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Gloria Allred Starving For Attention ... Literally

7/28/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred plans to starve herself for the next 30 days in order to support women everywhere ... even ones she doesn't represent.


The attorney who helped Rachel Uchitel score some serious bread says she is going on a solid food fast -- skipping a total of 90 meals -- to draw attention to the need to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

Allred -- who's been a staunch defender of civil rights -- says her strike will end on August 26 which is the 90th anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Allred tells TMZ her last supper before the strike was hors d'oeuvres.


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no worries. She can live for months off of whatever that is hanging off of her neck.

1550 days ago


1550 days ago


If i don't read her "obit" in 30 days, she cheated!

1550 days ago


Your 15 minutes are up. When you have to start thinking up stupid promotional gimmicks to keep your name in the spotlite there's a problem. Plus, you're a lawyer. Hardly anyone takes you seriously now, you're just making it worse.

1550 days ago


you've done more to damage how women are viewed and how women are taken seriously than any other situations of women being violated combined.

you do not speak for me and your narcissist need to be in the spotlight at the expense of sensibility is beyond comprehension.

you're not showboating this for women, you're trying to get yourself back in the spotlight from so much damage you've caused from representing prostitutes that seek out married men and then demand millions to keep quiet. it's called extortion.

1550 days ago


This bitch will do anything for attention. If we're lucky, she'll develop a dislike for eating... or drinking water... or breathing...

1550 days ago


She is one butt ugly woman and needs not only to lose 100 plus pounds but needs to have a face transplant cause she looks like a rhino in the face.

1550 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

She should try a diet "ESPECIALLY" for her---One with No Solid Food, Nothing to drink, No Air, No Microphone, No TV appearances- Try it for 100 days- You will not only help women, you will HELP HUMANITY!!!~!

1550 days ago


If Allred wants to really help women in a meaningful way she could do a couple of things. For one stop calling attention to just celebrity cases. There are women out here that are being abused in ways that are truly appalling and I don't see her sitting next to them on Larry King or Dr. Phil. They have been raped, abducted, abused, molested and God knows what else. Yet I don't see Allred next to them litigating their cases. She only seems to want to help when there is notoriety involved. There are a lot of women out here who cannot afford a good attorney and they desperately need one. No, they are not famous and their faces may never grace the cover of People, but they could use the services of someone who cares and can get something done.

1550 days ago


I hope she chokes when she starts to eat again. This woman is pig and a shake down artist! trust

1550 days ago


She is a disgrace and does not speak for this woman. A hero only to scam artists and gold diggers everywhere.

1550 days ago


Why doesn't she go 30 days without throwing a news conference or putting her ugly mug on tv. She's vile. And an old bag like that shouldn't be fasting. It's not good for her tired body.

1550 days ago


She is the al sharpton and jesses jackson of women.

1550 days ago


1. Sounds like this famewhore is running out of ways to get a camera on her and is hoping that something "drastic" like this will help.

2. Once the expiration date for ratification of the ERA passed (wasn't it something like 30-some years ago???), then such an action like this is pointless, unless it has since been re-written, re-presented in Congress, and is up for ratification again. And I hadn't heard that that has happened. So it's still pointless. Her time would be better spent writing to her Congressman, but that doesn't garner any attention or papparazzi, does it?

1550 days ago


We can only pray it kills her so we never have to see her ugly face on TMZ again.

1550 days ago
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