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Attorney General

Begged to Investigate

LiLo's Drs

7/30/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's doctors could be the target of a prescription drug investigation launched by the Attorney General of California ... if the man in power responds to Michael Lohan's newest request.


TMZ has obtained a letter that Michael's attorney Lisa Bloom fired off to AG Jerry Brown yesterday -- in which they "respectfully request an investigation" into the "unscrupulous doctors" who "overprescribe medications to [Lindsay] ... in violation of California law."

In the letter, Lohan argues that Lindsay is an addict ... but due to a "giant legal loophole" ... she can legally get high on pills as long as she can score a prescription.

Lohan and Bloom note that Brown is committed to investigating and prosecuting docs who fraudulently prescribe meds -- and cite the Anna Nicole Smith case currently underway in L.A. 

Brown wouldn't confirm if his office has received the letter yet -- but promises that his team will thoroughly investigate any "credible" claim that is brought to his attention.


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If Jerry Brown becomes governor he should extradite Michael Lohan to Somalia.

1524 days ago


I am sick and tired of hearing about this woman and all that goes with her, for goodness sake do your time and SHUT UP. hell you would thik she had a 23 year sentence not a few darn days.

1524 days ago



1524 days ago

Peter Sc    

Maybe the imprisonment of Lindsay is the most important news in the world right now, but her father is not.

He knows that he can only be in the media due to his daughter and instead of being thankful for that he is doing all he can to destroy her life.

It is awful to watch.

1524 days ago


I don't care if you all of you hate Michael Lohan, but the guy has a point. Never ever in a million years should any doctor or medical professional be prescribing Diluidid for a widom tooth extraction.

That is a end of life medication for those who are truly suffering and are dying.

I'm shocked to read the kind of drugs that doctor's are now prescribing freely to not only celebrities, but to everyday people.

The biggest drug dealer's nowadays are people's doctors and the pharmaceutical companies are making massive amounts of money off the backs of people. These people all have blood on their hands when it comes to the deaths by overdoses.

If just one family filed a lawsuit against a pharmaceutical company for the addiction or death that resulted from their drugs things might just turn around. It needs to start somewhere.

1524 days ago


Umm Micheal, I don't think this is going to get you brownie points with Linds. You just outed her connections. Your chances of getting a one on one meeting with Linds just went from slim to worst.

1524 days ago


No.7. You are wrong. No doctor got on the phone and called Lindsey up and told her to come on down and get pills. She got them because she went to them, told them a tale, and ended up with the medication. She probably went from doctor to doctor, telling them the same old tired story because it worked the first time. Then, after she got hooked, now it's the doctors' fault. Wrong answer. She is an adult who knew that what she was doing was wrong and illegal, yet she did it anyway. It's the same with Michael Jackson. No one told him to go around the system to medicate himself. He did that on his own, with nothing close to a medical degree. He in effect, killed himself. And Lindsey, in effect, did this to herself. I don't know when and how people stopped taking responsibility for their own stupid actions, but they aught to stop blaming others for their mistakes. She screwed up,not the doctors.

1524 days ago


# 7
Dilaudid is for moderate to severe pain

Sometimes prescribed for "dry cough"

what Medial school have some attended?

1524 days ago


Not entirely true #9. I have an older family member who became, IMO, addicted to prescription pills after being hurt in a car accident. Bones were broken and somehow overlooked on xrays and all. This person complained of pain, and rightfully so, for 5 months until she wound up on an operating table having plates and screws installed!! Muscle damade, nerves damaged / destroyed, etc.

During all of this, every Dr she went to found it easier to hand her a prescription instead of really tring to find the problem. I would have taken them too!!

This person is a wife, Mother, Grandmother, friend, active member of the community who is now addicted to meds!!

It is not always as it appears!! The back story DOES matter sometimes. I don't like blanket stereotypes anyway.

Just's everywhere, not just Lindsay. It's next door to you.

1524 days ago


This guy is just another media whore. If he really cared about his daughter, he'd stay away from the press, it only makes him seem like he's interested in riding her coat tails.

1524 days ago


No.11. I was wounded on the last day of battle in Desert Storm and spent 11 months and 17 days in the hospital in Maryland. I lost the use of my legs for 3 months and it took me two years to get back to 80% of myself. I knew the doctors were giving me medication for pain on an hourly basis. But the minute I started getting back my mental capacity I made them ease up on the medication and I started doing other theraphy for pain. I,like everyone else, know the dangers of pain medication and I took proactive steps to avoid becoming addicted. I knew that pain medication was not a panacea for my ills. I have no sympathy for people who get hurt and then stay in bed popping pills and complaining constantly. There are some who really need this medication, but for the majority of them, they can do other stuff. It's called being a man or woman and taking proactive measures. You are ultimately responsible for your own health. Not the doctors or pills.

1524 days ago


#9 justsayin, Well Said!! I absolutely cannot stand this man. He's a fame monger. However, LHOhan did all of this to herself. She's a grown azz adult. All of this could have been avoided had she simply done what she needed to do. She couldn't do it! Whether it's stupidity, immaturity, blatant disregard, or drug/alcohol addiction hindering her decision making, it is ultimately her own fault. I don't need a handler, or lawyers telling me that it's a good idea to do what the court ordered me to do. She's not a kid anymore. Time to grow up and be a part of the big person world.

1524 days ago


Michael Lohan is a lying low life s***bag! If he says Lindsay is addicted to the drugs she has a prescription for then the opposite is probably the truth!
He said she was HIV + then when asked about that he said his tweet account was hacked and that he did not say that.
He tried to sell a photo of his girlfriend and when asked said it was not him the photo was stolen.
He tells outrageous lies to get his face in front of a camera and his name in the paper and has been caught doing this so often that he is a joke to the world.
He wanted Lindsay and his wife and other kids to get into family counseling at a 10 thousand dollar per week wedding reception place on long island, the problem with this is that Lindsay would rather stay in jail than be face to face with him and his wife has a restraining order to keep him away.
Michael Lohan is a world class s***bag and the real criminals are people like TMZ that keep printing things he says.

1524 days ago


Michael Lohan is not a doctor.
Judges are not doctors.
DA's are not doctors.
Grand Juries are no doctors.
Jurors are not doctors.

If a licensed psychiatrist prescribes her adderall for uncontrolled ad/h/d, then it's legit. period.

As for the dilaudid, it's already proven by her lack of physical withdrawal in jail and urine screens that she is NOT an opiate addict.

Sounds to me like she's 100% legit.

If you're not a doctor, piss off.

1524 days ago


#10: I am a doctor. That is the exact on-label description of uses for Dilaudid. Moderate & moderately-severe to severe pain.

For cough, it's suppression abilities are second to none. When you have a patient that is at risk of rupturing their esophagus due to coughing, Dilaudid is superb.

Doctor wannabes drive me nuts.

1524 days ago
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