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'Jersey Shore' -- New Chick

Drops the N-Bomb

7/28/2010 8:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She hasn't even appeared on the show yet -- but the new chick on "Jersey Shore" is already up to her spray-tanned neck in controversy ... after a video surfaced in which she drops the N-bomb.

Screen Shot 2012-06-11 at 9.58.23 AM

The foul-mouthed female is Deena Nicole Cortese -- the same chick who sucked down a beer bong with Snooki in Seaside Heights this weekend.

Turns out Deena recorded a video blog on her MySpace page back in 2008 -- in which she rants about the way she's been treated by some dudes ... swears revenge ... and then says to the camera, "We're gonna play you out, n**ga."

Sources close to production confirm Deena will be appearing in a number of episodes during the third season of "Jersey" ... but she isn't considered a "permanent" cast member.

MTV had no comment on the N-bomb situation.


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Oh come on this show is great! Please help us create a Grenade Free America!

1478 days ago


here I was feeling kinda sorry for you guys having to deal with these ignorant trashy italians all over tv. and then I see these comments. oh "we hear blacks use it so why can't we?" "stop playing the race card!" boy if you truly knew how people talk about "guidos" behind your backs you'd probably be pulling out a whole DECK of cards. so slur all you want and enjoy seeing ignorant trashy ways being displayed on TV as it seems you are the new "n***s" now anyway

1478 days ago


The term is used loosely....she prob dont even mean a black male....shes prob talkn bout some Guido, hillbilly, twinkie, towlhead or,,,,oh im sorry thats all racist terms. My bad

Whatever ppl

1477 days ago


wtf yall make it sound racist ithouqht she said ****er wtf she said ****a alot of ppl use dhat word 2day im black and i dnt find that racist this video made me laugh and theres a big diff between ****a n ****er

1466 days ago


you know what I think is funny, is that most of you who think its NOT a big deal that this bytch said n*gga instead of N*gger, are WHITE!!!!

You have no idea, nor a clue how offensive her comment is to black people, especially black men!. Being a Italian-black woman myself, it is not okay for other races to use it in that context, or if any context! in fact, if I EVER came in contact with a white/mex/chinese/latino/Italian (WHATEVA!) who was using n*gga very freely, you would get beat the hell up!!!! real talk!

And lets just keep it it not true Italians call blacks a term like "mulignan"!? they already got their own derogatory term for blacks so why this BAMBINA CAGNA PUTTANA couldn't think of something else to call a black me :) CAGNA STUPIDO!!!!!

being a black-italian, i know what it means firsthand (especially from what I've experienced,) A LOT of Italians do not like blacks! so HELL NAW its not okay! Despite my italian blackground :) people just see my dark skin and ignore the fact that i am multiracial. Especially the Italian community!

Just because white people hear black folk calling each other n*gga, they think it is okay for them to use it....its not! you are likely to get jumped or shot.
Especially when its some white-Italian bimbo who thinks its okay because she f*cked a black man or got some mixed babies...mannnnn....!!!
Let me run into a racist italian jersey shore punk yo, or any mf for that matter, its guns clappin! .

We as black americans have the right to use the word because its OUR word! We took the word that white slave owners and ignorant HONKIES abused us with, and molded it into our culture and lifestyles. For the most part, its just how we talk! It is completely absurd for a white person to think its okay to use, especially when you are addressing someone as "that n*gga" or "my n*gga"
c'mon now!

stick to your "mulignan" word, atleast most blacks don't know what it means!

We use it in different contexts because we are allowed to! Not saying white folk aren't allowed to use it....Its just not a very SAFE, nor smart idea :) Nah mean?

I just ask that you white folks (italians, whoeva!) step into a black persons shoes for a moment...and think about how you might feel had you experienced on multiple accounts verbal attacks on the color of your skin...would you then think it was okay for a white person to call you or someone else "n*gga" ?

I bet most of the black community wants to scrape the hell out of this chick. I know I do! f*ckin lasagna eatin c*nt.

1465 days ago


ohh please she was not being racist who caresss! shut upp tmz you act like the blacks dont call whites crackers lmfao wtf is that

1434 days ago


Being a black woman i personally feel that saying the n-word does not make u a racist. It's the context around what the person is saying. Being that she may have a "hard-core" attitude she may have used the word but not in a way to be offensive and if so they she'll have to live w/it.

1334 days ago


Im half black and wasnt offended by the way she used the n-word. At this day and age "*****" is just another word for friend.

1325 days ago


yeah, it's really not that serious. i'm black and i didn't get offended because she didn't mean it in a racist tone. it was just like. "that's my n*ggaaaa"

1239 days ago


Deena is the ****** in this sense...why are so many of you all so interested in using that word anyways??? The argument that rappers and Blacks use it so its cool for us to use it is weak. Imagine I called one of you female family members (sister, mom, niece, grandmother) a argument can be the same...women say it all the time, why cant men call them that?

780 days ago
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