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Dina Lohan -- 'Distraught' with Lindsay Locked Up

7/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's been called a lot of things, but we're told "brokenhearted" best describes her since daughter Lindsay Lohan got locked up.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ that since LiLo's been behind bars DiLo has been ignoring phone calls and letting business deals lapse.

We're told she's been "laying low" and that she "cried a lot those first couple of days." As one person put it, "It broke her heart to have to see Lindsay in jail."

Dina's been unable to visit Lynwood Correctional Facility since Wednesday because Linds used up her allotted time for personal visits.


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she's only crying cause it'll hurt lindsays future earnings.

1514 days ago


Guess she should've seen her daughter's slide down the tubes, hell I don't know, since BIRTH....

1514 days ago


Dina's been in denial about Lindsay's addiction because admitting her daughter's a junkie means admitting she is, too. When Lindsay's in rehab Dina won't be able to pretend they're just two girls partying and having fun.

1514 days ago



1514 days ago


Visiting someone in jail is much easier than visiting their grave!

1514 days ago


Who cares!

1514 days ago


and she wasn't brokenhearted when her daughter was stumbling all around Hollyweird drunk and high for all to see?? Now that her daughter is being forced to take some responsibility and maybe even get some help to better her life... now mommy is brokenhearted. The poster who said she brokenhearted that her free ride is in jeopardy and she get any free perks, drugs and VIP club treatment is what she is really brokenhearted about.

1514 days ago


such the mom she is. She could always do the honorable thing and get herself arrested. That will put more stress on jail overcrowding and force the jail to release the twit daughter.

jail overcrowding in solitary..... how many friggin celebs are in solitary that its overcrowded??????

politically correct term for "preferential treatment".

what a joke, like dina haha

1514 days ago


Dina's conscience bothering her? She should be in the cell next to her daughter. Her daughter? Dina isn't really a mother. She is a "pal" a celebrity wanna be, a "hanger on". She is the reason Lindsay is in the slammer. Nice "mothering" job Dina. You have a couple of more kids to ruin, bet you're working on it as we speak. Maybe you should have bought a couple of goldfish instead of having children. 1st lesson-- You can't be a "pal" to your children. A parent has to sometimes say "no".

1514 days ago


Of course she's distraught. Her cash cow is in jail. This bitch should be ashamed to call herself a mother. She's an enabler and is one of the people responsible for Lindsay's downward spiral and subsequent jail time. A real mother would tell her child to cut the crap and to get help for her drinking and drug abuse. This bitch constantly claims that nothing is wrong with Lindsay. Every time someone asks her about Lindsay's alcohol and drug abuse, she always says some crap along the lines of "Oh, she's just being a normal 20 something. Nothing's wrong with her."

1514 days ago


Dina needs to get some of her own help. Lindsay will never be able to get better if she has Dina enabling her and lying for her. Her daughter could have killed someone or herself, and without treatment that is still a possibility.

Dina, your daughter is 24 years old. It is time to let her grow up and take responsibility for herself.

1514 days ago


@luv4550: I agree with your statement that Dina is a horrible mother... However, the part I take exception to is calling her a horrid mother and then talking about the kids YOU raised. Your kids turned out well, and that's great. BUT, a good parent can still raise crappy kids. You mention that you have a brother who is like her "god awful" daughter, does that make YOUR parents horrible as well ?
Lindsay had WAY more help turning out like she has besides JUST her mom... Let's place the blame where it belongs-on Lindsay, who is a grownup... Yes, her mom is an enabler, and stupid to boot, but to blame HER for her daughter's choices is taking the responsibility away from where it SHOULD be...

1514 days ago


Dina should have been a Mother to Lindsay instead of a friend. A mother would not have let her daughter do what she has been doing for the past 10 years or so, a mother would have put a stop to it. But Dina isn't a Mother (well, she's a mother, but that's a different story), she is a manager who doesn't do a good job of managing either, and she is friend who isn't such a good friend. For crying out loud! She wasn't even in court when Lindsay was sentenced. So now, Dina is playing the distraught Mother role. She won't win any awards for it. She is just as much a joke as Lindsay's denial of what has been going on. This whole family needs to grow up.

1514 days ago


My gosh...Lindsay is an adult. Dina needs to let her daughter be an adult. It's not like Lindsay is going to be locked up for that long either.

1514 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

This bitch kills me... she made NO effort what-so-ever to rehabilitate her daughter BEFORE she stole a vehcile all coked out and chased someone with it, no... instead now she's all 'upset' about the whole thing. It's total bull!
Worst mother of the century award goes to her. She defended Lindsay's stupidity, clearly made no attempts to get her daughter to do the right thing by attending alcohol ed classes, and now she's realizing she failed her. The father's a moron and fueling Linsday's breakdown, the mother thinks she's fine and the sister is just using her for fame and parties.

Linsday needs to complete rehab and get the HELL away from her family!!!

1514 days ago
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