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Oksana Ready to Sue Mel Gibson Over Music

7/28/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a new legal war brewing between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- and this one's over her music ... which she can't release without his signature

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ that she's prepared to sue Gibson to release a CDs worth of new music that he executive produced and co-wrote.

As we first reported, Mel's not in the mood to sign over his publishing rights on the music because his team believes Oksana's trying to destroy him.

At this point, Mel letting Oksana release a CD and go on a promotional tour would be like Obama letting Kim Jong-Il borrow a nuclear warhead.

Our sources on both sides, say the music matter will most likely land in court -- or become a high-priced bargaining chip in negotiations for a financial settlement.

And the band played on...



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he Roman guards crucifying Jesus. Mel Gibson crucifyed Jesus in Passion of the Christ, and blamed the Jews in his movie. Mel is not Catholic! My priest told me Mel Gibson started his own church. Mel was excommunicated with his father Hutton.

Posted at 3:58 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by jessup


Just too funny...READ THE BIBLE!

My husband and children are catholic and i don't have any issues with them as long as they are the God fearing pple..however, i noticed, most Catholics never even opened the Bible on their own. instead, the priest tells them all about the Bible secondhand...Read the Bible yourself...
i see sometimes other pple twisting things and misrepresenting the Holy Bible!

BTW, i personally do not blame the Jews, i believe its the corrupted Jewish leaders who agreed with the Romans to condemn Jesus but they secretly feared him as well...i believe many Jewish commoners wanted Jesus saved but the combination of the corrupt Jewish leaders and the Roman influences caused much fear in Jewish people which caused Jesus to be crucified!

i believe this was what was depicted in Mel's movie and i agree with him!

Posted at 4:39 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by itsMeAgain

1515 days ago

Victoria Marchetti    

Mel Do not sign those papers...She is NO GOOD!!! WhaT she needs is a dose of reality..P.S. I do not forgive you for being a knuckle head to your family!!!

1515 days ago


OK when you get down to the nitty gritty God let it happen.
then end

1515 days ago


She has been badly advised and done irreparable harm to her family. Sometimes I think Oksana's handlers hate her as much as they hate Mel.

1515 days ago


From business standpoint, it would not be productive nor smart decision to release those CD's. they would probably lose money and since it would take more money to release those CD's, they would lose a lot more than the original 5 mil...

if she thinks she will sell a lot, she is sadly mistaken...even her supporters agree, she sounds like a screeching cat.

yesterday my 2 y/o was screaming "NOOO NOOO NOOO NOOOOOOOO" with both of his hands on his ears when i was playing her on youtube. once i stopped her music he stopped yelling! LOL..even a toddler knows!

1515 days ago


For "itsMeAgain"! Thank You for explanation about "producer"! Indeed. she's too insolent! She recorded him without his knowledge (it's criminal), started first to pour mud on Mr.Gibson and + try to sue with him with CD???? It's too much! I'll be happy to know one day your american court set 2-5 years jail time for her! 2. I red Bible to have my own opinion.And now I've got why americans don't grow down about "Passion".Trully. it's surprise for me! I thought people don't agree with his direcoring (as I'm), but they don't agree with religion history!

1515 days ago


i doubt jeffe would have stepped down if he believed in her innocence...his other clients? lol i would think he had assistants who can work on their crisis and report to him..

if he actually believed this skank is being unfairly attacked and has been abused, he would stay with her, perhaps in the NAME OF INJUSTICE! LOL, that should be saved for Mel....

notice jaffe doesn't say HE stands behind her ..."Ms. Gorgorieva has repeatedly stated there is no credible evidence whatsoever of extortion by her, and SHE stands steadfastly by her statement." notice he did not say I STAND STEADFASTLY... VERY TELLING FOR ME!

this is definitely INJUSTICE to condemn a man just on a word of a known opportunist and a lying GOLD-DIGGER! with too many INCONSISTENCIES! no one wants to face those inconsistencies except for those who want the truth to be known, not just to follow blindly!

1515 days ago


She has been badly advised and done irreparable harm to her family. Sometimes I think Oksana's handlers hate her as much as they hate Mel.

Posted at 4:54 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by ralph

SInce Jaffee just ditched her (See new report on Radar) I would say you are correct. I believe she also had an attorney quit on her.

1515 days ago


@itsmeagain: "Ms. Gorgorieva has repeatedly stated there is no credible evidence whatsoever of extortion by her, and SHE stands steadfastly by her statement."

How about a simple, "My client is innocent." "No credible evidence," sounds like, "She did it but they can't prove it."

1515 days ago


Gibson's rants have laid the foundation of his church. Filled with hate, and violence against women and child. Shame on you Mel. Jail time needed.

1515 days ago


one more thing jaffe said sounds telling to me..."...but, also had to follow the judges' orders".

i imagine he was very frustrated all of their "ammunition" was out in public and they have no way of "spinning" them now since those were already exposed. also the skank couldn't keep her mouth shut during these past days!

1515 days ago


ibson's rants have laid the foundation of his church. Filled with hate, and violence against women and child. Shame on you Mel. Jail time needed.

Posted at 5:20 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by jessup

WHATEVER...i am not sure you should be saying anything when you really don't know what happened...

someone who hasn't read the Bible herself and doesn't know what IT says and someone who simply follows whatever is told to her...

just please keep your idiotic comments to yourself!

1515 days ago


For Ralf!! I agree with You! It seems to me sometimes her lawers knew they will not win in court . but do it for theirself's PR!!! Indeed. they despise her and laught at her. Show me her support! She's adult (40). and she has to mind what does she do? She's an alian and broke law of your country ( I mean her false tapes). She has not to quarrel with the father of their daughter! In Russia same situation is impossible! Nobody will trust a woman who affirms she was abused and bitten 5 months ago! It's bull****!

1515 days ago


The tapes of Gibson show he is possessed by the devil. A exorcism is needed. Lets pray for Mel.

1515 days ago


Mel Gibson is viewed as an excellent father to his 8-month-old daughter Lucia by the Department of Children and Family Services, has learned exclusively.

DCFS launched an investigation as Mel, 54, and Oksana Grigorieva, 40, trade allegations in their bitter breakup and the Oscar-winning star is accused of punching his ex while she held their daughter.

But has learned that at this point Mel is in no danger of losing access to his daughter, and in fact is viewed as an excellent father who has a strong relationship with Lucia.

"The Department of Children and Family Services believes Mel has a wonderful relationship with his infant daughter Lucia,” a source close to the actor told DCFS visited Gibson at his home last week, as was first to report.

“They have a very healthy father-daughter relationship,” the source said. “He is very involved with her.

“Mel is a great father to her and this is why there have been no changes as far as his visits with her are concerned."

It’s good news for Gibson, who is being investigated by the L A. County Sheriff’s Department on domestic violence charges. His ex has produced powerful evidence indicating he hit her on January 6.

Posted at 5:23 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by Rita

ty Rita..

i missed this completely..of course, i had to scroll down like to 7th story..

why don't they plaster that all over the place? i think they are trying to report the news begrudgingly but is trying to HIDE it as well!

1515 days ago
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