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Chelsea's Wedding Town

Caters to Clinton-Mania

7/31/2010 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The locals in the town where Chelsea Clinton is set to tie the knot today are so fired up about the attention ... they're literally renaming their food in honor of the former first family.


TMZ has learned The Rhinecliff -- a fancy restaurant in Rhinebeck, NY -- has rechristened their menu in honor of CC's big day ... with items such as Chelsea's Buttermilk Pancakes, the Hillary Hummus Sandwich, Secretary of Steak Frites and the Bill "True Blue" Burger.

The restaurant also renamed a few things after the Obama family ... even though they weren't invited to the wedding.

Some things may be hard to swallow.


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jim nasium    

Reihnbeck is OLD money area {note History} I think the cost of this event is Broaching OBSCENE - Let her enjoy the day_Honeymoon - Hopefully in Austrailia or somewhaere far-far- AWAY. Heck her Husbands investment firm - is not as solid as reported, and given the times afterward, I hope she has her ducks in a row - word has it that all service help was too have immirgration papers together, prior too event. The walk out after the reception, will be a Human, Mexican walkway too the Limo. How Eqyptian of them.

1511 days ago

jim nasium    

Oh I forget too, i got Baked with her Mom - at Wellesley {minor detail} and she inhaled too - Enjoy the day mom!!!! Bravo - Go Chelsea. WSLY radio rocks!!!!!

1511 days ago


You would think with all the money they have she could afford some white strips for her teeth. That is the first thing people notice on her. Nevertheless congratulations to them both.

1511 days ago


I see the nasties are out today, so sad to see that people dislike themselves so much that they can't be happy for anyone else, and we still continue to wonder why other countries cant stand us. Why would they when so many americans are so hateful and hate themselves. SMDH!! Congrats Chelsea and Mark, may you have a happy life together, at least we know that you won't be living off of the government because you are both educated hard working individuals.

1511 days ago

Mary Ann    

Has anyone of you ever met Chelsea?? You are cruel and nasty. I suppose your mothers, daughters, sisters are knock-out beauties. There is more about what is on the inside than the outside.
And, why is it any of your business what the Clintons' do with their money??

1511 days ago


All you people on here are sick with darkness all around you .. seek the light of GOD !!!ETERNITY IS A LONG,LONG TIME!!!

1511 days ago


Apparently the yellow hillbilly teeth runs in the family!

1511 days ago


The only darkness here is the gluttony and greed in these people overindulgence in their overpriced debauchery fare while other people's food for the whole day can fit in the palm of their hands.

They should at least be generous and invited her cousin Macy who is living on food stamps.

1511 days ago


The Clintons are dirty and dark leeches on this country. They were busted broke when they left the Whitehouse and now they are worth tens of millions.

Bill Clinton pardoned dirty criminal donors like Marc Rich on his last day in office. Bill Clinton is simply a criminal who has repeatedly shamed his wife with his infidelity.

It's remarkable that Bill has the audacity to show his face in public after all of the crude and repugnant things he has done. I can't believe Hillary stayed with him knowing what a cheating dog he is but she has her own political needs.

The entire lot of Clintons are worthless and morally empty people. I hope Chelsea has happiness but she is the spawn of truly morally bankrupt people.

1510 days ago


Chelsea is so farking butt-ugly! I agree that media is making too big of deal about her "secret" wedding and trying to get us to care. Jimmy stated it very well about Chelsea being an ugly pig with her and her white-trash parents being the ultimate symbol of gluttony. Five farking million dollars for a Jew wedding!?! What a waste! You should have used that money to help the feed the homeless, assh*les!

1510 days ago


A five-million dollar wedding and Chelsea didn't bother to get her teeth whitened? WTF!?! The butt-ugly, dog-faced bitch should have also gotten breast implants and a total face reconstruction. Nothing but room for improvement.

1510 days ago


They should have included sour grapes for the tea-baggers

1510 days ago


I'd like to know how two career politicians who's best jobs in public service paid a couple of hundred grand a year can afford a five million dollar wedding for their daughter.

Nah they didn't keep any of that stolen whitewater money.

1510 days ago


They wrote a few books. But I wouldn't expect you to know that. Why don't you try looking up the answers to your questions before asking them in an unrelated story? I mean, you are on the internet, right ?

1510 days ago


Who do you think is paying for all the security???? YOU, the American taxpayer that's who.

1510 days ago
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