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Why Rachel Uchitel Ran From Rehab -- Dad's Death

7/29/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The issue that drove Rachel Uchitel to run away from rehab had nothing to do with Tiger Woods -- instead it was an intense talk about her father's death.


Sources closely connected to the production of "Celebrity Rehab" tell TMZ that Rachel's breaking point came during a recent one-on-one therapy session where the main topic was her dad.

We're told Rachel's father died of a cocaine overdose in his 40s, and Rachel was 15 at the time.

Rachel split from Dr. Drew Pinsky's facility in Pasadena and stayed at a Beverly Hills hotel for one night -- and, according to our sources, she only came back the next day because her 'Rehab' castmates called and urged her to rejoin them.


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Leave it to the men at TMZ to provide an explanation for her behavior. When they interviewed her at TMZ they gushed and laughed and acted like school boys with a crush. It was very embarrassing to watch. They never have recognized WHAT she is even though most of the world has. She's got a solid following at TMZ-at least amongst the males.

1548 days ago


She looks old, ugly, and worn out by life. Can't wait until we hear she's passed away.

1548 days ago

Throwback kid    

Who cares! she is a worthless piece of trash that specializes in married men.

1548 days ago


Don't believe it pure BS!

1548 days ago


how long ago was it that she was 15 really lets all grow up we know it has nothing to do with her dad dying its albout not wanting to stop doing drugs i have been in recovery for 11years and i can tell u thats b----- s-------

1547 days ago


Unresolved Daddy issues with men?

1547 days ago

Left Coaster    

Why do we care about this woman? Her only claim to fame is being a slut that goes after married men. I don't want to read about this skanky woman that clearly has no heart or morals.

1546 days ago


While it is "possible" that the buddhist can emerge victorious at Firestone, realistically speaking, it doesn't look so good for him now ... and it's not going to get any better. There will likely be no Ryder Cup, no Fed-Ex Cup, no top world ranking, etc. In fact, the only two things Tiger will have left going for him, are his children and his local temple. It's ironic really, how things always come full circle in life. His children and his faith should have always been his top priorities, right from the start. Well, now they are, whether he likes it or not. You tell me that God doesn't act in mysterious ways !

1546 days ago


atleast this rehab show is trying to help people who want help...better show that trashy jersey shore and other shores who will be off air finally very soon..

1546 days ago


Next, Mel Gibson.

1546 days ago

Timothy M. Nolan    

If you seen The Graduate. Rachel here as well as the other mistresses are starting to be like Mrs. Robinson

1545 days ago

Dick Cheney    

"U chi tel" Shes a (insert derogatory title).

1545 days ago


who the F cares why this ho-bag does anything-I am sure her Daddy issue involve incest and cocaine not just his overdose--besides she is on Celebrity Rhab to fame stalk-can't wait until someone puts her out of our misery-besides she hasn't really been upholding the whole not talking about Tiger part of her extortion contract-it would be beautiful if she slipped up on TV and Tigers lawyers sued her for twice what she embezzled -and Gloria Allred-FU-you don't stand for women you sold out to the cheapest crrapp you could-playing the heavy in an extortion racket-who's your next client Jenna Jameson?-thats right whores are the ones with money or a way to get it-guess Gloria went from upholder of womens rights to extortion expeditor-piss on both of you skkkankkks

1540 days ago


She's got $10 million from tiger, what is she hiding thats worth so much. The sex and drugs are already mentioned, so is it the Poly Max Extremes he used on the golf course, that would certainly end his golfing status. She knows what elin knows.

1537 days ago


This girl is not a celebrity!! Stop treating her like one. I mean, you have an affair with a celeb and you become an overnight sensation! Its gross!! She is disgusting!! I also agree that she is paid a hefty amount to do this crap! Yes, its a sad background story! It's not enough to make me like her a$$. Her 15 minutes of fame is long gone and I'm sure she is laughing it all the way to the bank thanks to websites like this!!!

1537 days ago
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