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Oksana Ready to Sue Mel Gibson Over Music

7/28/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There's a new legal war brewing between Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva -- and this one's over her music ... which she can't release without his signature

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ that she's prepared to sue Gibson to release a CDs worth of new music that he executive produced and co-wrote.

As we first reported, Mel's not in the mood to sign over his publishing rights on the music because his team believes Oksana's trying to destroy him.

At this point, Mel letting Oksana release a CD and go on a promotional tour would be like Obama letting Kim Jong-Il borrow a nuclear warhead.

Our sources on both sides, say the music matter will most likely land in court -- or become a high-priced bargaining chip in negotiations for a financial settlement.

And the band played on...



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Terms of the contract SHE signed/agreed to..?

Das-vee-donya, baby.

Wonder how long it will take for her lawyers to bail?

Is anyone safe talking to her on the phone or alone in a room? She records personal phone calls and alleges all kinds of wacky stuff. I would not be alone with her in any room, car, outhouse, dog house - EVER!

1546 days ago


good point,

Unlike Okskanka, Robyn has been known for many years and held in high regard, showing no reason for anyone to question her integrity...

How awful that she is being drawn into this muck through no fault of her own....
after nearly 30 years of living her life in private w/ dignity...

1546 days ago


Oksana Grigorieva, Gibson's Russian ex-girlfriend and mother of their eight month old baby daughter, insists that she did not release the audio of the inflamatory calls to the public: "I didn't release anything and I'm not happy with the lies being spread", she said, as reported by People Magazine. Oksana and Gibson allegedly signed a contract in May agreeing that she would not release the tapes to the public. What's not clear thus far is why Grigorieva is not being charged with illegal wiretapping. Nevertheless, if she didn't release the tapes, who did? Who would have the motive and opportunity to do such a thing? The tapes appear to have been professionally recorded, and some experts contend that they are doctored and edited.

Posted at 6:14 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by I'm Right

i understand "stranger than fiction "line but since we know OG to be a liar and has been we are also suspicious of her denial about these releases. i would not put it past her to have released these tapes and look straight into to your face and deny it. she has the ability to do that.

as for professional audio recording and altering them...over the years she had, through her music, come across various pple including some unscrupulous one, i'm sure, who may be experts in that area. she was in Russia in March or April? can't remember which but she may certainly have contacted this person to make some alterations on these tapes.
as i have said, perhaps her sister did not release the tapes, BUT...why did she have them???

1546 days ago


anon = Oksana?
reason: strong hatred/jealousy to Mel's ex-wife

Posted at 6:22 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by what?

I keep missing all the anon posts. Are they getting pulled?

1546 days ago


Just now on ROL she chipped her teeth on while sucking on a hard prick

1546 days ago


Don't you think it's along the lines of winning lotto as far as coincidences that her sister had the tapes but oh yeah, didn't SELL them?? not 'released, 'SOLD'

1546 days ago


Hollering and SQUEAKING is not music

My grandma's bird sings prettier

1546 days ago


Mel is pond s*** with a short fuse ... but ... Oksana is even lower than that. Hard to believe, I know, I know. (I think we should send her back to Russia to spread her joy; we've had enough.)

1546 days ago


I can't wait for this slut to get what is due.She's a lying, conniving, gold digger, and it will all come out in time.

All he had to do was blow the guy. The only thing she's suited for.

1546 days ago


She sucks. Her music is even worse. Get over yerself Oksana, you are not a celebrity, you're just a nasty prostitute. Listen to her on Youtube. Accckkk!!!! My ears!!!!

1546 days ago


What she does can not be called music. She is can not sing. Mel put one of her "songs" that she sings at the end of his last movie Edge of Darkness. OMG STOP THE PAIN!!!

1546 days ago


From business standpoint, it would not be productive nor smart decision to release those CD's. they would probably lose money and since it would take more money to release those CD's, they would lose a lot more than the original 5 mil...

if she thinks she will sell a lot, she is sadly mistaken...even her supporters agree, she sounds like a screeching cat.

I have to agree. The music is bland as is her voice. And she has no charisma or presence of a performer. Some music stars aren't the best singers, but they have the 'it' factor. Can we get Randy Jackson, Simon and Paula to back us up on this one ? I'm sure they are.

1546 days ago


That is why you should really know more about the music business than these two fools before you start signing music contracts for anything. Mel did his homework and if he has had his name/company used on the publishing rights for her music, the worst thing ever, she now owns nothing of her music. Being a musician, I can tell you she got screwed with that. If she was scheming just for money to get a music career, she would have known this prior to her letting Mel put his name on everything and executive producing. Now she will have to pay for everything Mel did in getting her music recorded. She will be recouping his time and $$$, ie: studio time, fees, publishing fees, songs he bought off from a writer, and everything extra BS fee Mel has added to his costs. Good Luck to her with getting the rights to release her music which will bomb regardless.

1546 days ago


Sue Mel for:

Binkie pimple
cracked veneer
shi**y cd's
not releasing EVEN MORE shi**y cd's
bad vein mark post botox/restylane injection
stupid dentist won't back me up after HUNDREDS of bj's
sheriff dept won't back me up on 'hit man' claim...after HUNDREDS of BJ's
Pediatrician won't back me up..after " " "
Have to get 'dream team' to help me out
ROL waivering after " " "

1546 days ago


ok, I have to laugh at the last line in the new mel recording.

"You make mistakes all over with live performances. You can’t do it. So touring is out of the question for you because you will f*ck it up. You have not yet f*cked up yet live. Haven’t seen you not f*ck it up yet. It’s flawless, you understand. You have to be f*cking flawless. You don’t know how to do that. You are not in that league. So give it up. Do what you’re good at. Whatever the f*ck that is. Oh, I know what that is. Deception!"

Boy we know the deception part of it and it seems people rep'ing her do too. As you know Jaffe called it quits....who's next?

1546 days ago
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