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Chelsea Clinton Wedding Location -- No-Fly Zone

7/29/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chelsea Clinton's high profile wedding is expected to draw so many powerful people, that birds will be the only things allowed to fly near the location where she's getting married ... TMZ has learned.

Chelsea Clinton Wedding
According to the FAA, a temporary flight restriction has been issued for the area where Chelsea is tying the knot on Saturday in Rhinebeck, NY -- and will last from 3 PM EDT Saturday until 3:30 AM EDT Sunday.

The flight restriction -- which was issued due to a "VIP (Very Important People) Movement" -- will cover a land mass with a 1.5 nautical mile radius ... and extend from zero to 2000 feet above ground level.

Sorry, paragliding paparazzi ... no shots for you.



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I hope a meteor lands on them!!

1544 days ago

Larry D. Crumbley    

Hey Bill do not forget to throw soime LOVE out to that LEFTY George-(I WILL DESTROY AMERICA)-Soros. End os story. I mean he is paying for the wedding. Nice lefty if you know what I mean, but then again I wonder what he wants in return? Less see what happens down the road.

Larry C.

1544 days ago

Don H.    

Always liked her... congrats and best of luck!

1544 days ago


Do you remember "The Howdy Doody Show?" I swear to god, I used to think Chelsea had inherited the ugliest features of both her parents, and then it occurred to me, Buffalo Bob Smith is her father! At least she doesn't look too much like Clarabelle the Clown.

1544 days ago


You have to ask yourself: what kind of political clout does it take to push a no-fly zone for your kid's wedding? The same kind of clout that allows you to push around a federal judge and give State Laws a wedgie? The kind of clout that allows you to illegally offer a bribe job to a political officer who has become a pebble in your president's shoe - and get away with it?

What else is Willie going to get away with? Prima Nocte on his daughter's wedding night (with full coverage on CSPAN)?

1544 days ago


chelsea couldsell a cherry opps alerady gone

1544 days ago


@ Juju -- I have discovered the race that the Tea Party has been directing all of their vitriol and hatred toward! It has not been easy, either - it crosses skin-, hair-, and eye-color lines, body forms, tax brackets, and demographics. I cannot express how difficult it has been to make this definition - and how simple the definition turned out to be.

This race - the race that the Tea Party is so venomously attacking at all turns and in all places, that feels so put upon and belittled, and is surprisingly ubiquitous - shall be known in history books as: the Stupid Race!

1544 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

@ Buzzkill, pretty stupid of them to pick Sarah Palin as their leader then.

1544 days ago

You Betcha    

With philanders and a crooks as parents and looks that would stop a clock
from fright who cares.

Posted at 10:15 PM on Jul 29, 2010 by David


Stop picking on Tricia Nixon.

1544 days ago


MY GOD! Don't some of you Clinton haters want to squelch the extreme low-class, no-class families who raised you or, rather, dragged you. If your parents did not do "right" by you, why would you want to follow their footsteps? You show no PRIDE, no DIGNITY, no SELF-RESPECT for YOURSELF and, for OTHERS. Are you So PERFECT in EVERY WAY that you think of yourselves as ones who WALK ON WATER??? Surely, your lives must be worth much more than just THROWING SMUT at someone you don't even KNOW!!! Chelsea Clinton has NEVER hurt YOU or ANYONE ELSE in her ENTIRE LIFE. She doesn't even KNOW you EXIST!!! Why would she, you are completely BENEATH her "class" and you continue to SHOW it!!! For goodness sake, get some "maturity" and act like you know something. It's NEVER too late, even for YOU!!!

1544 days ago


@ Butterfly -- I cannot exactly speak for others, but for me the issue is the money and resources thrown at things like this.

Think about this: at the president's inauguration, there were thousands of military and police, scores of secret service. All for one guy. Who's assigned to watch my family? And they are a lot more important to me than this pretender to the throne.

Big shots have nobody to blame for being big targets but themselves. Why, then, should my tax dollars pay for it? Soros or no Soros, don't delude yourself - our taxes are paying the bill for security.

Let her get married and be happy! Just don't make me pay one red cent into it - directly or otherwise.

1544 days ago

Ricky Hollywood    

I don't hear you complaining about all the secret service needed for the Bush family. They multiply like roaches.

1544 days ago


Jenna didn't spend millions of dollars on her wedding. She got married on the family ranch. Stop comparing apples to oranges.

I understand ex-presidents still need protection but the no-fly zone and 2-4 million on this wedding is outrageous.

1544 days ago


At least GWB produced attractive children. Chelsea reminds me of Amy Carter. Nasty as sin.

What the hell does someone as hot as Marc see in her? She must have a great personality.

1544 days ago


THIS IS FOR BUZZKILL, #119. Thank you for your gentle comment, I appreciate it. My earlier comment, #64 (perhaps changed by now) was a report that former President and Mrs. Clinton were to carry the entire wedding tab including security and, without our tax dollars. The article did not mention Mr. Soros. Every girl in the world(I think) looks forward to her sweet sixteen birthday party and her wedding day. I know I did. If one dime of our tax dollars is used for this elaborate bash, I promise, I will be screaming the loudest, GUARANTEED!!! Thanks, again!!!

1544 days ago
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