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Oksana Ready to Sue Mel Gibson Over Music

7/28/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a new legal war brewing between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- and this one's over her music ... which she can't release without his signature

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ that she's prepared to sue Gibson to release a CDs worth of new music that he executive produced and co-wrote.

As we first reported, Mel's not in the mood to sign over his publishing rights on the music because his team believes Oksana's trying to destroy him.

At this point, Mel letting Oksana release a CD and go on a promotional tour would be like Obama letting Kim Jong-Il borrow a nuclear warhead.

Our sources on both sides, say the music matter will most likely land in court -- or become a high-priced bargaining chip in negotiations for a financial settlement.

And the band played on...



No Avatar

her "music" sucks - remember those two embarrassing video Mel put together for her. She couldn't get a hit if she paid people to take her albums!

1495 days ago


hahahaha! This woman is out of her mind. She keeps getting crazier and crazier. Someone... anyone... FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Get her off the crack pipe.

1495 days ago


regarding the released this skank is saying she taped mel b/c she was afraid of him...

majority of the tape has nothing to do with her alleged abuse so it was illegally made by her and illegally distributed and illegally played out in the public...

so how about that? can't she be charged with something for taping him without his knowledge on some of those racist rants they played to the public? cuz surely, those ranting has nothing to do with her fears for her life...


1495 days ago


I remember she contended "I don't not care a damn about my music career! I needn't your money!" She ( pathetic skunk)goes on to lie.

1495 days ago


No way he should sign off on that CD. Right now she'll sell a lot copies to her supporters in the public because of all the publicity. She should not be allowed to profit off this whole mess.

1495 days ago


For "InTheKnow" - "He depicted the Jews crucifying Jesus. Though, taken straight from the Bible, this movie left a huge impact on people and the Jews took it personal." Is it truth,seriously? IOW most americans didn't know the Bible and who insisted on Christ's death before Mr.Gibson's movie?? LOL!!What ignorance!!! And somebody names Russia a godless country after that??!! Mr.Gibson's Team!Screw that!(from russians too!)

1495 days ago


Songs Gibson co-wrote? What songs? Probably some (c)rap about Jews and N*****s!

1495 days ago


Uh oh we have two Bubba's now. I posted #22 and not #24.

1495 days ago


Mel destroyed himself. He's a narcissistic, violent a-hole.

1495 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Lyrics from Oksana's "Beautiful Heartache" posted by Whatever on Hollywood Life site:
"There are NO LIES I wouldn't tell, No possessions I wouldn't sell, No chains I wouldn't wear, No cross I wouldn't bear,
Yes I WOULD DO ANYTHING, COMMIT ANY CRIME, If I could spend the night with you, JUST ONE NIGHT"....
Yes Oksana, just one night to make that baby$$$

1495 days ago


Mel will loose a good piece of his fortune. Study chess numb nuts.

1495 days ago


"or become a high-priced bargaining chip in negotiations for a financial settlement." Yeah THAT, is what's going on here. Tit for tat, only MEL HIT HER. I get tired of this "we don't believe her c r a p". She is trying to proted her kid PERIOD. Mel is just a jerk and ahole, it's sad too, because jerks always show their real colors and never "get it" and Mel CLEARLY doesn't. Extortion? hahahah no way. Domestic violence is VERY real. Who care's if mel is still hot, HE HIT HER, and he is just getting her back in a slighly less classy way than Michael Lohans methods with the lies (about extortion) and this move. To quote the lovely Lisa Loom Michaels lawer, "straight our of the abusers textbook" woudn't expect any less. All abusers do the same crap. HE HIT HER. HE HIT HE WHEN SHE WAS HOLDING HER KID. Remember when Tommy Lee did that? Did Tommy Lee do all the c r a p Michael and Mel are doing? H e l l no. He took it like a MAN, (the jail time etc). And now years later no one remembers, Tommy is THE MAN btw.

1495 days ago


The Roman guards crucified Jesus. Mel Gibson crucified Jesus in Passion of the Christ, and blamed the Jews in his movie. Mel is not Catholic! My priest told me Mel Gibson started his own church. Mel was excommunicated with his father Hutton.

1495 days ago


The Roman guards crucifying Jesus. Mel Gibson crucifyed Jesus in Passion of the Christ, and blamed the Jews in his movie. Mel is not Catholic! My priest told me Mel Gibson started his own church. Mel was excommunicated with his father Hutton.

1495 days ago


She won't win. He owns the rights to the music he wrote. I believe also he owns the record label. She is a golddigger! Used Timothy Dalton for awhile but he wasn't giving of his money to her and let's face it...hasn't done much in the movie business. Mel has more she can take and frankly I think she uses these guys for her benfit and the poor children she are pawns. If the tapes are Mel who knows but we know that is her voice and she manipulates and pushes the buttons systematically to get ther esult she wanted in the tape. She is a stone cold person. I don't know how he ever stayed with her this long much less bedded her.

1495 days ago
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