALENT, you will never be an actress (except maybe in porn) maybe homeschooling not the best life dchoice for you. get back to a real school.

1550 days ago


This woman is nothing but an enabler! Screw her!

1550 days ago


Surely she doesn't expect anyone to feel sorry for her! A huge portion of responsibility for Lindsay's situation is Dina's fault. She taught her child she was special and didn't have to obey the rules of society. I really hope Lindsay gets her head on straight after this but she'd better not look to her mom for guidance. That would be disastrous.

1550 days ago


If Dingo wants to help then she will be at *every* family counseling session at the rehab facility and fully cooperate. No excuses, no enabling, no denial.

And if the meetings conflict with her reality show schedule? She should choose the meetings over her child. Even if threatened with breach of contract. Your kid comes first.

If MiLo offers to be at every session and keeps mum to the press about it then he's serious about helping LiLo. Watch neither parent be able to do the right thing by her though...
(heavy sigh)

1550 days ago

Peter Sc    

She should snap out of it and focus on her other child.

She is not the only one suffering. Ali is properly suffering too. I believe that she also should remove Ali from all that media attention in L.A. She should offer Ali the possibility to go to a normal European bording school. She lost one girl to the toxic environment. Why risk another?

Lindsay Lohan should never have been in the industry because she cannot act without some drugs pushing her to perform. Of course done is done and Lindsay have two choices. As I wrote in another place she must suspend her career until the probation period is over. Then she can choose whether to retire or be part of the industry drinking and partying as she always has (but no driving thank you.)

Ali is not in the business yet and she can choose another career so she doesn't have to push herself.

If you have a child which is basically an underachiever, then let your child underachieve. Do not drug your child or force your child through therapy to enter a line of work, which demands treatment and various maintenance drugs to be in.

Dina: Wake up! Save your youngest child while the court take care of your oldest.

1550 days ago
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