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Katherine Jackson -- 'I Haven't Been Doing So Well'

7/28/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson claims she "hasn't been doing so well" since MJ died -- in fact, according to a never-before-seen interview from last month, the singer's mother has basically been an emotional wreck.

During the moving interview -- which took place before the anniversary of Michael's death -- a visibly upset Katherine claims, "Not a day goes by that I don't think about my son."

The clip was shot by the same website hawking Katherine's new book "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- and according to our source, the footage is all part of a larger documentary on Jackson's life.

As for who's behind the whole project -- we're told it's an equal partnership between Katherine and Howard Mann -- the same guy who co-wrote her book.


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Why are some of you so caught up on michael's kids? he said they're his kids, he's on their birth certificate, he raised them and no one had anything to say while he was alive and no one has proven that they are not his kids. Debbie had said they are michael's kids and he said he used his sperm so what is so deal with it. Black people come in all colors and some biracial kids are very light skinned and some are very dark. It seems alot of you are JEALOUS that these kdis will be richer than any of you can ever imagine, they are set for life while some of you are lonely fools behind a computer screen feeling good about yourselves because you are bashing the whatever if only some of you could realize how vile and pathetic you make yourselves seem.

1445 days ago

so sad    

Poor lady. As much money and fame as that family has had, and could you honestly say she's had a great life? Hopefully all of her kids and grandkids have been there for her over the last year.

1445 days ago

moe l.    

This is the way you feel when you have lost your source of income. Kinda like when your unemployment checks run out....Janet has a much bigger payroll now.

1445 days ago


TMZ, I can't open this says " Sorry..." could you pease fix it?


1445 days ago


lets not forget MJ was accused of molesting kids not once not twice but multiple times.if i or anybody else had done that i wouldnt be here today commenting on the internet.MJ fans?? wow would you leave your kids alone with him??no but you will sit here and praise him. amazing


Yes I would leave my kids with him. Matter of fact, I DID leave my child with him.

1445 days ago

mj fan forever    

if katherine really loved his son, would grow his children as he wanted, not leaving them at the mercy of the tabloids or putting their safety at risk by making them chase by paparazzi. or leaving them at the mercy of their questionable cousins. or, even, putting belts on sale exploiting their names illegally. I do not think a good mother and grandmother to behave like this.

1445 days ago

Lynn Kilgore    

I can't imagine the pain Katherine is going thru with losing Michael. I was a big fan of his and sadly will be missed. His legacy will live on.

1445 days ago


This woman has lived off her son for years her so-called husband hasn't supported her.He has no $$ and what he had he spent on his ho's.I would be ashamed if I sponged off my kids. Now she is really hitting the old pocket book. Her and her husband had to file for bankrupcy...the old man was a waste of human flesh. The whole family lives off Michaels name and always has been. Hope when the kids grow up they clean house on all the loosers and close the purse.
No mother on earth lets anyone beat her children and never lifts a finger to help them.It's sick what he went through with them as parents.

1445 days ago


maybe she needs jaffar to give her some tazer treatments so she can keep selling off wackos jackos memories..she is a lowlife

1445 days ago


maybe she needs jaffar to give her some tazer treatments so she can keep selling off wackos jackos memories..she is a lowlife

Posted at 8:08 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by electriczipper

You can take them out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of them. Who cares about her anyway. She is just trying to make more money. She should ask the three sperm donor kids for a bigger allowance.

1445 days ago


#85 You are a piece of ****. I hope Jaffar's father finds you and kicks your ass. Your mother is a piece of **** for having you, and your father is nothing but a retarded sperm donor. You are nothing but a walking abortion. You lousy piece of ****. How dare you disrespect any bodys mother. You are nothing but the s*** of the earth.

1445 days ago


Hey electriczipper was wondering where you have been?

1445 days ago


Your cruel jokes are out of line zipper! She's an elderly woman and deserves some respect.

1445 days ago


Well for being an elderly woman she sure stays busy making money off of her son.She needs to pay more attention to the kids and less making deals.

1445 days ago

Just sayn    

Well guess what.....that is part of REALITY.....real life.
Guilt might have a little to do with it......since yes she loved her little product who is still provding an income for the family.

1445 days ago
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