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Suing Mad 'Idol' Reject: I'm Gonna Bring 'AI' Down

7/27/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who's suing "American Idol" for allegedly exploiting his sexual orientation says he deserves a $300,000,000 payday ... and claims he's going to "bring American Idol down."

TMZ ran into Ian Benardo in New York where he also berated a "bum" for asking him for directions -- before continuing to preach about how words can be hurtful.

"American Idol" producer FremantleMedia had no comment on the lawsuit.


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wow what a joke! he's so hypocritcal! he's so hurt and abused yet he just yelled at that "bum" for asking for directions!! chill out dude!

1556 days ago


wow this is soo dumb! what a jackass!! he's so hypocritical i mean ur saying ur all hurt and abused but how do you think that "bum" felt when you yelled at him for asking for directions! chill out dude!!!!

1556 days ago


He's suing AI for berating him?? Maybe that "bum", by the way doesn't look like a bum, should sue him

1556 days ago


OMG..really!!! This guy needs to get a life!!!

1556 days ago


this guy is the biggest jerk someone please slap that smurk off of his face, he is obviuosly trying to get fame he didnt want to share the camera with the "bum" to bad the bum didnt beat the crap out of him!! he wont get any money. and he was complaining about AI talking to him like he was a dog look how he talked to the man asking directions!!

1556 days ago


Bernardo is not too far off base. But the main prejudice here is toward non WASPy gays. AI used him to make believe that it's not biased toward gays, which is a joke. He just wasn't the right kind of gay for pro homo AI. Notice the voweled surname and how east coast ethnic contestants are usually rejected on the show.

1556 days ago


Why do you guys even give losers like this air time? There is a whole class of psuedo-celebrities getting famous off of idiocy and pomiscuity (this loser, Rachel Uchitel, Vienna Geraldi, Paris Hilton and her ilk, etc.), and the media continue to give them attention, as if this garbage is news. There are hundreds of thousands of lawsuits filed daily. It becomes NEWS if he wins, otherwise, we shouldn't have to hear from or about him. You should be better than that and follow REAL celebrities, TMZ.

1556 days ago


This guy also tried out on "So You Think You Can Dance" and was booted off real quick. He thought he was great at dance too.

1555 days ago


The episode with the "bum" just tanked any chances this bitch may have had.

1554 days ago


As a gay male I'm shocked at the Homophobic rhetoric on this page but it is silly little queens that make the middle America machismo go ballistic . This is one queen who wants the world to know he is alive and kicking on his Adderall high. Someone muzzle
him and stop giving him the press. I mean btwn Bobby Trendy ,this guy and Perez Hilton it has just given credence to the stereotype we all cringe at.

1554 days ago


Either his act is damn long or his brain is damn small.

1554 days ago


This guy is a complete moron. He's the same jerk who ran up on stage during Dane Cook's performance at last season's AI finale - and now he claims the producers put him up to it. He says he's suing for emotional damage and "loss of employment opportunities". If he can tell us what employment opportunities he would be able to have with his lack of both brains and talent- let alone employment that would ever earn him that kind of money - it would be very amusing.

1553 days ago


16. Hey, even people, like the president, who grew up in other generations are adapting to it. Notice how many times he uses 'the other administration is at fault'

You might want to do a little research on this one. As late as 2008, members of the Bush administration were still blaming Bill Clinton for problems in this country. President Obama is only following the example of his predecessor.

1553 days ago


17. Just a typical gay guy, this guys nice compared to most homos.

It would be interesting to find out how many gay men and women you actually know (although that number is probably higher than you think it is). If you really knew many gay individuals, you wouldn't make stupid statements like this. The number of good and bad individuals in the gay community follows about the same percentage as in the straight community. What's the matter, are you just offended that no gay man has ever found you attractive enough to hit on?

1553 days ago


57.He makes me absolutely sick. This is the reason people don't take people of my sexual orientation seriously. Not all lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered people act like this! Don't judge us all by his actions! To all you who say you can't trust "gays" or "homos" clearly you don't have one as a friend or co-worker. Give us a flippin' chance. Of course the only "gays" you see are flamboyant ones. If the normal ones found a way on tv, we'd be just as boring as soap opera straight people.

Tara, they probably DO have gay neighbors or co-workers - they just don't know that those neighbors/co-workers are gay because they don't fit the "flamboyant" stereotype people like "The Truth" hold. As far as putting the average gay couple on TV - although I'm not a huge fan of the show, I think "Modern Family" has done a pretty good job with this.

1553 days ago
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