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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Location -- No-Fly Zone

7/29/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton's high profile wedding is expected to draw so many powerful people, that birds will be the only things allowed to fly near the location where she's getting married ... TMZ has learned.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding
According to the FAA, a temporary flight restriction has been issued for the area where Chelsea is tying the knot on Saturday in Rhinebeck, NY -- and will last from 3 PM EDT Saturday until 3:30 AM EDT Sunday.

The flight restriction -- which was issued due to a "VIP (Very Important People) Movement" -- will cover a land mass with a 1.5 nautical mile radius ... and extend from zero to 2000 feet above ground level.

Sorry, paragliding paparazzi ... no shots for you.



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Chuck D of Valpo    

I reckon it would be a good time to own one of those "Drone" flying machines. Yup, get some pictures of Who's who, the What's what, and other "Don't give a rat's pitoot". America's answer to a royal wedding. Might make some serious coin selling the film. I know I wouldn't pay a wooden nickel for them. Bill "I am the joker in any card deck" Clinton will be giving his daughter away. The end.

1550 days ago


She needs to brush before taking a photo. Just Saying...

1550 days ago


Poor girl. The dude is obviously marrying her for the money and prestige..poor girl..Would not be surprised if they are divorced by 2013. She'll prolly be a cold fish like Hillary and the poor boy will have to have an affair, thus ending the marriage. :(

1550 days ago


WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, They should of used the money for charities, they should have not spent sooo much money when the Nation is poor!!! They could have used the money to help the poor and unfortunate. They will always wonder when their grandchildren are poor and working for another country, to make ends meet, what would've been the best outcome for them to use that money -" well - my GREAT, GREAT grandparent's spent over 3.3 million for a nuptial?" WOW. Having lots of money doesn't mean you show it off - it means that you spend it wisely... you don't see the "GATES" (MicrSoft) spending money recklessly - of course not! You need to be good stewards of what GOD gave you - not show it off - for the rest of the POOR nation to see! WRONG< WRONG< WRONG!!!

1550 days ago


It's their money and they can spend it any way they please. Unfortunately they do the same with our money.

1550 days ago


geez. chelsea has grown up to be a wonderful woman and this is their only child. they are spending money yes, but it's also benefiting a economy, so LIGHTEN UP PEOPLE.

1550 days ago


She looks good but I question spending all that money on a wedding.With all the kooks out and about(except when they are writing on tmz about wacko jacko)I can understand the no-fly zone...

1550 days ago


So let me get this straight, they have money for a wedding like this yet they don't have money to pay off Hillary's campaign debt. They whore Bill out in an attempt to get others to pay their debt. Not that he doesn't love to whored out.

1550 days ago


Allot of money for a homely girl ,who is obviously spoiled rotten.It always amazes me how quickly the vendors of these events jack up the prices for wealthy suckers!$250 CAKE FOR $25000 .Like they say theirs a sucker born every minute.I just wish I could get in on the overpriced wedding supplies ,Could you imagine 25 CENT balloon's for a hundred bucks a pop. WOW .PLEASE KEP ME IN MIND FOR THE NEXT WEALTHY WEDDING i WOULD ONLY CHARGE 25$ A POP !

1550 days ago

Team Mel    

Poor kid, she never has been a pretty girl. Her mother is so butt ugly I guess thats the best she can look. Good luck kid.

1550 days ago


She asked her dad to lose weight before the wedding. Has she looked at her mom lately??

1550 days ago


#12 - Have you not seen earlier pictures of Hillary? She's butt ugly and bound to stay that way.

#13 - They're democrats! Enough said.

I feel sorry for the woman who also booked her wedding - 2 YEARS AGO - in the same area and now is going to have her's ruined because of this over priced, over exposed, poor excuse of a "celebrity" wedding. Knowing the disruption this wedding is going to cause the area, instead of being selfish, Chelsea, and the Clintons, should have worked with other brides to make sure their day is just as special in terms of traffic. IT'S NOT ALL ABOUT CHELSEA.

I'm so over these people I could puke.

1550 days ago


Very Important People Movement...ROFLMAO!!!

1550 days ago

Jamaican Boo    

Maybe if they stopped spending money on the girl she might start developing a personality of her own.

1550 days ago


she works for some hedge fund in NYC. Good for her. Daddy has nice connections

Posted at 5:06 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by STORYBURN

her mama doesn't think much of her profession.

Real 'Work'? Clinton Swipes at Chelsea's Profession

1550 days ago
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