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Michael Jackson Conquers Death with New Album

7/30/2010 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson cannot be stopped ... even in death -- the King of Pop is set to release a posthumous album of brand new songs this November ... and it's just the beginning.

Michael Jackson Album 2010
According to Rolling Stone, Jackson has approximately 100 still-unreleased songs from throughout his career -- and the Jackson Estate has already inked a $250 million deal with Sony to release them over the next seven years ... along with reissues of the MJ classics.

Among the unreleased tracks are collaborations with Akon, and Ne-Yo.

The album is due out in November.


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MJ lives forever in all his fans, no gender no racism and above all no hate.......Thank you MJ!

And hey I love you more......

Posted at 8:26 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by Scott

What u wrote is so moving. How re-assuring. The Michael Jackson story is a very sad story. Thanks for posting about how u feel. I am sure a lot of us feel the same way. Thanks again.

1516 days ago


I'll betcha remember...

Go Michael, Go Michael, Go Michael

Posted at 8:28 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by MiMi

Man, michael even makes dancing in a chair look good. Those beautiful eyes and of course that beautiful smile. love it.

rip mj

1516 days ago


“If you enter this world knowing you are loved and you leave this world knowing the same, then everything that happens in between can be dealt with.”

- Michael Jackson

1516 days ago


Posted at 5:31 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by MiMi

Hey MiMi, how are you? If I remember right their was some articles that came out a few months ago stating that the first cd would be released late this year. Am I remembering right? Wonder if Rolling Stone is jumping the gun.

Posted at 5:38 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by kim

I read from an article in Calgary that Rodney Jerkins is working on the new CD that is to be released in November, I didn't know that John McLean will be working on this new one. It said that Rodney & Jackie J. are working on it. May be I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure I read it. Perhaps MiMi could clarify for us. Looking forward to buying the new CD. Missing MJ.

1516 days ago


Don't you ever make no mistake
Baby I've got what it takes
And there's no way you'll ever get to me
Why can't you see that you'll never ever hurt me
'cause I wont let it be, see I'm too much for you baby

1516 days ago


I gotta crash but thanks to everyone it honestly is my pleasure to participate on an MJ board with such fine folks.....I hope to see y'all (best american accent) around.

Have a great weekend and ty for all the links the videos are awesome!!!!!

1516 days ago




Now I'm just wondering why you think
that you can get to me with anything
seems like you'd know by now
When and how I get down
And with all that I've been through,
I'm still around

Don't you ever make no mistake
Baby I've got what it takes
And there's no way you'll ever get to me
Why can't you see that you'll never ever hurt me
'cause I wont let it be, see I'm too much for you baby

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and you can't touch me, 'cause I'm untouchable
and I know you hate it, and you can't take it
You'll never break me, 'cause I'm unbreakable

Now you can't stop me even thought you think
that if you block me, you've done your thing
and when you bury me underneath all your pain
I´m steady laughin', while surfacing

Don't you ever make no mistake
baby I've got what it takes
and there's no way you'll ever get to me
Why can't you see that you'll never ever hurt me
'cause I wont let it be, see I'm too much for you baby


You can try to stop me, but it wont do a thing
no matter what you do, I'm still gonna be here
Through all your lies and silly games
I'm a still remain the same,I'm unbreakable

[Notorious B.I.G.]
Uh, uh, what, uh
A lime to a lemon, my D.C. women
Bringin in ten G minimums to condos with elevators in 'em
Vehicles with televisions in 'em
Watch they entourage turn yours to just mirages
Disappearing acts, strictly nines and macs
Killers be serial, Copperfield material
My dreams is vivid, work hard to live it
Any place I visit, I got land there
How can players stand there and say I sound like them
Push wigs back and push six Coupes that's yellow
Plus clips that expand from hand to elbow
Spray up your Day's Inn, any 'telle you in
Crack braggin sick of braggin how my mink be draggin
Desert ease street sweeper inside the beamer wagon
I rely on Bed-Stuy to shut it down if I die
Put that on my diamond bezel, you're messin with the devil


1516 days ago


To Elissa - I know exactly what you are saying! I too have never in my life - grieved this hard or for this long - for someone that I never knew personally - but loved from afar instead.

I fell in love with him as a person, as a performer, etc. And in all of these years - no man on this earth - has ever effected me in the ways that MJ did (and still do for that matter!). I love that mind of his, his eyes, that smile, that voice, that body, the heart, etc. etc. There never has been nor will there ever be - anyone like him again in our life time. He was original all of the way! Special & Unique!

1516 days ago

Mimi from Indy    

@ Pegasus ~ I left you a post on the 'Nazi' board

Now, it's bedtime for me. I have a huge family reunion to get ready for in the morning. Have fun with MiMi's videos and all the chat about Michael and those oh so heavenly 'Gold Pants'!

1516 days ago



Here is an interview with Rodney Jenkins talking about MJ's music

1516 days ago


Hey Mimi do you know any sites I can join up with that I don;t have to deal with trolls? Just askin is all will check thread tomorrow super tired.

In any event peace.....


1516 days ago


Lights out for me also.

Hope everyone enjoyed the Friday Nite Vids

Sweet dreams of G+++ P++++

1516 days ago


He's wearing the wedding band (if that is what it is) on his right hand. ??

Posted at 7:09 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by danger baby

1997 was the year that LMP got back together with MJ & according to the Schmuley tapes, LMP wrote him several times, asking to get back together, therefore, it was possible that MJ put his wedding ring back on as perhaps they were trying to make amends. OMG, MJ looked so good there, hawt, hawt, hawt. What a beautiful song too. I believe it was from the Dangerous album.

1516 days ago



Here is an interview with Rodney Jenkins talking about MJ's music

Posted at 9:04 PM on Jul 30, 2010 by MiMi

Thanks, MiMi, but are we talking about the same CD, the one authorized by the estate?

1516 days ago



Rodney Jenkins is going to do MJ PROUD!!!!



1516 days ago
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