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Dina Lohan -- 'Distraught' with Lindsay Locked Up

7/26/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dina Lohan's been called a lot of things, but we're told "brokenhearted" best describes her since daughter Lindsay Lohan got locked up.

Sources close to Dina tell TMZ that since LiLo's been behind bars DiLo has been ignoring phone calls and letting business deals lapse.

We're told she's been "laying low" and that she "cried a lot those first couple of days." As one person put it, "It broke her heart to have to see Lindsay in jail."

Dina's been unable to visit Lynwood Correctional Facility since Wednesday because Linds used up her allotted time for personal visits.


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wow, what an immature mother, breaks her heart 2 have her daughter in jail for less than 2 weeks, really, get a grip, if lindsay was going away for 20 years or life, then i would understand a mother breaking down like dina did for nothing at all, 2 weeks, good god...

1516 days ago


She's distraught and crying over the fact that LoWhore is in jail, but surely not distraught over why she's there in the first place.

1516 days ago


Dina is the poster person for parents who enable their kids. Dina, are you afraid to speak up because Lindsay will throw you off the gravy train your riding on. Your ex husband may be a media whore, but at least he has the right idea. Your daughter IS a drug addict. This may be her last chance at recovery. Support the consequences that have been imposed!! You have to be the most pathetic parent on earth.

1516 days ago


wish i could find a good rehab 4 my daughter send some money my way. I'll make damn sure she commits. cuz jail don't do a damn thing for her...

1516 days ago


She's broken hearted cause she has nobody to go to the clubs with her. :(

1516 days ago

Norma Jean Olofson    

Yo Lindsey.Could you use a friend?I partiehardied.We could go to meetings together.Dine out.Check out Boston and maybe rent a cottage on a lakein Maine or a house on a beach.Wake up and first-off decide what mtg.or mtgs to go to and than,plan our day around the meeting,I'm a young 56yo retired Nursery nurse do(you know any celebs looking for newborn and up care?
Seriously Lindsay.If you want to get out of Dodge and crank out mtgs. for a while.To build a foundation.I've been aregular since 1987.I love to laugh.I love going to the movies and walking our beaches.I Love Music.I love pedi's and mani's and especially an hour-long massage.Lindsay I just don't want you to end up a statistic.Let me show you the way.That sobriety is the beginning of a new life.It has been said that:Religion is for people who are afraid to go to hell.That the spirituality in AA is for people who've been to hell already.

1516 days ago


When is Dina going to hold her daughter accountable for her actions? Doesn't she Lindsay has broken the law which is why she is in jail. You do the crime and you serve the time.

1516 days ago


THIS IS FOR JOHN, #99 EXCELLENT RESPONSE! Short and to the point! VERY GOOD!!!

1516 days ago


Dina, Lindsey is an adult!! You are too! Both of you are responsible for your actions. HELLO!!! Go to Haiti and help Sean Peen.

1516 days ago


She should be very HAPPY that for the first time her daughter is free from drugs and toxic people around her.

1516 days ago


Lindsay being in jail may not have happened in the first place,
if Dina would have been more of a mother.
Instead of making excuses for her daughter's partying, maybe telling her daughter she has a problem and needs help would have been the most loving thing she could have done.
Seems as tho she just a parent who wants to be her "friend" more than a parent.
Lindsay needs her mother right now, and that is what should come first.

1515 days ago


Enough already!!! Lindsey Lohan is just a little spoiled, arrogant punk that thinks that she is somehow above accountability. The brat deserves to serve the entire 90 days. What's up with her getting out early for "overcrowding"? It seems that if your a celebrity, you're somehow exempt from the conditions that we "ordinary" people unfortunate enough to get on the wrong side of the legal system must endure, without any special consideration. Equal justice and consequences should be blindly enforced. What about the lack of consideration on Ms. Lohans part when she gets behind the wheel of a car under the influence. Where is her accountability? What about the potential victim in another vehicle that she could hit as a result of her reckless lack of respect for anothers' safety? Accept accountability for your poor judgement Ms. lohan, and learn from this lesson. The next time you may not be so lucky. Shame on you for the example that you show to other people. You are selfish, inconsiderate and immature. GROW UP and contribute to society! Good luck to you, and I only hope that you use this unfortunate situation as opportunity to provide a positive example for others that are affected by your actions. Good luck to you.

1515 days ago


She needs her a@& whipped for being a sorry mother
...and Lindsey needs her a@# whipped just for being stupid!

1514 days ago


I am sure at one time Dina was a regular person who was happy with regular anythings. Then, life changed because of her daughter. She should be glad that her daughter is in jail and going to go to rehab because it will give both of them, perhaps, a chance to think and wake up. That judge should be commended for not allowing Lindsay to get off, to serve time and as an example to others. Lindsay should change her thoughts and her world and contribute something to others instead of cycling round and round in a world of self absorbed nothingness, really. She has a chance to make a difference, first to herself, then others around her such as her mother and father who should stop trying to be in the limelight, and then eventually others. She is wasting her life. It looked like she had her lips done when she was in court from photos I saw. Maybe she can think about that as well as she is still young and does not need that kind of augmentation. It seems the weird appearance of many in California starts to look normal to those living there, but not to outsiders - outside of other centers where so much whatever it is is injected. Lindsay, let your brain heal itself and think about a new life - change. This is your chance.

1514 days ago


Dina Lohan is a poor excuse for a mother and should be on her knees thanking the Judge for saving her brat's disgusting life. Finally there was someone to stand up to that arrogant addict and do the right thing. Perhaps Dina would have been happier if Lindsay was free to OD and then she could cry, piss and moan at her funeral, before cashimg in the life insurance policy.

1504 days ago
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