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Lawyers to Lindsay: How Was Your Strip Search?

7/27/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Lindsay Lohan got strip searched at Lynwood Correctional Facility a couple of lawyers want her to spill every detail of the experience in a deposition.


TMZ has learned Lindsay's name just got dragged into a class action lawsuit that alleges unlawful strip and body cavity searches were conducted by L.A. County Sheriff's deputies when another inmate -- not Lindsay -- checked into the jail.

Attorneys for the plaintiffs filed a request in Federal Court on Monday to take Lilo's deposition while she's behind bars. They also sent a letter to Lohan's attorney Shawn Chapman Holley asking if Lindsay would agree to be deposed.

The suit claims that female inmates are strip searched in plain view of each other in a parking lot that is neither private nor sanitary.

Sheriff's officials have said Lindsay was treated just like any other inmate when she arrived at the jail.

So, will Lindsay tell all? Chapman Holley hasn't gotten back to us yet.

UPDATE: Shawn Chapman Holley says,"I find it curious that among the tens of thousands of women who can testify ... these attorneys are attempting to depose Lindsay." She also says attorneys for the Sheriff's department are fighting the deposition request.


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# 42 Mark...OMG! double ewwwwww!

1485 days ago


@47, KellyR I agree, Lindsay Lohan did everything to guarantee herself prison. But I think there are better punitive alternatives to prison, and the enhanced probation measures were a step in the right direction. I think she would have benefited from 90 days in a hospital cleaning bed pans, changing adult diapers for alzheimer's patients - or a similar punitive punishment that would also redeem her. Prison, for short sentences doesn't really redeem, it just punishes.

But essentially you're right - she gave the judge no choice, as do others, I suppose my point is whether it's about punishment, or punishment and redemption in the eyes of society.

1485 days ago


Ain't no way in hell she going to reveal the details of her strip search and body cavity search. She didn't even want to be seen handcuffed.

I would think they take prisoners to a private room for the search instead of doing it in the garage where they arrive.

1485 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

I feel sorry for the Officer who had to take a look when she bent over and spread 'em!

1485 days ago


Jack: There needs to be a total overhaul of the system. Community service should be just that, SERVICE for the COMMUNITY. Here in Maryland, the prison inmates are the ones who clean up alongside the road, mow the median strips on the interstate, etc... There is SOOOO much that non-violent offenders could be sentenced to do that would benefit everyone, rather than being locked up, so maybe its just a matter of not wanting to mess with making changes ? ! ?
But I agree that under normal cir***stances, jail should be the last resort. For instance, I was facing 18months in jail for possession of LESS THAN A GRAM of weed. I had to do 9 months of drug classes, and 50 hours of community service (I volunteered to help out with a non-profit cheerleading squad). But the point is that in my opinion, these kind of non-violent offenses should not be part of the criminal justice system. HOWEVER, that leads to a gray area as far as where you draw the line... A DUI has the potential to cause serious harm to innocent people, so would that really count as a non-violent offense ? Maybe nobody feels like having to draw that line...

1485 days ago


darn right...she should be stripped search....who does she thinks she is? she is no better than the other imates in jail....

1485 days ago


Who do any of these stars think they are if you've done something that rates punishment of any time they need to do it just likt you or I. They're not better just because they have money. Let them cry!

1485 days ago


@65 Superman and @ 69 ronlee

Every prisoner is strip searched

The question is; should they be stripped in front of each other and should it be done in a private place that is clean.

My answer to both is YES they deserve privacy during the search and the room should be clean!

If some are done in private and some done in the parking lot then the jailers should be fired for this and their supervisors disciplined for letting it happen. Jail officers are notorious for brutality and cruelness both of which have no place in our system. This type of lawsuit protects everyone from the excesses that all to often take place in jails and anyone asked to be deposed or testify should do so.

1485 days ago


I applaud your representing your clients in this action. The Lynwood jail has a long record of brutalizing and abusing the ladies sent there for jail time. The jailers are certainly smart enough to not do the obvious wrong things to high profile prisoners so it is even more important that they get the message that their abuses will be brought to the attention of the public and courts not influenced by elections (judges in California are elected).
I hope you are successful in your persuit of this action and that you insist on the most severe actions to correct this and other abuses of prisoners. Yes, they are criminals, but they did not lose the right to privacy and hygenic conditions while being searched.

Posted at 8:31 AM on Jul 27, 2010 by Spot

I second what Spot said and hope you are successful.
Inmates have rights too and if this is what happened then it is and/or should be illegal.
The treatment some are subjected to because they are under the control of the C.Os and can't do anything about it until they are released is horrifying.

1485 days ago


More of Arnold's budget cuts at play, what's worse is the deputies don't change gloves between inmates!

1485 days ago


DWC, I would love to join your law suit, I had to go last summer, The strip search is really bad, they take you to this parking lot where the busses load you, have you strip down open up and cough if you do not do this there way they make you sit on the ground tell you to open your self up and make you cough, you are sitting on this ground with dirty tampons and pad naked and coughing and the deputy's are laughing at you and shinning there flash light, in your private why the othere womwn look on, to all you out there who think well this is jail this is what you get, GROW up and remeber we have rights because we got in trouble dose not mean we can be treated like dogs in the wild

1485 days ago


It not standard to strip scearch when you go to Jailfor any lengh of time ?

1485 days ago


Ive been threre and its true I was only there for less than 24 hours too....

They take you (50 or more ppl) into an area that is cordoned off with by fencing that has a kind of nylonish tarp over the fence to somewhat block the view, and then youre told to take off your clothes--(you all face the wall, on three sides)--and then bend over and spead the cheeks.

1485 days ago


From Lindsay Lohan's male slave. Lindsay Lohan and I will have sex with each other totally in the nude on purpose in private only with Lindsay Lohan's persmission after Lindsay Lohan will be out of rehab after jail.

1485 days ago

John Elliott    

When I went to prison they did the same thing to us. We had Female staff right there. I dont see the difference. Really prison is meant to humiliate you some. So let it be. Same for the guys as the girls.

The body cavity search consists of dropping down coiffing and then standing 4 to 5 times.

1485 days ago
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