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Seth MacFarlane

Rollin' Like Marty McFly

7/26/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seth MacFarlane is one Flux Capacitor away from being able to travel back in time -- because TMZ has learned he's the proud new owner of an exact replica of the DeLorean from "Back to the Future."


Seth's people confirm the "Family Guy" mastermind purchased the DeLorean earlier this month. A source tells us Seth is having about $20,000 worth of customized equipment installed ... making it the coolest thing on wheels since the motorized bar stool.

One source -- who was lucky enough to sneak a peak at MacFarlane's unfinished DeLorean -- said the car already looks "insane."

Note to self: Don't bet against MacFarlane on any sporting events from now on.


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He just became cool to me. I'm not a big Family Guy fan but if I had his money I'd do EXACTLY the same thing. Good for you, Seth. Awesome!

1559 days ago


A Super Nerd's Answer To Be'n Cool!

1559 days ago


Hey Seth! If You Wanna Be Seen In A Good Light Do What Adam Sandler Does & Only Drive American Made Cars. ***Advertise That*** & You'd Be Seen In A Better Light. Right Now, Do'n This, Makes You Look Like A 'Tard" With Way Too Much Money!!!

When Do You Get da Fur Lined Sink? JERK!

1559 days ago


This car was actually under-powered. There was a reason that the Doc referenced having to hit 85 MPH to activate the time machine. It was an in-joke, that was pretty much the max speed of this car. It would have been more powerful, but US emission standards mandated that a catalytic converter be installed in models sold in the US, dropping 40 HP off of the 170 HP European version down to 130 horsepower for the American version, causing the disappointing performance.

1559 days ago


A guy in kansas city mo has an exact's pretty sweet!

1559 days ago


if its an exact replica, can he go back in time?

1559 days ago

Kris in NYC    

Well, the movie starts on our Birthday (we share a Bday - Oct 26th) so I can see the initial excitement over it. I wonder if our Bday is still displayed on the flux capacitor :)

1559 days ago


hahaha i live in bakersfield and someone down the street has a replica of that car to but paid $80,000 for it

1559 days ago


you can buy a full scale Time Machine from Texas TV Cars dot com

1559 days ago


According to the DeLorean websites this was another replica built by Gary Weaver of bttfparts pretty neat stuff for the uber fans of BTTF.

1558 days ago

Doc Brown    

Congrats Seth you brought a well made Time machine. But I have to bring attention to is #26 post made here:....
"you can buy a full scale Time Machine from Crap Texas TV Cars dot com
Posted at 4:10 PM on Jul 26, 2010 by videobob"

This well know "LOW LIFE" is well know for ripping off my work, doing a bad job of it and trying to capitalize on GW's glory. VB is very well known for producing crap, stealing other peoples ideas & Photos, reverse engineering other peoples work (and he can't even do that right), Lying, If you have the unfortunate opportunity to look at his face and hear him speak, you'll beware immediately of his obvious single digit IQ,He was unable to make a go of a Outhouse type restaurant (No Surprise there), He has photos taken of him urinating on a lamp post at USH in public & then He post them on the Internet. Now he takes to post here to advertise his horrible butchered cars. How much lower can this guy go. Warning to all!! He is and always has been a "SCRAMMER"

1557 days ago


I love this guyThanks to TMZ I can now sing the theme song to Family Guy.

He's a family guy, da da du da, da da DA

1556 days ago


Seth MacFarlane is HOT!!!!!

1554 days ago


Seth needs to settle down and marry mila kunis ( they are soul mates and they look so beautiful together) and make good comedies and musicals.

1552 days ago


I Like Family Guy and I Love Back To The Future I own all 3 dvd's but that's cool Seth owns the car now hopefully he can get the '' 1.21 Gigawatss'' to work properly lol

1551 days ago
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