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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehab Officials Come-a-Callin'

7/29/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's already preparing for the next stage of her sentence -- 90 days in rehab -- by meeting with multiple reps from rehab facilities.


TMZ has learned the rehab officials visited Lindsay at Lynwood Correctional Facility last weekend. Although Lindsay spent time meeting with each of the officials ... the decision about which facility she checks into will be up to two court appointed psychiatrists.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be getting treatment somewhere in California.

It remains to be seen if Judge Marsha Revel will give Lindsay a day or two of freedom -- or send her straight to rehab from jail.


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I agree with Lindsay Lohan.. Like what would be the best prognosis after 90 days? That she be all well and ready to go back into business like Brittany Spears?

1486 days ago

Giz Mo    

lol, she can party tonight. Obviously, nothing got through to Lindsay or she wouldn't be complaining now about a decision already made. The judge went from 48 hours to 24 hours. I am actually not sure if that meant to check into probation or start the rehab. My understanding is, it was to check into probation. I am sure everyone will let me know, lolol.

1486 days ago


I think the injustice was not requiring LiLo to serve the full 90 days in jail then 90 days in lockdown rehab. However, rehab isn't going to do her a bit of good since she will still be an alcoholic and druggie when she gets out and as soon as she can get her hands on something she will be back to square one.

1486 days ago


Is Lindsay Lohan a real life Mean Girl?

Here’s a really interesting piece from TV Host Rene Syler on why Lindsay ticks all the boxes - based on her personal experience with the star...

1486 days ago


If I were her, I'd go for the one with a concierge and mink carpeting her the 5,000 sq ft private suite. I mean, no point in roughing it. Slip the concierge a few hundred.... I'm sure they'll be glad to score you some cocaine and clean urine.

1486 days ago


Go straight to rehab upon release from jail! Do not pass go, do not collect $200!! Get off all those unnecessary scripts.

1486 days ago


Who cares about Free Lindsay anyway? She will be out soon.
I hope the judge forgets about the scram bracelet and drug testing and lets Lindsay "spend some time with her family".

1486 days ago


One more point...

It seems curious that she'd have the luxury of choosing her own rehab facility. The last 3 - Wonderland, Promises, and whetever other high-end place - obviously did nothing but pamper her and satiate those who compelled her to go in the first place.

If you ask me (and even if you didn't), the placement should be at the discretion of the Court. I like the idea of her washing dishes, taking out the trash, cleaning the toilets, etc.

We all pretty much know that once she gets out of rehab, she'll still be the same self-absorbed, vacuous, egotistical c**t that she's been for the last several years.

Status Quo.

1486 days ago


Remains to be seen? Riiiight. That judge is a power-hungry fame whore after this. She's already treated Lindsay worse than defendants who have had 10 DUIs so I'm sure she's not going to start showing any compassion now.

1486 days ago


Keep her ass in jail for 30 more days and let her think that she is actually getting out next week but then it won't happen. She would really go into a frenzy then.....skanky looking Lohan bitch.

1486 days ago


Loserhan can go to 49 more rehabs, she'll always be an addict.

1486 days ago


Send her straight to rehab. No need to **** around with this anymore, just get it over with already. Regular joe's probably would not be allowed a day or 2 of freedom and she should be no different. If it were up to me she would spend 90 days in jail(all 90 days)and then go to rehab for another 90. Get over yourself Lohan, you can do the crime and so do the time! You're no different than anyone else!

1486 days ago


The whole Lindsay Lohan deal has been complete injustice. America has allowed idiots to take over our judicial system!

1486 days ago


you people are working yourselves into a frenzy. let it go. she is doing time,just not what was ordered. not her fault the police are letting her out. i just wonder how many other girls with 90 days get out in 12. if you could get away with it,you would to.and dont lie and say, i will do all my 90 day, because i was bad.shes playing to the press,poor little me,so what.i dont know what i would do to stay out of dont stop printing things about her and it will kill her. publicity is all shes got now. no job,no family, no real friends, and no future . such a shame a girl with her talent has to resort to this **** to make ends meet.........such a shame

1486 days ago


I think the real reason that the idea of taking her directly from jail to rehab came up is that the sheriff is trying to stop her from giving her interview. I think that she was treated cruelly and brutalized in some ways and that she will expose the jail for the savage place it is. The judge said 24 hours to report and should stick to it! She would have enough time to do an interview and still comply with that order.
I wish there was some way the judge could be forced to prove the need for rehab. All that time with a SCRAM and weekly testing and now two weeks in jail without withdrawal problems argues against the need for rehab. Probation, a travel restriction so that permission is required and testing along with a curfew would be more effective than rehab and not destroy her ability to earn.

1486 days ago
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