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Gloria Allred Starving For Attention ... Literally

7/28/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred plans to starve herself for the next 30 days in order to support women everywhere ... even ones she doesn't represent.


The attorney who helped Rachel Uchitel score some serious bread says she is going on a solid food fast -- skipping a total of 90 meals -- to draw attention to the need to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

Allred -- who's been a staunch defender of civil rights -- says her strike will end on August 26 which is the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Allred tells TMZ her last supper before the strike was hors d'oeuvres.


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She's doing this because? Women are on top of the food chain right now. This chick is a fame whore with some serious deluded issues!

1550 days ago


gloria...don't speak for me until i tell you that you may.

that'll be the same time satan ice skates in hell.

1550 days ago


"Allred tells TMZ her last supper before the strike was hors d'oeuvres."

I think that is a typo on TMZ's part. It should have read "whores ovaries."

1550 days ago


The woman who brought s***bags into mainstream is now going to starve herself for "women's" rights. Yeah, right. Hope she has a stroke and gets that pig nose out of our faces!!! I find her totally disgusting.

1550 days ago


LMFAO @Tellthetruth59

1550 days ago


Hopefully Gloria will follow this up with a 180 day ban on speaking.

She is an awful person and thankfully everybody knows how annoying she is...her daughter is a close second.

1550 days ago


Moron. Plain and simple. Does she somehow feel that, as a man, I am going to be less likely to support the Equal Rights Amendment if she has a sandwich? What in God's name does her hunger level have ANYTHING to do with Equal rights??? That would be like me saying that I wasn't going to poop until August 18th to draw attention to unkempt lawns. The only reward here for me is an obstructed bowel.

1550 days ago

Linda O    

Eat. Don't eat. Who cares????!!!!! This woman has finally lost her mind.

1550 days ago


....The tile of this story should read..."Gloria Allred plans to starve herself for the next 30 days, in order to support WHORES everywhere."
We can only hope that she does it to death.....Artofwar

1550 days ago

John Stone    

I hope she starves to death.

1550 days ago


This is just another publicity stunt.

1550 days ago


realize that all the problems BEGAN after women got the right to vote. the date should be mourned, not celebrated.

1550 days ago


I agree with #4 Carl

Seems like sometimes after 1992 she just took a turn somewhere, maybe now its turning back? But yeah I remember back then I used to admire her for a long time, then, things just got weird, but sounds like she is refocusing herself. I don't agree with the fast, I hope it is doctor supervised. At the same time reading this article makes me just a little happy inside, because I was wondering what happened to THAT Gloria, and feminism, wondering if it was all gone, wondering if it mattered anymore. We forget, that people like Gloria Steinem and others made their life about this, just like MLK and others did about civil rights. Maybe, just maybe some of us who are still around take to posting to places like TMZ occasionally, rather than the streets like woman had to back in the day. I'm sorry also that mrsbeasly thinks I'm 9. I'm not, multiple times that age. Thats why I can post about these things I saw first hand and remember, that the internet seems to have long forgot because, well, there wasn't internet or people living off their parents doing nothing but posting c r a p about people about the on internet. Maybe some of us have lived, maybe that is WHY we speak...Maybe some of us saw and heard this firsthand.

1550 days ago


BS! Just another publicity stunt! I bet she will either eat something or drink shakes/smoothies. Once, I went on a 3-day fast just drinking's not easy...had to sleep a lot to pass the time.

1550 days ago


She does NOT speak for me. I would be ashamed to have her speak on my behalf. She is a disgrace to women everywhere, and unfortunately proves the point of lawyer jokes.

1550 days ago
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