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Heidi and Spencer -- The Divorce is On

7/30/2010 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Montag is officially ending things with Spencer Pratt -- the MTV starlet has just filed for divorce at a Santa Monica courthouse.


The move comes just six weeks after Heidi filed for separation ... citing irreconcilable differences.

23-year-old Montag married 26-year-old Pratt in April 2009 -- right before she underwent one of the most intense plastic surgery runs we've ever seen.

According to court documents, Montag is asking the court to terminate Pratt's right to spousal support.



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Does that stupid bitch even know when she got married.
Reports show 4/25/09 not 5/25/09.

1546 days ago


I always knew their marriage was just for TV, now that the tv show is over-so's the marriage. People get married and divorced all the time now like it's no big deal.

1546 days ago


I'm starting to like Heidi......

Spencer is mentally ill. No joke he really is. He shows more than one serious and incurable personality disorders. Run away and don't meet this guy alone ever, no matter how nice he acts.

I have no doubt you have been manipulated and this guy sucked you in.

He will self destruct just watch. His time is up.

If you haven't, read the "Dorthy Stratten story"..... I think Spencer is even more unstable that that guy,

You are doing the absolute right thing and can still get some credibility back.

Luck and stay way away from this guy.......

1545 days ago


of course they divorced ..
the marriage wasn't real in the first place ..
done for the 'hills'
what else is new ..
maybe now you can stop writing about these 2 slanderers ..
unless they go the underground porn route ,
hontag ain't gettin no job , no-how after trying to press serious false charges ...
are you kiddin'?
who in their right mind would work with anyone like that ..
who calls the police on their own mother with the cameras rollin' ?
uhhhh nuh uh ...
no work for them ..they are SOOOOOO dunzo ..
stop making your rag look idiotic & boycott them like some others have started to do ..
unless you are one of kingspence' lil' slaves ..

1545 days ago


Who cares. 2 no talent media hounds who need no attention. they are idiots. but i would bang heidi.

1545 days ago


EWWWW, lol!!!!

1545 days ago


:-/ Erm....this isn't news. This was just meant to happen eventually, and it did. So this is the end now. Everyone go home to your loved ones!

1545 days ago


Hope this is the real thing, because Spenser seems so unstable to me. It's funny that Heidi is the one who gets all the bad press. Spenser appears, to me at least, to be bipolar. I would imagine that living with him for the past few years has been exhausting & volatile for Heidi. That would drive anybody to look for an escape. Some women in situations like this look for an escape through drinking/drugging, and some just shut down. At least she didn't have children with him. She'd probably never have found the courage to leave if she'd have had his child. There's always so much more to a story than what meets the eye, and I suspect that Heidi has been through a lot. I hope she gets counseling, support from good friends, and a new beginning.

1545 days ago


I would love to bang her

1545 days ago


Hummmmm.....Normally when I see divorce do***ents, esp. on TMZ I would believe the story...BUT...but with these papers have Heidi & Spencer name on them, it seem to be a HUGE publicity stunt; these two will do ANYTHING to stay in the public eye. Since The Hills are complete this is their way to stay in the PR light!

1544 days ago


It’s “very” interesting that the marriage was exactly ONE year to the day as if it was pre-arranged and a one year contract was signed.

1544 days ago


It's about damn time!

1542 days ago


Yea majority of things between these two that went on was fake and alot for publicity,but I really dont think it's,bull***t with the divorce,if u see how hedi was before spencer came into her life she was so different and he changed and took in charge of her life,including her family that she was so close with. I feel she has just finally had enough with him and alot of other crap going on.he's an idiot with alot of mental issues. Ima be happy when there finally divorce next thing we will be hearing about is how ugly things are going between them especially now going through the courts and lawyers

1526 days ago


I don't care ither one of these freaks. Her boos is so large that it appeared that they are hitched up to her jaw line. Lucky. I'm not a guy but some dude will end up getting smothered by these ballons.

1524 days ago
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