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Oksana Taking on Debt to Fund War with Mel

7/30/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sources close to Oksana Grigorieva say she's going broke trying to battle Mel Gibson -- and, in fact, TMZ has learned Oksana's already had to take out a loan to pay her high-powered legal team.


Multiple sources tell us that Oksana took out a loan just to make partial payment to her attorneys ... and she's also maxed out credit cards to fund what's become a legal World War with Gibson, who's hired three law firms. Legally speaking, it shapes up like David vs. Goliath.

People connected to Oksana claim Gibson cut off almost all support payments back in May when the mediation talks ended -- and Oksana turned her back on a $15 million agreement. Currently, we're told, Mel's only paying child support to the tune of $5,000 per month.

If Oksana's getting limited financial support from Mel -- and we know she isn't working -- then here's the obvious question: where's she getting money to live day to day?

We're told Oksana's seeking retroactive support payments from Gibson.


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To karen lee and mee

Okay fellow posters, I think people are confusing our names.....

1544 days ago


karen lee

I think people are thinking we are the same poster......

1544 days ago


For itsMeAgain! Does somebody know the date of next court session?

Posted at 2:50 AM on Jul 30, 2010 by misssaharai don't believe there is any COURT session scheduled...i believe there are investigations going on so not yet any scheduled date.

According to a site, Mel and skank came out as a cople in April, 2009, when we learned she was already pregnant. prior to that i think they were together for just a few April, 2009, their relationship was Kaputz...

SOOOOO, HER CLAIM THAT THEY WERE TOGETHER FOR 3 YEARS IS BULL***T....IT WOULD BE MORE LIKE 17 MONTHS I WOULD GUESS...<2 YEARS!! so she deserves nothing more than child support and she knew it...that's why all of these allegations so she can collect a jackpot to support her for the rest of her life!

1544 days ago


oops sorry guys April, 2010, their relationship was KAPUTZ!

1544 days ago


How stupid is that? She is crazy! What about her children? She is putting money above her children. She is so passionate to ruin Mel and backed out of a $15 mil deal she is willing to go broke doing it? Mel really should have had her background checked out even before he singed her on his record label. Her family background should tell you that she was out to ruin him.
I hope he gets custody of the baby and Timothy takes back the son. She is nuts!

1544 days ago


To the people wondering how someone would get money like this, it's easy...tell people that Mel Gibson is your man and you are suing him and going after him in the media, personally and for child support. And most people in LaLaLand would be like, Hell Yeah! Here is your dough! They see this as a no gamble deal. They are all believing that he did it and won't walk away from this.

It is very common for someone in her position to do this.

The sad thing is it's not a smart move as the evidence against Mel is all cir***stancial. So far, none of it can be used in court. All of it can be dismissed as tainted and or inadmissable since she didn't throw it out there ALL OF IT at the same time in the beginning. The court, if they are smart will wonder what is going on and why she didn't mention these mysterious third parties back at the beginning, the photos, all the tapes, the emails. EVERYTHING!

She is getting caught up in her own dilusional little world.

And sadly, the one who really gets hurt is the kids, Mel and Robyn's and OxFaces 2.

While I am not a Team Mel person, I am truth person and all of the things she is talking about are not 100% real.

For all the Mel Haters, think about all the things you have read and how both TMZ and ROL are contradicting each other. And then think about how for 30 years Mel never touched his kids or Robyn. That is not the sign of an abuser. Also, IF(and I don't believe they are) the tapes are real, How many of us have been in a position where we freak out? Did he freak out, HELL YEAH!!! Does that mean he beat her, NO!! Does that mean he is a total D*CK, HELL YEAH!! But again, that is if the tapes are true.

So, in the end we have to look at everything and decide if ROL is right...which I don't believe they are. I think they are lying douchebags. They seem to come up with some crazy crap!
As for TMZ, again, if they are right, and I tend to believe them more, then things are definately not great but it is what it is.

1544 days ago


Explain these inconsistencies:

1. I came home and walked in the door to find Mel raging – he jumped on me, hit and choked me, then chased me around with a gun – so that I had to flee barefoot in my nightgown. Hmmm – I thought she just got home? When did she have time in the midst of the chaos to change her clothes?

2. He hit me and broke two of my teeth. Wait, well not really- he knocked two of my veneers out... I don't know why the dentist says there was no trauma to my mouth... but I made sure to mention that MEL GIBSON hit me, only don't tell anyone...

3. Oh, by the way, when he knocked my teeth out (I mean, my veneers – I mean ONE of my veneers) he gave me a concussion. Only I didn't go to a doctor or report him. Wait, I remember now, I DID go to a doctor two days later... making sure to mention that MEL GIBSON HIT ME – only please don't tell anyone.

4. Oh – I almost forgot – he hit the baby too! Did I mention I was holding her? I have a picture of a binkie pimple – I MEAN BRUISE – to prove it. No, I didn't call the police, I was too busy getting me teeth fixed from when I fell down in the backyard – I MEAN, from when Mel hit me, to bother worrying about my ragdoll, I MEAN daughter... ahem.

5. Yes, I did go to several events with Mel immediately following all of this drama – in fact we travelled extensively to promote his new film. Hey, girls just want to have fun, right? What's a little concussion between lovers?

6. I have never had bad relationships before ... oh except for lying about being able to have kids and getting knocked up by Timoth Dalton "by accident" ... OH! That reminds me – my son saw this whole thing – yeah! He was in my bedroom with me while I was freaking out... I MEAN while Mel was beating us... OH! And then there was that other chap who I FAKED TAPES on to get more money. Hey, a girl needs to make a living... and it ain't going to be from my suck ass music!

7. I taped these conversations because I was afraid... although I never called the police or filed for a restraining order... did I mention that I have done this before? Oh, and don't listen to those forensic analysts who are saying the tapes have been doctored. They haven't. Really, I really, really mean it. Want a blow job?

What have I missed?

1544 days ago


SO SORRY GUYS!(multiples)

my computer is going crazy....didn't post at all and then a slew...sorry!

1544 days ago


team Mel !

1544 days ago


Is Oksana's mother a leech as well? She is living with Oksana so Mel is paying her expenses. She is not the nanny for the baby. Does anyone in this family work for a living? What about the sister?

1544 days ago


sounds like Oskank is their bread winner for the family...the family moves to wherever oskank happens to be....didn't one of Oskank's ex bring the mom and sis to Britain? i read that somewhere i believe...

so she is not in this alone as i said...she has her whole family backing her up...also as i said, i hope the police who seized her pc supposedly will find some incriminating evidence of e-mails to whoever helped her with the scheme and tape alteration,etc...

GO MEL !!! I NEVER DOUBTED YOU...not with your loving family and your past works and your belief in Christ.

1544 days ago


Oh, poor little thing.... You got too greedy sweetheart and now where has it left you.

1544 days ago


The Mustang Ranch would probably hire her. Afterall, she is a little pig.

1544 days ago

Team Mel    

"We're told Oksana's seeking retroactive support payments from Gibson."

Support for what? That gold digging bitch was never married to Mel. Even on the tapes she said she signed an agreement not to go after palimony. SEE WHAT A LYING SLUT SHE IS!


1544 days ago


A baby does not need $5000.00 a month. What is this kid made of, gold? So basically the bimbo is using Mel's money against him. She shouldn't be getting $5000 a month or anywhere near that.

1544 days ago
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