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Suing Mad 'Idol' Reject: I'm Gonna Bring 'AI' Down

7/27/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who's suing "American Idol" for allegedly exploiting his sexual orientation says he deserves a $300,000,000 payday ... and claims he's going to "bring American Idol down."

TMZ ran into Ian Benardo in New York where he also berated a "bum" for asking him for directions -- before continuing to preach about how words can be hurtful.

"American Idol" producer FremantleMedia had no comment on the lawsuit.


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jealous of kate    

He deserves that money TMZ, don't you know, the last 2 decades have been the 'IT'S NOT MY FAULT, OTHERS ARE TO BLAME AND THEY ARE GOING TO PAY' generations. Hey, even people, like the president, who grew up in other generations are adapting to it. Notice how many times he uses 'the other administration is at fault' Anyhoo, even if AI told him to act like a moronic *******, he was on live t.v., he was not going to be edited. This fool just wanted to stand out, because I have no idea who he is, and there was a whole stage of 'who are they again', and HE KNEW THIS. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, someone from AI told him to act his gay up, AND told others to act up THEIR PERSONALITIES, probably did so they did not fade into the background on tv, but I am sure no one, NO ONE, told him to grab Dane Cook's mike. No one told him to act like a douche, moron, idiot, etc. THAT WAS ALL ON HIS OWN AND HE HAS TO OWN UP TO IT. Even if they did, he has free will and free choice. AND IT WOULD NOT BE WORTH A MILLION DOLLARS NEVER MIND $300,000,000. It is time for what's his name to crawl back under his rock.

1512 days ago

The Truth    

Just a typical gay guy, this guys nice compared to most homos.

1512 days ago


I'll gladly kick his ass for a week solid for 50 million *lol*

1512 days ago

Bill C.    

Nice lisp, ***got.

1512 days ago

Ron Golden    

Had I been the guy he jumped on the street, he'd be filing another lawsuit for his injuries

1512 days ago


Its funny how he is suing for something thats obviously B.S but hes a hypocrite. He is seen in this video (
calling people illegals isnt that the same as you Being rude and hurting someones feelings because your saying ignorant comments and not to mentions racial...DUMB ASS

1512 days ago


This guy is an insult to gays. He just sounds like another ******* queen from Jersey.

1512 days ago


S T F U!

1512 days ago

Gay Guy From Idol    

23. $300 mil - wow, you can buy a lot of fruit(s) for that kind of money!

Posted at 2:53 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by richard pierce

HAHAHA you dummy, Fruit is both singular and plural, you do not need to include the (s).

1512 days ago


Funny how gays are so heterophobic.

1512 days ago


American Idol should counter sue for heterophobia

1512 days ago


lol...what's going on with his mouth?

1512 days ago


So wait AI cant call him a queer and a fa*got but he can call some guy a piece of S*it bum? LMAO. I tell you some people these days are hard up for attention and cash. one word for these people " PAAATTTHHHHEEETTTTTIIIICCCCCC". Im fed up with homos bitching and complaining about everything.

1512 days ago


Can someone put a d*ck in this guys mouth so we dont have to hear him anymore. What a tool.

1512 days ago


What a jackass! Does he really think he is gonna get anywhere with this? I hate to stereotype...but if there are people out there that didn't find it obvious that he was an obnoxious flaming homosexual before his 2010 on stage finale antics...then they got earplugs in AND blinders on!

I don't blame Dane Cook for being annoyed with him...this ******* made him look like a complete fool! I doubt that Dane threatned him like this idiot claims he did though. If Ian felt a negative vibe after that fiasco...its because he brought it on himself!

1512 days ago
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