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Sarah Palin Bears All

7/27/2010 10:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin came face to face with a real, live wild bear -- and its two cute little baby cubs -- during a fishing trip at Wolverine Creek, Alaska earlier this month ... and didn't shoot it!

Along with the wildlife, Sarah also kicked it with her husband Todd and daughter Piper.

Check out the photos -- pretty bad ass.


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hmmm how many go on a family fishing trip w/ their own opp? Sure it wasnt at Disney World

1547 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

The bears are just trying out the restroom facilities for Bristol Palin's wedding.

1547 days ago



"@ konaehukai- you really are about as dumb as it gets. Sorry, I hate to go below the belt when it comes to debating, but you're an idiot. I'd love to see all of you LIBERALS go toe to toe with the Palins or any other God fearin, gun totin' Conservative... you wouldn't stand a chance. You need a good ol' fashioned ass whoopin... right along with everyone else who voted for Obama...pffft...Liberals.

Shows what a Moron you are. I'm a registered Republican. All though I didn't vote for McCain, nor Bush. I have noticed thought that it has been typicalfor years that Conservatives love to lump everyone together.

The reason that I hate Sarah is because she's unintelligent, unqualified, a quitter and wants to ban books.

1547 days ago


Hate? That's such a powerful word considering you don't even know the woman. It seems to me you're intimidated by her. You're a disgrace to the Republican Party and everything it stands for. Band Books? Are you kidding me? You actually believe that hogwash? Ha! Thanks for the entertainment sir, I appreciate it.

1547 days ago


Hopefully every one can see the difference now between a real mama grizzly and a jackass.

1547 days ago


Why would she shoot it?? She was fishing!
Only an ignorant LIBERAL would say stupid **** like that.

1547 days ago


Why would she shoot it?? She was fishing!
Only an ignorant LIBERAL would say stupid **** like that.

1547 days ago

Don L    

"What a shame... The bear should have eaten her. Dumb B*tch. I wouldn't expect much brain activity from this woman."

And this rational genus speaks with wisdom about brain activity?

1547 days ago


Great pictures! Libtards, don't hate her because she's beautiful who was just having a beautiful time with her family.

1547 days ago


Looks like a Lot of LIBERALs are extremely JEALOUS these days! Why else would they attack a woman they know nothing but lies about. OR are they just stupid ignorant Lemmings for actually believing the lies their ruling elitists tell them? They obviously do not know the difference of a lie vs facts anymore. OR are they just LAZY and will believe anything their Dear Leaders tell them. Either way, they end up looking pretty stupid and gullible.

1547 days ago


The left is full of hate. The hate directed at this women (I'm no fan of Palin's) is the measure of the left's empty soul. Such people should never be allowed to have political power. Hopefully this November, they will lose much power and semi-decent human beings will be in charge of Congress.

1547 days ago


So much for dumb Sarah saying that a Mama Grizzly will always stand up on its hind legs to protect its cubs. Alaskans argued that Palin didn't know much about bears if this is what she tried to get the people in the lower 48 to believe. Palin has been caught in another lie.

1547 days ago


Overruled you were talking about the bear weren't you?

1547 days ago


Palin on tmz? Why? I think the media keeps talking about her so she'll run against obama and get her butt kicked. Thats what the neocons don't get.

1547 days ago


TMZ, really?? You can't tell that those images of the Palins with the bears are horribly photoshopped? This is fake; you look real legitimate now.

1547 days ago
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