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Oksana Held Back Cards During Mediation with Mel

7/29/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected with Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ that she purposely kept at least one key piece of evidence out of play during the mediation with Mel Gibson  -- alleged photos of her black eye.


As we first reported, Sheriff's investigators are taking a hard look at the details of that 2-day negotiation because they believe it is relevant to Mel's extortion claim against Oksana -- and her domestic violence claim against Mel.

The source -- who's not a member of Oksana's legal team -- says Oksana never made an issue of the alleged black eye or whipped out pics of it during the mediation because she felt, at that point, that she had more than enough on the table -- for instance, the secretly recorded telephone rant.

There are reports that Oksana suffered the injury to her eye during the Jan. 6 blowout.

Now the obvious question is, why hold anything back? Several sources tell us the intent of the mediation was to lay everything out and then hammer out a deal. Once it was signed all evidence would be confidential, we're told, so any unused ammo would be rendered useless.

The talks ended with Mel's side offering Oksana $15 million -- which she first accepted ... before reneging on the deal.


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No caring loving parent would continue to subject their child to an abuser which is another reason that Oksana is not credible. There are women's shelters all over this country. The only type of person who would not file a police report or get into a domestic violence shelter is a person who does not have a legitimate reason to do so.

1548 days ago


The reason the police are investigating mel gibsons claim that she is extorting him is because there is enough evidence to warrant a serious investigation.I don't like mel gibson but, this woman played him from the word go.She decided she wanted a sugar daddy to take care of her for the rest of her life so she made sure she got knocked up knowing she would get taken care of for a very long time.She probaly thought she could convince Mel to marry her but once he saw through hwe and saw what kind of person she was she was going to make sure he paid for it hence the extortion plot.I know women who have been abused and they all say that she is lying.I believe them because they would know the signs of abuse.

1547 days ago


#138-Sayonara....once again, very good Post, well done!!! you are, one of the smart ones posting here! you have SOUL and you take the words right out of my mouth!!
The rest of you out there judging Mel Gibson with your hateful words... DON"T HAVE A SOUL!!!

1546 days ago


Dear all,
You are getting a taste of Russian corruption. Russians do know very well how gullible Wsterners are and they find you a very easy prey. If Oksana was smart she could have probably fool you all, but she happened to be rather dimwitted vindictive bimbo.
Cheating, lying, taking revenge, extortion, defamation,etc. as you see exemplified in this story, is consider normal by Russians.
I have never met an honest Russian. They all either used me or tried to use me, and only responded to being dominated and faced with considerable strength. They worship violence and might. that is forever written in their genes - pride, conquest and total disregard for a fellow human being.

1535 days ago
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