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Oksana Grigorieva's Publicist Jumps Ship

7/28/2010 10:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva's spokesperson is tapping out of her war with Mel Gibson -- and TMZ has learned money played a big role in his departure.


Depending on who you talk to, Steve Jaffe either quit or was fired from his post as Oksana's PR flack.

We're told there was definitely a money issue -- as in Oksana doesn't have any to pay for Jaffe's services.

Sources close to Oksana say she was not happy with the job Jaffe was doing.  We're told Oksana was especially disappointed with how Jaffe handled the extortion allegations Gibson has made against her.

UPDATE: Jaffe wants to make it clear he was not the dumpee saying, "I've never been fired in the 35 years that I have done this." He confirmed that Oksana is short on funds, but says that was not the reason he quit.


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So out of this unfortunately public saga we have these results:
Oksana who is even more broke now.Mel who is going even more nuts after this.Baby who has two parents at war.Mel's other seven kids who are hearing things about their dad they did not want to hear.
Lawyers (for both Mel and Oksana) loving this as it makes them even more rich.Same goes for this Radar-Online.
Well, good going Oksana for releasing this!

1557 days ago


Calculating connivers like Ox never admit wrongdoing or responsibility -it's just not in their character.
Everyone else is to blame -always.

1557 days ago


I wouldn't be shocked if Mel's lawyers they sue Radar Online after the whole issue is finished.

1557 days ago


Harlot: By filthy, I was referring to the three inches of tar that have most definitely ac***ulated on Mel's tongue. It's hysterical that you can't bear to hear someone say such a thing. Bizarre but funny. Weirdo.

Posted at 7:34 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by areyoukiddingme

awww here's kidding trying to pretend she doesn't have a filthy mouth. oh yeh, saying the word b********r is just sooo appropriate.

deny deny one buys it kidding.

1557 days ago


This is not good news for Oks, for her publicist to walk out at this time. And, it's doubtful he would if he thought she was credible. I mean the man helped Clinton repair his image after he lied under oath to the American public about his affair, he is a genious. That "she" wasn't happy with his performance is laughable at best. She doesn't get it at all. This will not end well for her.

I still believe the jewish powers that be, in Hollywood, are the ones that leaked the tapes though. And she got screwed by the person that helped her edit them.

1557 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

The same few characters come back and
recycle the same s h i t in favor of
him on every update of this story. The same rabble. Same s h i t. Nothing
new. Same s h i t heads. So if you're going to post at all in
favor of the other party, you have no
choice but to use the same tactic. Posted at 7:16 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by anon

Does this mean you are finally going away anon? We've been saying this about you since day 1. Glad the message finally sank in to that empty head of yours.

1557 days ago


I wouldn't be shocked if Mel's lawyers they sue Radar Online after the whole issue is finished.

Posted at 7:40 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by NICOLE

I hope he does sue them.

1557 days ago


It's obvious that now you see your lovely Oks is a big fat liar if only by the fact that you've turned your anger from Mel onto Harlot. And your rants are nearing Gibsons level of toxicity.

1557 days ago


typical kidding...has been caught in another lie just like o so she's going to run home. please wash out that mouth before you kiss your mama.

1557 days ago


Why is it TMZ is the only place that has user comments and most of them are against her?
Because 99 percent of the news stories are against MEL and they don't have user feedback.

I understand radar/tmz and other places make more money knocking stars than saying nice things about them, but , if you reporters were taped with a verbal fight with your ex wife or with your teenager, and we posted it on the internet, and edited it, we could make you look bad.

The bigger picture to all this is, we all get mad at times, and when Jealousy kicks in , or we are being taken advantage of, we all say things in the heat of anger. All of us.

Can anybody claim they are saintly, and say they never get angry and blurt out stuff. Can you honestly tell us that you never dealt with someone who was intentionally pushing your buttons.

The USER comments on the whole , know this, and that is why most of us are against RADAR and this LADY and TMZ seems to be the only place that seems to be looking at this LADY and thinking , MAYBE she is a con artist. The rest of the MEDIA is just rehashing whatever RADAR spoon feeds them.

Maybe, there is a little bit of HEART in TMZ and they know they kicked MEL before when he FELL off the wagon after being sober for many years. IF any recovery people are in the MEDIA, feel the pain of a slip.

I don't get that MEL is a bad guy, probably ghosts from his past surfaced , mid-life stuff, or childhood stuff is coming out, and he is in therapy for it. He knows he has an ANGER problem, who doesn't. Probably giving up smoking added to him FEELING THE PAIN MORE, but THIS LADY took advantage of him, just like this LADY took advantage of DALTON, but DALTON seems like a baby compared to MEL and probably paid her off.

Dalton caved in to this LADY and MEL at less stood his ground. So the LADY goes to the press, since she knows the MEDIA don't like MEL. And RADAR is cashing in on it!

RADAR sucks!

1557 days ago


One last thing.. I saw Lisa Bloom joined O's team yesterday... then late last night on an entertainment gossip tv show she was interviewed saying if she were one of Mel's attorneys she'd be telling him to settle this things fast.. LOL! Kinda' funny for her to say that, since she'd be one of them to financially benefit if he did make a financial settlement. You have ZERO credibility,Mrs. Bloom! Pssshhh! Oh, and on another note, even with all the plastic surgeries you've had you STILL look like your ridiculous mother! Sorry to tell you, but ummm yea. There it is. Bottom feeders, so disgusting!

1557 days ago


Looks like areyoukiddenme's leaving ...
-anyone got any Lysol?

1557 days ago


the next report from o will be that sj set her up and she will file a lawsuit against him.

1557 days ago


At this point, anybody can say Mel said something. When does
that stop? This evil conniving horrid looking (and sounding
I've learned) can say anthing. I hope a judge realizes that
Mel is Bi-polar and just like anyone else with this illness
is capable of screaming anything at anyone. (at anytime).
This is not a level playing field here. Yes, Mel has to
be accountable for things he's said and done, but someone in
authority see through this monster of a a woman and punish
her, as well. I have a feeling, that this isn't the last
we've heard from OX and she should learn to keep her big
lips and legs closed!

1557 days ago


Looks like areyoukiddenme's leaving ...
-anyone got any Lysol?

Posted at 7:48 AM on Jul 28, 2010 by MDFIT BananaPatch

to clean up what comes from kidding will take muriatic acid. lol...she cracks me up. she gets spun up faster than anyone i've ever encountered.

lisa bloom sure knows how to pick clients. michael loserhan and okskanka.

1557 days ago
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