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Katherine Jackson -- 'I Haven't Been Doing So Well'

7/28/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson claims she "hasn't been doing so well" since MJ died -- in fact, according to a never-before-seen interview from last month, the singer's mother has basically been an emotional wreck.

During the moving interview -- which took place before the anniversary of Michael's death -- a visibly upset Katherine claims, "Not a day goes by that I don't think about my son."

The clip was shot by the same website hawking Katherine's new book "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- and according to our source, the footage is all part of a larger documentary on Jackson's life.

As for who's behind the whole project -- we're told it's an equal partnership between Katherine and Howard Mann -- the same guy who co-wrote her book.


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Sorry but I hate the bitch that has sex with the man that Micheal Jackson hated all his life, it's like she is taking a crap on her sons corpse.

1550 days ago


Posted at 1:13 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by janicebyrne "Maybe she should've done more to help him when he was alive..."
Agreed! It wasn't just Joseph who was the bad guy, but there were two adult parents there. I couldn't imagine standing by while children of mine were hurt in any way...but a lot of women do every day. Most women in that situation stay, or if they leave they end up going back. It's a sickness on both sides of the relationship.

Too bad MJ, or any child, was in the middle of all that craziness. People talk about how great the kids ended up thanks to the parents...which is true. But, children tend to flourish more in a positive and loving environment.

Unless someone invents a time machine, we'll never know how much greater they all could have become if they had been treated with more love.

Although let's face it, our society didn't treat him with all that much love either. The larger society was frequently harsh. Most of us have our homes as a sanctuary from the storms. Sadly, home and the world were often unkind. No wonder he liked fantasy.

1550 days ago


Y'all really need to lay off this poor, poor old woman. It's clear as day in the interview, that she is still very much visibly shaken and torn up inside by the loss of her baby son. No matter how famous he was, how many platinum records he had, or how much money he made, she will always think of him, first and foremost, as her darling baby son. You can see her mind is not right, she is probably being poked, prodded, and manipulated by Joe and everybody else, on all sides. I'll be praying for you, Momma Katherine....

1550 days ago


I think Katherine Jackson was emotionally whipped a long time before all this with Michael came up. I couldn't give an interview of any kind if it were one of my children. Not for money or anything else. Look at some of the pictures of her before this with Michael happened. She never looks happy any way.

1550 days ago


Who cares

1550 days ago


@ #$ HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

1550 days ago


Wow some fo you are so rude, have any of you lost a child? michael was not a molester and TMZ should erase the comments that are pure lies. Michael's children came from his sperm but they have a white mother, why is it so hard to believe that they take after their mother. Has any of the haters actually looked at his children with their family? michael's children resemble other family members and they are almost the same skin color as other family members. Also prince seems to have vitiligo like his father michael. I'm am not a huge fan but i respect michael jackson's music and he doesn't deserve to have himself and his family especially young kids dissected and disrespected.

Annie you are pathetic, you can't prove any of your claims and if you don't want to buy the book then DON'T i know i'm not but i don't need to be rude to katherine for making it. You say you have children to take care of so do that and don't worry about michael's kids whom will be better of than you in life, they will not miss your $30 when their father's estate brings in MILLIONS, the jacksons will be fine so worry about yourself and your family and hope your kids don't grow up to be as ignorant as you.

1550 days ago


Ummm, this was on Dateline!

1550 days ago

who dat    

"Maybe the fact that her husband is an unsupportive, abusive, money grubbing, lazy, pimp-in-training hasn't helped her emotional state. What a douchebag; I'd bitchslap him bigtime if he were standing in front of me..."

That comment made me laugh. How true.

1550 days ago


I meant @ #4 hahahahahahahaha!

1550 days ago


"There are many here among us...who feel that life is but a joke."

1550 days ago


I Love you forever Michael Joe Jackson. "It's All For Love. L.O.V.E." Long live the King of Pop.

1550 days ago


I'm the same Number 9 - I think of Michael everyday, however, I have chosen, for right now, not to deliberately play any of his music - it still hurts too much, and I start to cry playing his music at home - so, in my heart, i'm allowing myself to heal of this loss and move on, and just let him rest in peace. I feel really bad for Katharine Jackson; I can't imagine how this 80 year old woman is moving on, just can't imagine loosing her son that carried that family all his life, and leaving three children in her care to raise - what a task.

1550 days ago


lets not forget MJ was accused of molesting kids not once not twice but multiple times.if i or anybody else had done that i wouldnt be here today commenting on the internet.MJ fans?? wow would you leave your kids alone with him??no but you will sit here and praise him. amazing

Posted at 3:28 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by ron


1550 days ago
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