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Lindsay Lohan -- Booked Again

7/28/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan, you've got mail.


LiLo's latest visitor wasn't a family member or a lawyer ...  it was the UPS guy who delivered her several packages from today.

Although it's unclear what Inmate # 2409752 actually received, having books shipped is about the only way to get reading materials into the clink.


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UPS guy is kinda cute there! Love a burly man with a package for me.

1517 days ago


Is that the guy from King of Queens?

1517 days ago


Hmmmm. Family time for Lindsey getting out of jail. I did not have family time when I graduated from college.

What is wrong with this picture. Lindsey your are very lucky to have parents like you have. I don't have loving parents. I probably won't be going when I get my Bachelors degree because my family won't come. I do well and stay out of trouble and i don't get "family time" You get into trouble and your going to get "family time" No wonder you and your family is screwed up.

Your parents should not see you. Mr and Mrs. Lindsey do not have "family time" with your daughter.

It hurt me very much not having my family and I am not a trouble maker like Lindsey. I did not drink, do drugs anything to get myself into trouble. I have never been in jail. I cope and deal with my feelings. I am grateful for what I have and know there are others that are worse of than me.

Go to rehab and stop crying.

1517 days ago


Who cares> Her career is dead, buried, over, burnt.
No insurance company would insure her if she ever got a part in a movie.
So high risk, the premiums wouldn't be worth having her.

1517 days ago


She ordered a few Dr. Seuss books, although I doubt she'll finish them all before she gets out...and "How Not to Be Someones Bitch in Jail for Dummies", so hopefully she'll shut up in there.

1517 days ago


Those packages are just her weekly medications.


1517 days ago

Pound Sand    

UPS guy, you have some 'splain to do!

1517 days ago


Look at all them packages he is carrying upside down. No wonder my stuff never works when I get it.

1517 days ago


The UPS guy didn't necessarily show them the packages. It would be easy to fake a label, since it's known exactly how they have to be addressed (just look online). Then just take any label from any book anybody has received and slap it on... Obviously somebody's selling info on all things Lindsay, but can't be sure it's the UPS guy.

1517 days ago


It's not illegal to show someone a label on a package. It's only illegal if you open another persons package without their consent - and that is for USPS mail.

1517 days ago


@36 jwoolman

You know a lot about how the jail works so: when Paris was in jail she was allowed 5 pieces of mail at one time and had to give them back to the jailer to get 5 more.
So how many books at one time and do they count against the mail limit? Can she have one book and 4 letters? keep the book and get 4 more letters ???

1517 days ago


oh no she is serving hard time lmao

1517 days ago

who dat    

Lindsay Lohan jail time has been a living nightmare, despite all the reports that she is getting along fine, according to the Mirror UK. Lohan has been wailing all night, which is really ticking off the other inmates, who get their revenge by taunting the Hollywood star about her sexuality.
Lohan is in isolation lock down because she was screaming at the guards and warden, the Mirror UK reports. She is wailing, which is causing the other inmates to taunt her and call her "fire crotch",

1517 days ago


@41 whodat

If you believe anything that rag publishes then I have a bridge you can buy! The only person to speak of her time in that cell who would really know was Alexis Neirers and she did not mention any of the things you quote the Mirror as saying. The only other person to see her and not in her cell is her lawyer and she also did not speak of anything like you are telling as the truth!

The conduct you are touting is likely to get an inmate sent to the hospital ward and strapped to the bed, along with removal of all privileges no matter how minor they are, no mail, no books, nothing!

1517 days ago


@who dat
The mirror published a completely fake story about her getting her extensions taken out.
I definetly believe she was crying a lot at the beginning and it is really cold. Now she is just adapting/blocking it out. Just a few more days of good behavior and she is free and her lawyer is fighting to get her more free time before rehab.

1517 days ago
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