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Seven Docs Cleared in MJ Probe ... Not Dr. Murray

7/29/2010 5:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is still the lone suspect in the death of Michael Jackson after state investigators announced today that seven other physicians will not be charged.


Attorney General Jerry Brown had launched a probe of seven other doctors who treated Jackson -- mainly looking at the prescribing practices of the physicians.

One of the doctors on the list has been reported to the California Medical Board for prescribing drugs to an alias for Michael. That doctor was not named.


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Many were involved in Michael's death and all of them should pay. Why isn't someone charged by now? But then again, I had a feeling this would happen....

Love you so much, Michael!!!!!!

1513 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

@ Tellit

Go on YouTube and search for Lady Gaga-Alejandro...
at the beginning of the song..hear a violine..if I'm not mistaken,can be DG??..what do think??
And the dancers wear military clothing...and choreography almost identical MJ'Dril...
Thank you for lnks...the YouTube ones i will see them at home ... at work we have blocked YT.
Blessings and PEACE

1513 days ago


Why isn´t Dr. Murray in jail? How long is this investigation going to take, I mean how many years? That this Dr. stil practice medicin is crazy.

1513 days ago


I hope michael gets justice. murray killed him but other doctors were invilved.

1513 days ago


Thanks Human Nature. I had seen this, but not in a long while. The sound/sight of Klein was not easy to bear, I have to say. What a liar, imo. That gurgling voice, eeessshhh -- he sounds like Barney Frank. Anyway, looks like the DEA is on to him.


Have anyone seen ABC 20/20 on Michael Jackson: The Last Days of Michael Jackson Part 1, 2 and 3???

In part 2, Alberto Alvarez (MJ's bodyguard) said that Dr Death revealed to him that this was the first time that he had performed CPR.

Posted at 7:39 PM on Jul 28, 2010 by HumanNature

Posted at 10:23 PM on Jul 28, 2010 by danger baby

Hello danger baby

I was wondering how could Dr Death be a cardiologist and never perform CPR until MJ???? I'm waiting patiently for the trial to begin and the world will finally know what really happen to MJ.



1513 days ago


Conny the Quack gave his patient a lethal dose of anaesthetic and then, BY HIS OWN ADMISSION, left the room and his fully anaesthetised patient unattended. The patient was given an overdose by an incompetent and negligent doc. The doctor is guilty of killing his patient. The doctor MUST pay for his gross negligence.

1513 days ago


This doctor will never go to jail just like michael jackson didnt go to jail..isnt that like that karma crap you Rabid fans(tmz words not mine) are always talking about..Im not saying he molested kids but he obviously gave them wine and had porn in the house around kids.

1513 days ago


"Docs Not Named Conrad Murray Cleared in MJ Probe"

^ That is the worst worded headline! It makes it first appear that Murray WAS cleared! Who writes this stuff at TMZ?

1513 days ago


The Usual Suspects......
Well, well, well....
So much for the "drug addict" theory.....
Thank God the DEA brought this out when they did--just soon enough for it to get Murray and Co. running before the Prelim next month!
-#34: Pegasus, according to the CNN report, 7 doctors and a Nurse Practitioner (Cherilyn) who were investigated by the DEA have now been cleared, but there is one doctor who has been referred to the CA MEDICAL money's on KLEIN, the evil klown....
BTW: Murray was NOT included in this DEA investigation. He was probably kept separate because of the LAPD/DA investigation of him.
This turn of events is no surprise as it was meant for Murray to take the fall alone although he definitely had help.....
-#39: Flakyisagirl, you may not be a fan but your intelligence is refreshing on here. You'd be surprised to know how even many fans haven't figured out what you have in such a short period of time--that Michael was merely fodder for the tabloids and even so-called respectable media....
-#48: Pegasus: Here's the names of the doctors: Allan Metzger, Hoefflin, Neil Ratner, Hans Lauersson, Alex Farschian--will have to search for the names of the other 2 and get back to you.....
-#57: Hey Alice, kudos for both stories especially this one! It can't be repeated enough, DON'T believe the MEDIA HYPE. It exhibits a pack mentality and shows a severe lack of faith....
As the saying goes, "If you don't STAND for something, you'll FALL for ANYTHING..."
-#58: Natalie, I know how you feel, girl. but we're moving in the right direction with this judgement from the DEA.....small steps.....
Now that Murray is left holding the bag, hopefully we can get him to rat out his partners in crime--especially the one who orchestrated the whole thing.....
No Peace till Justice!

1513 days ago


Good for the docs,he is responsible for his own death.

1513 days ago


This investigation is now beginning to be a farce. Many of the other doctors should be investigated for abusing their ability to write scripts. One doctor alone issues 4,000 Percocet pills to MJ and aliases in a three month period. 4,000! and that doctor has been "cleared" by the AG?!?!?!...what a farce

1513 days ago


@ dustin,

It`s the othr way around:
Millions mourn his death, but a few are glad he dead. Everybody knows that.

MJ was found not quilty because there was OVERWHELMING evidence that he was innocent.
Only the press choose to not print that.Go find the transcripts of the court-case.
He was found NOT GUILTY because HE WAS PROVED NOT QUILTY, not because het couldn`t be proved quilty.That`s a big difference!

Don`t let yourself be fooled by the media,although it`s difficult,because they always insinuate and leave out the truth

1513 days ago


Luv You MJ!

1513 days ago


Ya whatever, knew this was coming!

Dustin... LaToya is known to tell TALL tales!!!!

1513 days ago
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