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Mediation Sources Call Oksana's Black Eye 'Absurd'

7/29/2010 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources involved in the mediation between Oksana Grigorieva and Mel Gibson are scoffing at a newly released photo showing Oksana with a black eye.


According to the sources, the notion that Oksana held back the photo is "absurd." As one source said, "She produced photos of her mouth showing the damage to her veneers, she testified in great detail about the Jan. 6 incident. If she had a black eye she would have said it."

The sources also say, on the financial end, Oksana held every piece of damaging evidence over Mel Gibson's head -- notably the tapes -- and that is what produced a $15 million settlement.  One source said, "If there was a black eye it would have been $16 million."

And the sources say the day after the alleged incident Oksana's dentist never made any mention of a black eye -- and two days after the alleged incident the pediatrician she saw also failed to observe a bruised eye.

The sources note something else ... there was an ironclad confidentiality agreement in the settlement -- so it would have been pointless for Oksana to hold anything back because it could never be used again.


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Mel doesn't really have to be guilty of anything in order to pay her off. Just the bad publicity alone could be worth $15 mil to him. And she knew it when she hooked up with him. Anyone else note how she's so posed for every picture with that "I'm so beautiful" look. Bah humbug.

1514 days ago


I can't help but wonder how long has she been a pathological liar.

1514 days ago


Mel doesn't really have to be guilty of anything in order to pay her off. Just the bad publicity alone could be worth $15 mil to him. And she knew it when she hooked up with him. Anyone else note how she's so posed for every picture with that "I'm so beautiful" look. Bah humbug.

Posted at 11:21 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by Ginger


That look is more like, " i'm gonna get paid once i publicly lie and humilate Mel " look....

1514 days ago


So if I read this right, Mel did not deny hitting her in the mouth and was ready to pay her $15 million to keep Oksana quiet about it.

Posted at 11:08 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by FLO

Mel has denied hitting her. What I heard was that she was running around the house to provoke him and shaking the baby like a rag doll. Mel tried to get the baby from her and the ensuing struggle led to her veneers coming off. Of course, there was no one there to back up what really transpired, so she threatened to say it went another way and had the tapes that would help her look like the victim. Hence, it was in Mel's best interest to protect his reputation and pay the tramp.

1514 days ago

Fidel's niece    

"THERE ARE NO LIES I WOULDN'T TELL... YES, I WOULD DO ANYTHING, COMMIT ANY CRIME...."$$$$$$$$$$$ From O$$$kanky"s "Beautiful Heartache"

1514 days ago


People, people, let's get this straight....


She will do anything...

She will say anything...

She will lie about anything...

To become famous, rich, and to ruin Mel.




1514 days ago


The source said this... the source said that. Blah blah blah. Who is this source anyway?? I can guarantee you that if it was actually anyone directly involved in the mediation he/she would NOT be talking to the press about it.

1514 days ago

Jimmie Dean    

Hmmmm. TMZ seems to lean heavily into supporting Mel Gibson. They have mentioned nothing about him using derogatory words in his messages related to Blacks and Lations, they have not posted ONE of the audio recordings where he actually admits hitting her, they are quoting in second hand information from "mediators" regarding Oksana's medical condition and treatment (I would think you would want a quote from and Medical Professional). And they are painting Mel Gibson as some type of Patron Saint that walks on water and as a completely innocent victim that left his wife for a younger looking hot babe only because, spiritually, it was the right thing to do. BullCrap.
He is a Racist, raving Lunatic that has been pampered and spoiled in Hollywood and thinks his Sh*t don't stink. Even mentioning in one recording to Oksana that "No one will believe you. I'm Mel Gibson". Obviously, he knows how to play off of people's stupidity. He is playing the lot of u for fools and you people, like the dumbbo's he obvioulsy thinks you are, are playing right into his hands. How can you people seriously be so stupid?
Oksana is displaying the behavior that a lot of victims of domestic violence display. "He's essentially a nice guy", I won't turn him in, he's just having a hard time now. I love him"
Ladies, I know its hard to accept, but some guys are just not worth sticking around, no matter how much you love them or if you have children with them or not. Many women are domestically abused in this Country DAILY and more than half of them never report it.

1514 days ago


I dont agree with the things Mel has said and done in the last few weeks. But with that being said I do think she tried to push his buttons to see what reaction he would have so she could use it against you please get rid of her already I'm tired of hearing about her on a daily basis is her head line "Oskanka" new tape someone tell that chick to go away she is not a movie star because she sleeps with one!

1514 days ago


He got sucked in (literally) and played like a piano.

1514 days ago


Everyone who calls Oksana a gold digger - listen to this song that she wrote: This is most beautiful musical written by a modern composer, a true modern "Ave Maria".
I was in the Mel's camp before I heard this song, but now I do beleive her, whatever the sites like write about her. She is a great composer, and I wish Oksana all the best luck in her legal suits over the rights to her compositions, and I wish that Selin Dion sings her songs one day.
What a shame what Mel did to this talented beautiful woman! I hope that Oksana get her reputation restored and compensated for all sufferings and moral distress caused by this maniac.

1514 days ago


Every day another one of Oink$ana's lies surfaces.

1514 days ago


As a woman I am against all violence towards women, but this piece of crap, she deserves a good ass beating!!! She is nothing but a money-grubbing, lying, no good whoa who should be sent back to Russia - and fast!

1514 days ago


I don't believe Mel Gibson or his very well paid spin doctors. It's clear he can hire the best whereas Oksana cannot. This is sheer BS spin from the Gibson camp.

1514 days ago


Why has Oskana and HER LAWYERS repeatably lied to the judges (how many now, 3?), leaked sealed tapes and other related case info, exploited her kids and why didn't these sudden witnesses take those children to a safe place when this was going on? What mother puts her kids in danger instead of getting them in another room? Oksana's lies are piling up like Bull****.

1514 days ago
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