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Craig Ferguson -- Chained Up With Sharks

8/1/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Craig Ferguson loves good reefer -- and to prove it, the late night host donned chain mesh gloves and hand-fed reef sharks in The Bahamas ... all for Discovery Channel's "Shark Week."

Craig Ferguson - Shark Week 2010
But don't worry, Craig's in good hands -- the other guy in the photos is shark expert Chang Sein.

Dive in!


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Teri Woolum LeFevers    

In my opinion, Craig is the most talented talk show host of all time. I like Dave also, however Craig is second to none. He is the only reason that I watch CBS now that they decided to cancel Cold Case. Also, it seems that in life that he can do anything that he makes up his mind to do. For example, he is now a licensed pilot. To me, Craig's greatest strength is in his honesty about his addictions. And last but certainly not least he is a smokin' hottie! Craig Ferguson is CBS's only saving grace for me. (no pun indended, seriously). He is just SO COOL!

1543 days ago

Wayne Hall    

Yes craig is way funnier then I BUT he mails it in alot. How much longer will his sex sex sex bits hold up? And those awarkward pauses are so terrible that I truly feel sorry for him. He is great with the puppets and his monologs are usually great BUT his free style with his guests are terrible. And lastly that robot is not funny. And that is one of the big problems along with his bone head audience being told to laugh at anything

1543 days ago


Craig is the best thing to happen to America in a long time, so yes Craig, it's a great day for America everybody, and I thank you for that everytime you bring a smile to my face. CBS cares, Monday thru Friday, and so do we!!!
Frances Robbins; I saw his stand up show two years ago and it was "Awesome".

1543 days ago

Will Bridge    

He is very talented. I never miss his show. But I have to agree that he relies on swearing, which gets censored, WAY too much for laughs. It gets really tiresome. All the gay references are the same way. You can rely on these cheap laughs for only so long. Eventually, your fanbase tires of it. Get a clue, Craig.

1543 days ago


“Great White Appetite” Show. Seriously Discovery? Your creative team is to be reckoned with in naming shows. Not sure what more insight this show will provide since Ryan Johnson has already been doing great studies of White Sharks in Mossel Bay for years, see “Sharkville” Nat Geo TV!

1543 days ago


Love Craig. Very funny guy!

1543 days ago

Geoff Peterson    

Are you people this over-analytical about everything? It's just a crap TV show! The best crap show on TV, that's for sure!

Oh Craig, tweets and emails, please!

1543 days ago


#22. Agreed. Get a life people, it's just comedy!
I can't wait for the next musical opening. I never thought I would like a Brittney Spears tune but Craig & his boys shocked me once again, and he does this stuff sober! Priceless, gotta go youtube it again, just because...

1543 days ago

Elaine Roberts     

Like many others,I LOVE Craig Ferguson's show and was amazed at his many talents-films, writing etc. I was especially
fond of his latest book 'American on Purpose". It was downright inspiring. What an amazing, intelligent, funny and handsome man!

1540 days ago


The poster who saw the interview with Neil Armstrong didn't get it at all... Craig is in complete awe of people like Armstrong, and also Bishop Desmond Tutu and other amazing human beings. Just because they exchanged witticisms doesn't mean CF meant any disrespect - in fact Neil Armstrong probably enjoyed the kidding around. Craig tries to set his guests at ease, and to enjoy themselves. As a result you get a side of people that you might not normally get to see. The worst interviews on the Late Late Show are the ones with people only there to promote a project and have nothing interesting to say for themselves. Craig does his best with them, but those guests are better served by syncophants like Leno and Larry King... Anyhoo - I'm a very proud member of the RSA too and also glad he's vowed never to swim with the sharks again! We can't afford to lose him, any more than his family can!

1539 days ago
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