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Angelina vs. Jennifer

Who'd You Rather?

7/27/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Angelina Jolie flashed her leg in a high-cut black gown at the Japanese premiere of her new film "Salt" on Tuesday, while Jennifer Aniston did the same thing earlier this year.

Question is ... 


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Umm doesn't Angelia have hepatitis ?

Either way Jen and her nipples for sure.

1550 days ago


Ms. Aniston is a far more attractive lady than Mrs. Jolie. Any man would be extremely lucky to be able to court and/or marry Ms. Aniston. She is very attractive and seems very intelligent and graceful. Ms. Aniston is the type of woman that you could present to your family without worrying about getting raised eyebrows from your mother and/or father.

I am not a fan of Mrs. Jolie's appearance. Too many tattoos and she looks generally unattractive. She also seems to be rather weird, from what is shown on various television programing. I do like her father, it is just too bad that she is not more like he is(I am talking about mentally, not physically, as I am not gay).

1550 days ago


Monica Bellucci

1550 days ago


There's a distinction between the 2; Jen is a natural beauty with the girl next door image. Jolie is a ravishing beauty, with a heartless motive to get what she wants. Jen has values, good morales, a genuineness about her. Jolie is the opposite; although I think she is drop dead gorgeous, Jolie's inner beauty is down the toilet.

1550 days ago


I certainly can't stand Jennifer and her nasel whine. She's to much of a downer to enjoy.

1550 days ago


They both are probably great, but Angelina has some pretty crazy stuff going on most of the time. Jennifer seems to have more common sense. TMZ you kind of cheated the question by posting a "worse" photo of Angelina.

Overall, I picture Jennifer having a solid workout routine with good food, but worry that Angelina is into starving/drug use for controlling her weight. She has gotten too thin recently. Just saying one seems more on the edge than the other.

1550 days ago

Miss Tila Chlamydia OMGPOW!     

At least ST. Angie continues to star with stellar directors and big budgeted films that actually make $$$. Maniston whom continues to star in low budgeted recycled chararcters, not so much, eh?

1550 days ago

My two cents ;)    

To #6, she has only had 3 babies and I believe they were C-Section. My friend had 6 kids and they were all C-Sections. Just because you have a baby doesn't mean you have a kooch the size of Texas. J.Aniston has slept around enough that I am sure she won't ever be mistaken for a virgin, either. Also, it takes 2 to make it work. Had B.Pitt been happy with JA he would have never left her for someone else. She strikes me as a person who must have it her way or no way, and is always playing the "woe is me" game. I was hardly surprised he left her. AJ likes to take chances and live life to the max where JA seems to just want everyone to pay attention to her. BORING!! She is just not all she thinks she is. Pretty? Yes, a bit, but she looks too much like a pretty boy-man most of the time.

Posted at 4:13 PM on Jul 27, 2010 by MrsBeasley


Dear Number 16...

I hope your man leaves you for a slut like AJ that way you'll know how it feels to be classless...Oh wait u already are...Actually promoting adultery..It's ok if u don't read this until after ur nightly methadone clinic visit and pole dancing for Dollars o which u make a quarter on a good night loser

1550 days ago

Bob Marley    

AJ looks like a Zombie

1550 days ago


I'd prefer Zazu Pitts to the both of them. They're both, in the words of Frank Sinatra bow-wows. If asked which makes me more inclined to vomit, I'd have to say Jolie, with Jennifer running her a close second.

1550 days ago


Its about time the truth comes out. I really think that A-Jol is paying come publicist to give her all the attention!!!! Someone needs to show her how its done!!!!! You go Jenny

1550 days ago


Yes Angelina is definitely not 35, she's older... and that's from an insider ;)

Angelina would be a fling and Jennifer would be forever wife material (except with Brad)
They are both gorgeous tho...

1550 days ago


Angeline is so gorgeous. Jennifer is kind of plain. Angeline has Brad Pitt. Jennifer has no one but has screwed every leading man she has been in a movie with. Angeline still has Brad. Jennifer has no one. Angeline has a great heart. Jennifer is selfish. Angeline's acts better than Jennifer. I dont even know what people see in Jennifer. Her movies suck and she is about 40. Doesnt want to have kids because it might ruin her figure. Well she dont have much of a figure now.

1550 days ago


Emotional facts aside- facts show that Angelina is stunning inside and out. Jennifer will never be Angelina. Jennifer seems to be trying to catch up to Angelina-will never happen in so many levels!

1550 days ago

J Simp    

Jennifer still got it.

1550 days ago
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