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Angelina vs. Jennifer

Who'd You Rather?

7/27/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Angelina Jolie flashed her leg in a high-cut black gown at the Japanese premiere of her new film "Salt" on Tuesday, while Jennifer Aniston did the same thing earlier this year.

Question is ... 


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jennifer is one of the worst actors ever! she wasn't even good on friends, just rode in on big daddy's coat tails. yes, john anniston is an actor (days of our lives) since the beginning, he looks great, good dna, which she also has. john works for nbc, same as "friends" she got by with a great smile and good hair. seriously, (and i'm just referring to her movies now, i love her as a person, just not an actor) is it me, or are 99% of all her movies the same, she never even changes up for a role....same hair style, she even wears the same dress style as she does in real life.each and every movie is just about the same story line, just a different leading man.each film has her with the same hair, and dress type,basically no real acting. this last one, the bounty hunter wasn't acting at all! i heard she's up for the rasberry award,3 critics quoted as saying,"when will she go away?" don't mis-understand, she's a lovely woman, everything she does is with class, esp how she handled the past. she donates money, all great things, just not a contender

1548 days ago


I have a better question. Who do you think would be the one to break up your marriage?

1548 days ago


I think people transfer their own experiences in life onto celebrities so they are curious but I think the media is really streching this "feud" out since all the people involved are so photogenic and because not much else is happening celebrity-wise.

1548 days ago

Blue Craze    

No, Salt!


She just blew Jennifer Aniston up!

Salt! Nooooo!!

1548 days ago


You do all realize you are choosing a young Barbara Streisand look alike over one of the most beautiful starlets of this time right?

Women sure love another fellow "average" looking woman,
they'll vote for them every time... it's like an unsaid code.

1548 days ago


Angelina is STUNNING, actually possesses INTELLIGENCE and travels the world to donate time and energy to help many refugees and STARVING people.

Jennifer's most monumental thought of the day consists of where to go to get her tan applied....maybe Brad SAW MORE THAN A SELF-OBSESSED AIRHEAD in Angelina, and he has grown with her as they both have gone on to be very conscious of giving back and making a real difference where it counts.

And all the people judging, you weren't in their beds, you don't know what went on when and it's none of your business....don't you have your own behavior and life to contend with?

1548 days ago


angelina can act! she was recently quoted being asked ,"would you like to be a bond's girl?" her reply was that she would rather play bond. good for her, she does alot of her own stunts, and from critics point of view, she might be the only female able to do this. i also think angelina is hot, she knows fashion, she's very smart, being a good will ambassador, and being a great mother to so many kids. jen is hot as well ( as far as looks are concerned) she has beautiful eyes and hair, and her figure is to die for! there is no doubt she has never looked better! as far as dating for jen, it's akways been the a-list. as far as handling herself during her personal scandal, no one has ever carried themselves with more grace and dignity! she just cannot act is all!

1548 days ago


They are both beautiful in very different ways. Jennifer has a better proportioned ans healthier-looking body, she seems more fun to cuddle with, while Angelina is more of the mysterious femme fatal - who also loves kids!

She has said she told Brad she didn't want to give birth. He said that was fine with him, they could go on adopting, and only then did she feel she also wanted biological children. So they got Shiloh - who, I am certain, has a strong will and chooses herself how to dress. To force her to be girlie when she doesn't want to, would be cruel.

The one who wrecked the Aniston/Pitt home was Brad Pitt. He fell in love with someone else. If you want to call someone a skank and a slut, that would be him, but people seem to excuse the men, which is unfair. Personally, I don't want to call anyone anything. We don't know what happens behind closed doors, and it's none of our business. People do sometimes divorce.

I agree Jennifer should perhaps try to broaden her horizons personally and artistically. (Btw, she may well be donating to charities in private, you wouldn't know about that.) I also agree that Angelina really, really needs to put on weight and be a little more in the sun. To eat good food is one of the delights of life!

1548 days ago


Team Jennifer

1548 days ago


There is a special place in Hell for women who touch other people's husbands.

1548 days ago


Jen is attractive, looks tanned and self conscious, not natural with her pose for the red carpet
she appears to be a "one note" actress-romantic comedy mostly-
nothing wrong with that but she should really look for better roles
she can afford to pass on some movies with all of her money
she should look at what Monster Ball did for Halle Berry

Angie looks relaxed and self assured, but pale (healthier in the long run when you look at skin cancer rates but doesn't give the healthy outdoor appearance)
given her schedule and mothering duties she doesn't have time to devote to tanning in Cabo or wherever
and her role choices could have easily gone to romantic romps given her looks, but for whatever reason her choices are more "meaty"

not sure if Jen has pigeon holed herself accidentally from playing Rachel for so long that nobody really sends her better scripts
if that is true-she should look for a small Indie film to show that she really has acting chops (hoping that she does-not everyone is Meryl Streep)

so charity work/morals/personal history whatever aside-if you didn't know the 2 gals----would you choose Angie and tell her to get a spray tan or would you choose Jen and tell her to relax and smile?
to me that is what it boils down to

just sayin'

1548 days ago

Bill F. Murray    

This is not a poll about who is the better actress, who does the most charity work, who stole who's man, it's simply WOULD YOU RATHER? IMO Jen is much hotter.

1548 days ago


#75 okay will do! LOL wtf.. lmao

1548 days ago


#75 also for someone less than 12 years old I must know my history? Since I am posting about stuff way earlier than year 2000. Funny thought I remember it as if I was reading about it at the time, OH WAIT I WAS!

I'm guessing you dont like my OTHER POSTS sorry. You are free to disagree, but your posts are supposed to "be relevant to this article" so, yeah.

1548 days ago


Actually, Jennifer has done a smaller, character driven film that was not a romantic comedy. I have forgotten the title right now, but I think it was with a young Toby Mcguire (sp).

1548 days ago
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