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The Holy

Baseball Cap

7/26/2010 3:35 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Pope Benedict XVI tried to stay cool in a pristine white baseball cap as he walked around the gardens of his summer home near Rome this weekend.

No word if he is an Angels fan.


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He's scary! Looks like an evil imp!

1498 days ago


*******! May he rot in Hell with the rest of his hypocritical friends. Same goes for any of his idiot followers that so blindly give him money to bail out child molesters.

1498 days ago


@Betsie: I am of German descent, and let's just say that Germans are/were wonderful, hardworking people. Don't associate Germans with Hitler, it shows your stupidity.

I think the Holy Father looks awesome, and I'm a methodist.

1498 days ago


This is super funny after just watching Pink Panther 2. Ha!!!!

1497 days ago



1497 days ago


the Catholic Church = the world's largest pyramid scheme

1497 days ago


He was great as the Emperor in the Star Wars movies.

1497 days ago


He is the Head of the One True Church started by Jesus Christ.

1497 days ago


"41. He is the Head of the One True Church started by Jesus Christ.
Posted at 11:54 AM on Jul 27, 2010 by ryan"

Only if we ignore both history and scripture.

1497 days ago


pope looks like hes about to meet a pine box 6 feet underground

1497 days ago

Sticki Vicki    

FYI TMZ - The hat / skull cap worn by the Catholic clergy is called a Zucchetto not a Yarmulke.

1497 days ago


Well first of all, the small cap that the pope wears all the time on his head is called Zucchetto not a yamaka..... and second everyone thinks that it is easy for the pope to take all this harsh media comments that are mad e about him..leave the man alone...he knows what he is doing to better the Church.

1496 days ago


The pope is not improving life for anyone. I'm quite certain that telling the people of the African continent, particularly those in the nations of sub-Saharan Africa in which infant mortality is staggeringly high due to starvation, dehydration, HIV, malaria, a plethora of other diseases and parasites and genocidal war, that using condoms is a VERY BAD THING is not helping those people at all. The women and children (of both genders) are subject to regular rape and abuse by grown men, which is why such a great percentage are infected with HIV and full-blown AIDS. Women lie helpless in the open, surrounded by their dead and dying children, with no way to prevent the conception and birth of more, and no food, water or medical care for the ones they already have. And Catholicism is the fastest spreading religion (or disease, IMHO) in sub-Saharan African, and Pope Benedict, supposedly their supreme protector, is basically ordering them to have more doomed children.

He is also protecting Holocaust deniers, and pedophile priests, refuses to remove the strictures on birth control (which mostly affect people in dirt poor Third World countries in which people can't afford the children they already HAVE, and far too many kids end up as child prostitutes, or as child labor in hideous conditions, or dead) and is basically a detriment to modern society. People who support him are anachronistic sheep.

There is an American priest who defected to Ireland due to procedures being enacted to prosecute him for dozens of charges of child rape and molestation. The Catholic Church directly enables his escape from the United States, and placed him in a protected position. Ireland will not allow his extradition, as he is a "holy man". An investigative team from the States was allowed to interview him. This team of very hardened, extremely seasoned, professional men were so sickened by his reactions during sanctioned psychological tests regarding arousal (he was ONLY aroused, and extremely so, by photos of very young children of BOTH genders, clothed or nude, and showed no response to anyone else), and his gleefully related stories of his obscene acts with altar boys and little girls under his care that they cut their interview short and left. THIS is the kind of person that Pope Benedict XVI insists on protecting, harboring and even catering to...a human monster that did not "make a mistake", but would dearly love to begin his old habits again. Your devotion to "his holiness" is misplaced. He is a monster too.

1494 days ago


#19 I actually gave the pope a T shirt for a father's day gift. But Seriouly why doesn't he wear normal clothes for a change if he's gardening I mean come on. Does he ALWAYS have to wear white while being photographed?!

1492 days ago


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