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TMZ Live: Gibson, Jackson, and Chelsea Clinton

7/27/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We took your questions on everything -- including Mel Gibson and Oksana Grivorieva planting a "placenta tree", Chelsea Clinton's wedding having $15,000 porta-potties, and a Netherlands woman who claims Michael Jackson is her father.

Plus: Updates on Lindsay Lohan's stint in jail.


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This show has now been reduced to inexperienced, teen hosts with the inability to hold the audience's attention by turning their thoughts and opinions into clear and coherent sentences. Who in the heck put these two in charge?

1546 days ago


Could you send out a message to Tanja Majic in Vancouver. Tell her Rich misses her & Happy Birthday coming up soon! Germans do it better!

1546 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

the guy with the dreads from tmz is hot. I'd hit it!!!

1546 days ago


Is the next generation of movie stars just drug addicts who get caught? Remember the guys who got away with all this stuff back in the day and they made great movies.

1546 days ago

Shelly B.    

Let's see some footage of you surfing!! You always make good comments on the celebs would like to see you in action.

1546 days ago


Love this chick she is easy on they eyes and all...

1546 days ago


Let's have more of this little hottie! She's a better side-kick than all the others.

1546 days ago

John Stone    

The worst pair for this show. GAG

1546 days ago


like to see new faces on here.and she is a hottie.

1546 days ago


that has got to be the most toe curling embarrasing piece of so called presenting ive ever, and i mean ever witnessed. forget the body language, forget the mumbling, forget the pauses and sense of misdirection, i feel like ive just watched a baby seal being clubbed.

bring back harvey please

1546 days ago


Hey you guys..sorry about this but you guys don't realize who his wife is..have you heard anything about a few years ago..russian women pretend to fall in love with Americans..but in fact are just in for the in Quebec these russian women were exposed on local news to protect us guys from them..because myself and others were fooled into believing there well intention but actually it was all about money..and the way Mel Gibson has been acting lately..I sorry to say that you guys are missing on something deeper then you think..russian authority were interviewed and you would not believe what they said about this whole fraud..unfortunately Mel Gibson just fell into her trap..and that is why he keeps mentionning how she betrayed him etc.. you guys should go a little deeper in this whole story before condemning Mel Gibson..ciao!!

1546 days ago


UV light tattoo. Lindsay's tat very well may be UV.. even though they say the ink can lead to cancer and skin disorders... Way to make ANOTHER smart move Linds...

1546 days ago


What happens when lindsey is released from jail after serving a laughable amount of time gets into a car drunk an kills someone. Who should be responsible for that? The judge for giving her so many chances. Two DWI's should have gotten her years instead of weeks

1546 days ago


I thought it was rude to Max and the woman that did the live broadcast on Tuesday, that someone asked her to get ride of what was (not) in her mouth, but they let everyone in the back talk excessively loud making it hard for them to even respond to the comments of the day! The loud back ground was louder than usual, maybe because Harvey was not there, but the others should be more considerate. I know there will always be back ground conversation, and that OK, but yesterday it extra loud. I felt sorry for them.

1546 days ago


max, you can get ultra violet tattoo's. They glow in black light, I'm not sure how dangerous they are, but my friend has one.

1545 days ago
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