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Lindsay Lohan -- Rehab Officials Come-a-Callin'

7/29/2010 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's already preparing for the next stage of her sentence -- 90 days in rehab -- by meeting with multiple reps from rehab facilities.


TMZ has learned the rehab officials visited Lindsay at Lynwood Correctional Facility last weekend. Although Lindsay spent time meeting with each of the officials ... the decision about which facility she checks into will be up to two court appointed psychiatrists.

As we first reported, Lindsay will be getting treatment somewhere in California.

It remains to be seen if Judge Marsha Revel will give Lindsay a day or two of freedom -- or send her straight to rehab from jail.


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Firecrotch needs to to straight to rehab. Do not pass go. Do not collect 8 ball.

1525 days ago


oh yes, u defintely need time for ur enabblers so they can milk u one last time before their cash cow goes away for 90 days to sober up and realize how youve all been using her and keeping her drugged up so she cant deal with reality. im sure the judge will make an exception for lindsay bc shes so much more special than us average low lifes, just like how she gave lindsey a free pass for not going to her alcohol classes, this bitch is so friggin dumb, save some money on lawyer fees and accept whats been given to u, ur only digging the hole deeper and racking up more legal fees and wasting peoples time and money who clearly dont give give a ****!

1525 days ago


Nobody has done anything near their entire sentence in Los Angeles for many years. Women do far less then men and that’s just their good luck. For a very long time it was common for women to do 10 percent of their time if their crime was non-violent.
All the people posting here about her not doing all 90 days are sick in the head and detached from reality.
Whether rehab is need or not is not the issue with Lindsay, the real lesson she is being taught is when judge tells you to do something you had dam well better do it. She is 24 years old and should have known this but now she is being made to understand what happens when you don’t.
I doubt she will get anything out of this trip to rehab, this is her 4th time out of the gate and she has yet to finish in the money. The irony of the whole adventure is that she will get very rich from this.

1525 days ago


You wanna know exactly what day Lindsay's getting out of jail? Simple. Monitor her pharmacy. Whatever day they fill a bucket with Adderal, Dilaudid, Ambien, and maybe some Seconal (just in case), she's getting out that day.

1525 days ago


Whenever she leaves Lynwood, the star must report immediately to an inpatient rehab facility within the state. On Thursday, Jane Robison, a spokesperson for the L.A. County District Attorney's office, told that Lohan must report to her rehab program "sooner" than the 24 hours previously ordered by a judge.

"She does not get to pick the facility," Robison added. "It will be chosen by the judge in consultation with our prosecutor, [Lohan's' defense attorney and the probation department."
This judge is a DISGRACE
24 hours was bad enough now nothing ?

1525 days ago


Ever since Lindsay was 3 years old she had to be somewhere for a shoot for a commercial, film, or music video, this slowdown of her jet-set life is maybe the first time in her young 24 years that she could awake & not have to rush off to a set somewhere, excuses, but,..can you imagine living that fast of life,......would be strange to us all no doubt......& I think Sam is the first love of Linds' that understands it all & can help Linds' maintain through it all.....Sam is def on her own clock & never in a hurry,.....A great friendship & loving relationship has been formed & Sam will tell Linds the truth about everything,.....Who knows what went down back when Linds got in all that trouble, who's fault was it all really?....We'll never know but it's time to move on & live for today & the future,.....Sam took good care of Lindsay after she left rehab & kept her out of trouble & now again Sam has to be truthful w/Lindsay & help her get clean & stay clean after jail & rehab
& Kurt Cobain, people were dependent on him, mngr.s, band members, the long list goes on & on....That is huge pressure on a young women or young man,....Your already a huge success Lindsay, take some time for tea in the morning, snuggle up w/Sam on the patio for a while....then start your Hollywood day,....make everyone work on your time & schedule,..there will still be time to party, etc.....but work is work & it must get done & then u can have leisure times w/Sam....& friends,..
& you're 24 now, not a teen, spread out your schedule & don't rush so much,...You didn't really have to go to Cannes'...You could of stayed home & prepared for court, Your in the headlines everyday, everyone in the world knows your around & your diary almost,, no need for more useless promotion & flying here & there,...Just live a slower life & keep good karma w/Sam & your Family & friends,...there's no real need to rush anymore....a Superstar you already are....
& the good movie parts will be coming & life will get easier & someday you will be up for an oscar,......Take good care....we love u'..........(to be continued)

1525 days ago


LiLo the firecrotch straight to rehab. A good rehab would be the one from the set of One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest.. at least she needs a Nurse Ratchet wherever she ends up.

1525 days ago


It's funny that some folk (like c at #25) keep referring to the judge as a "fame whore" etc. They did the same to the prosecutor. It's as though they can't imagine that someone with such education and experience might not actually be interested in the "fame" that drives so many in Hollywood.

When the defendant is famous, the media and paps are all over everybody involved in the case. That doesn't mean everybody is seeking "fame". Lindsay has fewer options for her life due to her lack of education and her past choices and unfortunately seems stuck in showbiz and fame-seeking every chance she gets. The judge and prosecutor have a lot more real options.

1525 days ago


Spot: I wish there was some way the judge could be forced to prove the need for rehab. All that time with a SCRAM and weekly testing and now two weeks in jail without withdrawal problems argues against the need for rehab. Probation, a travel restriction so that permission is required and testing along with a curfew would be more effective than rehab and not destroy her ability to earn.


Exactly, Spot. I thought courts were supposed to deal with evidence and facts, not hunches. This judge is out of line. The sentence was too long at 90 days and the 90-day rehab is not based on any intoxicated behavior by Lindsay shown since she was ordered to test and that's since May 24th. All of those that say she's a drunk and addict are going on supposition, and that's not supposed to cut it in a court of law. What I find alarming is also this judge could care less about Lindsay's right to make a living, from her once-a-week mandate to putting her away for potentially 6 months.

1525 days ago


Laffin Bear Since you made such a condescending remark I'm in no way interested in debating you. Please do me the courtesy and not mention my name anymore in your posts.

1525 days ago

Peter Sc    

It will be waste of time for her. It will just be another prison but in nicer surroundings than Lynwood unless it is run by the Utah group who had US kids locked up in dog cages as part of the therapeutic process:

Doesn't rehabs for adults allow visited from the family or is it like rehabs for teenagers where they have to admit some kind of problems before they can see their relatives?

1525 days ago

Big Mamma Cornbread    


1525 days ago


The judge is way out of line there is no admissable evidence that could justify the 90 days in rehab. She has obviously been unfairly taking a special interest in the case.

1525 days ago

Laffn Bear    

Since I have no idea if you have any judicial experience whatsoever I will not make any critical remarks.
However........I will say this:
Since I defer my own judgment to that of a sitting judge I will say that I trust her decision much more than any you may have.
Please feel free to continue however as I enjoy the morning belly laughs. Great way for me to start my day!

1525 days ago


She needs to go directly to rehab. No family visitation. She could die in 24 hours if they decide to let her loose. She's an addict and they are great manipulators. She could go on a binge and think, one last time before rehab.

She obviously thinks this is still a game. If she really wanted to get sober and clean she would be banging on the doors of rehab so that there would be no temptation to get that one last high ! Such a shame ! If she doesn't smarten up she will be the next death of a drug overdose !

1525 days ago
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