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Katherine Jackson -- 'I Haven't Been Doing So Well'

7/28/2010 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson claims she "hasn't been doing so well" since MJ died -- in fact, according to a never-before-seen interview from last month, the singer's mother has basically been an emotional wreck.

During the moving interview -- which took place before the anniversary of Michael's death -- a visibly upset Katherine claims, "Not a day goes by that I don't think about my son."

The clip was shot by the same website hawking Katherine's new book "Never Can Say Goodbye" -- and according to our source, the footage is all part of a larger documentary on Jackson's life.

As for who's behind the whole project -- we're told it's an equal partnership between Katherine and Howard Mann -- the same guy who co-wrote her book.


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I think she is great.

1557 days ago


I think she is great.

1557 days ago


Not a day goes by that I don't think about Michael or play his songs. His songs are everywhere, in my phone, my computer, everywhere. I love you so much Michael. Thank you for everything and rest in peace dear Michael!

Posted at 12:48 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by Nasiba

We are one and the same

1557 days ago


Not a different opinion, but a fact.

Posted at 9:04 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by Jerald

you're right, jerald. it's a FACT that she allowed her children to be beaten by joe. it's a FACT that she's making deals left and right, making money off her dead son. it's a FACT that you get your panties in a wad when someone disagrees with you.

1557 days ago


Lady who cares! You have money unlike many of us! Cry in your money if you have to but please don't try to do us without vaseline.
Just go awa,y we aren't concerned about you nor do we intend to be.

1557 days ago


Why post such cruel words aimed at his Mother.
Jesus teaches that its our words that come out of our mouths
that make a person unclean.

Peace and comfort to Mrs. Jackson.

1557 days ago


jesus was just some poor smuck that got caught stealing bread and put on a cross..we came from the sea via evoloution,god was just some ol joe who walked around in the desert...
I know the truth

1557 days ago


Before the anniversity of MJ's death, I would have had sympathy for her. But she is just like the rest of them trying to make the almighty buck off of MJ.

1557 days ago


Not a day goes by Mrs Katherine that we the fans don't think of MIchael.So we know how hard and difficult this has to be on you his mother and his children We just have to comfort ourselves knowing that Michael is safe in the arms of Jesus. It is very hard we know, for Michael was such a loving and beautiful person on the inside and outside. R.I.P ANGEL. You were a wonderful mother to Michael Mrs Katherine and that is what counts. Michael knew this

1557 days ago


Any cowardly person can hide behind a computer screen and posts negative comments. It's sad but, that is the only way most of you know how to get some of that pined up hell out, however, when you finish being negative, you still are miserable inside. Love and kindness is the Key!

Posted at 8:54 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by Jerald

and you are proof that you are a cowardly idiot hiding behind a computer screen.......Katherine thinks money buys you life.....the bitch is 80...does she expect to live any longer...she needs to read her Bible...Gluttony is a sin and this bitch aint no religious is her GOD. So Jerald take your sorry self and go jump off a bridge!

1557 days ago


I love Katherine for brining MIchael into this world but I hate that she stood by idly and wathed her children being traumatized. If something happens to her, I would be very very sad. That being said, I am NOT impressed with the interview, it was NOT touching. Jackson family hasn't moved their pinky to seek justice for their blood. Strangers who never met Michael put forth long hours of effort for over 1 year for justice.

Jacksons ONLY remember Michael is family when there is an opportunity for self promotion and exploiting Michael for money. Jermaine, in particular disgusts me!!!! He became relevant after MJ's death and it seems he is happy MJ died!!! Have you seen the clothes he is having made for himself? All MJ style. He even started holding umbrella! He does charity events but makes sure cameras are there. Randy Jackson tweeted yesterday about their children charitable event!!!! Why do charity then broadcast it? Mind you, BOTH Jermaine's & Randy's children are living with Katherine and she takes care of them. The money intended for MJ's children are spent to take care of THEIR kids! Beside that, a 80 year old carries the burden of taking care of their children, they are not dead! Instead of flaunting the children charity you are doing, take care of YOUR OWN children, charity begins at home!!!!

This interview with Katherine plugs in her "book" which is NOT a book but collection of private family pictures sold for money! They had the audacty to tell us MJ was a icon to us while a family to them!!!!! Judging by their and our action since MJ died, to THEM MJ is an icon to be exploited for money, to US he is family!!!!

1557 days ago


and you are proof that you are a cowardly idiot hiding behind a computer screen.......Katherine thinks money buys you life.....the bitch is 80...does she expect to live any longer...she needs to read her Bible...Gluttony is a sin and this bitch aint no religious is her GOD. So Jerald take your sorry self and go jump off a bridge!

Posted at 10:36 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by hdhrtuy

I couldn't have said it better myself.
She needs to read her Bible and see where it says Thou shall not lie.

She is a liar through and through. Saying those white children remind her of her son. Ridiculous!

1557 days ago


Rehearsed...just like any other interview she's given. And been paid for. She accepted $250,000. for her denial of the molestation allegation interview....Michael paid her himself and no doubt he scripted and choreographed that interview himself just like this one, and Staples, and the FL funeral.

ALL BS....
smoke and mirrors, illusions, trickery, delusions......

Michael Jackson said himself in an interview years ago that even as a very young child that HE called the shots over Joe when it came to what/when Joe expected of him re rehearsals/his performances/punishment....something to the effect of "Jpe either you do this....or I'm not doing anything". Michael played the "prima dona" from a little boy on (once he got the taste of undivided center of attention due to his talent). He also stated that he often taunted/teased prevoked Joe into some of Joes abusive shows of authority.
Michael Jackson was/is a spoiled brat.
No matter WHAT you want to paint him as.
He has/is getting what he wants when/how he wants it no matter who he has to walk on or over, or manipulate or deceive.

1557 days ago


we all know how wonderful MJ was but if some haters are blind and can't see the fact,is ok. haters deserve to be stabed to death with a rusty knife.

Posted at 9:35 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by MJhugefan

there's just NOTHING like that good ole Michael Jackson kind of brotherly love!
Why some his more fanatic rabid fans are so nuts about him....
they're just a reflection of certain less that savory aspects of him. Kinda calls to mind Michael Jacksons rant regarding Sony.

1557 days ago
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