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Chris Tucker

Real Estate Disaster in Florida

7/28/2010 9:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It appears the real estate bubble exploded all over Chris Tucker -- the tax-troubled star is trying to sell his Florida mansion for $2 million ... even though he paid $6 million for it just three years ago!

Chris Tucker Home Photos

According to public records, Tucker took out a $4.2 million loan to score the 8861 square foot home back in 2007 ... a home that includes 5 bedrooms, a wine cellar, pirate ship-themed home theater and a library with a SECRET ROOM! The home is located in swanky Montverde ... a suburb of Orlando.

Tucker owns multiple properties in California -- according to -- but it's unclear if he's looking to unload any of those as well.

As TMZ first reported, Tucker is dealing with some serious tax issues at the moment -- the IRS claims he owes more than $11 mil ... which makes the timing of this sale much more relevant.


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Haha. That's what you get for not paying your taxes you tax evading criminal.

1555 days ago


2 million and he paid 6 million? Good grief. What a steal. I'd buy this awesome place in a heartbeat if I were a millionaire.

1555 days ago


The stairway to heaven is just too much. Chris got scammed on this house.

1555 days ago


11 Million..11 Million Dollars.. ah man, uh wait, da I hava owe to the IRS 11 Million Dollars? Gah dam man! No par-tay at mya casa in Florida! Ouch, man! Hey, IRS, what part you do not understand the words coming outta of my mouth? I am not gonna pay 11 Million Dollars, man!

-Chris Tucker (in his usual high voice)

Does that sound right, Chris? HUH?

(in my high voice version), Hey man, you gotta pay 11 Million Dollars, uh, man!? what part you dont understand the words coming out of MY voice, pay up man! Then go paaar-tay! Woo! I am gonna get the babes! Not you, Chris. Go finda a real job! I hear Burger King is hiring in Los Angeles! Let's go there, man!! Make those moves at the cash register, man! Yeah! Woo!

(deeper voice) NOW go pay the IRS Dumwit!

1555 days ago

Ron Golden    

b>So much for the "secret" room

1555 days ago


It's also a fugly house with fugly furnishings! Judging by those pics, I wouldn't buy it if it was free. Hideous is an understatement. I agree with the 15th post. One person does not need that much house. It's gross and disgusting in every sense.

1555 days ago

South Beach    

Great deal for $2 Mil, in LA that'd be $7 Mil easy.Decor has to go though. And Florida is not easy where the IRS is concerned. Ask Wesley Snipes.

1555 days ago


Hahaha, Man, The Hater and Envyade is really flowing on this post.
The problem is that these fools are taking advice from Hustlers and Con Men. They tend to mix up that fantasy world they made money off of with the real world.
I would bet that he listened to some jackass who told him that it would be a great investment etc,etc and who rolled off with a good bit of change from him.
Good luck with thinking on your own in a crunch Chris hahahaha and you had better watch your lawyer too because he might decide to really help himself to your coin now.

1555 days ago

distant observer    

TMZ staff/readers:

The house is in Bella Collina, in Lake County, and it is definitely *not* a suburb of Orlando. In fact, that is the kind of misleading information that landed the developer in hot water. This place was initially marketed as a luxury golf & equestrian community (membership required) surrounded by two recreational lakes and lots of amenities. The developer also advertised it as a stone’s throw from Orlando.

I feel bad for Chris Tucker—buying this house was a very bad investment and the blame rests on the developer as the advertising was not short of criminal. The place is nowhere near a stone’s throw from Orlando; the lakes aren’t recreational (they’re filled with alligators); Lake County has plenty of land but is not a very marketable place due to so much reclaimed wasteland (granted, Montverde is one of the more desirable areas).

These parcels were sold for upwards to half a million dollars….now you can buy them for less than $50,000. On top of that only a few houses were built, so the place remains largely empty. The golf course and clubhouse are functional; I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns into a commercial venture.

It’s unfortunate that he was conned. The guy ought to get a legal team together and sue the developer. This is, in part, why the real estate meltdown took place in the U.S.

1555 days ago


SWANKY MONTVERDE? That little cowtown isn't even half the swankiness of Simi Valley, CA.

1555 days ago

distant observer    

To correct my above post, lake front lots were actually going for a million. Those are still going for $50,000 now but you can buy the 'normal' lots for under $10,000.

So many people got screwed on this, it's sad.

A newspaper writer was actually spot on in 2008:

1555 days ago



1555 days ago


I have actually been in this home!! It is unbelievable. Bella Collina is a Beautiful Exclusive Community. And if you don't like Mt.Verde, it's because you are new to the area!! The house is one original homes in the community and was actually in the Parade of Homes. I live near this community and can feel his pain, Florida has been hit extremely hard by the housing issue. And from what I understand, he is not the only known name to have interest in this Community. And with home values being so low right now, if I had the money, I would go there!! It is a hidden paradise.

1555 days ago


Mt.Verde is located within 20 mins of Downtown Orlando. And anyone who know anything about living in the Orlando area know that this is considered "a stones throw away" without the crime of Orange County (Orlando). Many Orange County Sheriff Deputies live in this area due to it location to Orlando and it's low crime rate. It is a large equestrine area (not like Ocala, but for it's area) If you have lived in the area less than 7 years or never visited this Community, you have no room to talk!!!

1555 days ago


Chris Tucker maaaaan!!!!!!!

1555 days ago
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