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Oksana's Smoking Gun in

Brutality Allegation

7/29/2010 10:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected to Oksana Grigorieva tell TMZ that there are "third party witnesses" who will tell L.A. County Sheriff's investigators they saw Mel Gibson punch Oksana on January 6 during the blowout at her home.

The sources say the witnesses have not yet spoken to Sheriff's investigators, but they will come forward soon.

Although the sources would not be specific, it appears at least one of the witnesses is someone who works with Oksana on her music. The sources also say at least one of the third party witnesses saw Mel pull a gun on Oksana on January 6, after he allegedly punched her.

We're told Oksana's 12-year old son Alexander has already spoken with Sheriff's investigators. Sources say during the mediation in May, Oksana said Alexander was hiding under the bed during the January 6 argument.


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@JustTheFacts~ I am seriously whuppin yer ass for that video!!! LMMFAOPIMP!! Oh jeSUS I am gonna have that in my head all damn day now!

1545 days ago


I put this link in a post last week but thought it was worth looking at again. This interview was done on February 18,2010.
Just 12 days after the incident. Mouse over her photo for the video.

1545 days ago

voice of reason    

Why then, would this third party witness who allegedly saw Mel pull a gun on OG, after he allegedly punched her, NOT IMMEDIATLY CALL THE POLICE? Hmmmmmmm
Why then, didnt OG herself, after allegedly Mel pulled a gun on her and punched her, NOT IMMEDIATLY CALL THE POLICE? Hmmmmmmm

You would think, that any woman who has children in the house, with a man toting a gun, would fear for their safety and hers and have the common sense to call 911.

On TV she says "I am fighting for my child". If these latest allegations are true, wonder why she didnt fight for her child back in January!

Too many things are not adding up. The public is not buying it!

1545 days ago

Yep I said that    

Every other day she comes up with more "evidence" she either needs to put all her evidence on the table or just STHU

1545 days ago


I think we're all positively sick of seeing this psycho.

1545 days ago


I guess her son is under her bed, is the music producer in the closet, and her sister behind the mirror.
Gee, this is just wrong, that this LADY can say anything she wants day and day and RADAR will print it and HOLD it up as NEWS.

Why did nobody go to police back then, and nothing was done about it and why didn't she say it at mediation.

Come on MEDIA, stop it already with believing anything this LADY says.

Her NEW PR person has put all these NEW things out today. I'm thinking the OLD PR man just didn't have the stomach to spew out more and more lies.
So she fired him and go someone who could keep the whole thing a live.

Someone under bed, and music person looking through window, come on .

Today is the first we hear of it, with NEW PR person's first day! What can we expect tomorrow?

You know in a few hours, her mother, Dalton, and the Lawnman will claim they were watching from the attic.

1545 days ago


I suspect the credibility of the witnesses will come into question.

1545 days ago


I'm SICK of seeing her face. She looks like some sort of alien headed monster. PLEASE TMZ-give us a break from her!

1545 days ago


I've just written an app that'll allow you to change any comment on TMZ you don't like. I know it's around 99.9%, but it'll keep you busy until you learn to sing. Contact me now.....or I'll release all my totally authentic recordings of you and the Lakers.

P.S. - I'm willing to testify to anything, for 5%.

1545 days ago


You would think, that any woman who has children in the house, with a man toting a gun, would fear for their safety and hers and have the common sense to call 911.

On TV she says "I am fighting for my child". If these latest allegations are true, wonder why she didnt fight for her child back in January!

Too many things are not adding up. The public is not buying it!

Posted at 8:29 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by voice of reason

I wondering why she didn't "fight for the life her child" when she claims Gibson threw Sasha into a coffee table at a party a year ago.

Where are the witnesses? Did she decide to drop that story?

1545 days ago


I wonder how long before they make the connection that OG is sleeping with someone over at RadarOnline and how soon they will subpoena and seize the computers over there as part of the extortion plot.

1545 days ago


I don't know much about law with regards to domestic violence, but if Oks son had witnessed that she was hit and Mel pulled a gun on her and threatened her life, wouldn't they have arrested Mel for dv by now?

Posted at 7:14 AM on Jul 29, 2010 by Pimpcessa

I have to agree. This just doesn't make any sense. Why would she expose her son and her daughter to Mel subsequent to this event? If her son was in such danger, why didn't Timothy Dalton remove him from this environment sooner?

One thing is undeniably factual: She didn't come forth with these "smoking guns" until Mel was through with her and she obtained new lawyers who assured her that she could get more money. The photo of the alleged "black eye" is nonsense...that's no more a picture of a black eye than it is of a photo of pigs flying.

It is quite clear that her credibility is undeniably gone. I, for one, wouldn't trust any so-called "evidence" that she has to offer in the future.

1545 days ago


What is really unbelievable is that there were all these witnesses to the event in January and no one came forward before now.

It's very suspicious that these new leads are suddenly available after Oksana's reputation is being trashed. I guess this new PR person is really doing her job. She really wants to make sure she gets paid.

I'm sorry - but if I'm visiting a friend and her partner is running around a room acting like a screaming lunatic with a gun, my first call would have been to the police, especially since there were chidren in the house. I would not have cared what my friend wanted me to do. The children are the first priority.

Oksana has had plenty of time to come up with "witnesses." The timing stinks and I don't believe her or her witnesses.

This is a good first effort by her new PR person. I wonder what's the next move?

1545 days ago


Mel, if you read this... DO NOT SETTLE WITH THIS DEMON FOR ANY PRICE!!!! Remember, the Bible says no weapon formed against you shall prosper, & every tongue that rises against you in judgement YOU shall condemn. This is the inheritance of the children of God, & their righteousness is of ME, sayeth the Lord! ALL things wrk to the good, for those that love God & are called according to His purpose.. Yea, we are MORE than conquerers, through Christ Jesus, who lives in us... Keep the faith. Hold on to the promises! I'm beginning to think this is more a spiritual battle than a carnal one! This chick is demonic, in my opinion! Mel, repent for you sins, for your wrong choices, which to be honest have been many. Be honest with God, repent, take responsibility, & confess you are wrong, lost & confused. You don't need a priest & a confessional, brother. You need JESUS! You need to go into your prayer closet ALONE, shut the door, & cry out to God to save & help you! Until you do this, your misery & torment will continue. I'm telling you the truth, brother. Test me now. You will remain in my prayers. Father God loves you, Jesus loves you, & so do I. Mary cannot hear you, she's been dead over 2000 years, along with the saints. Only one came back to life. There is only ONE mediator between man & God, His name is JESUS! Amen.

1545 days ago


I'm glad she has yet another witness (in addition to Sasha) who saw the punch and the gun pulling. That would be more then enough to send Mel up the river.

Just remember Mel, you did this! You got violent, you were the attacker and you need to get ready to pay the piper.

1545 days ago
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