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Oksana's New Rep -- Quits Before He Started

7/30/2010 2:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Oksana Grigorieva's new PR rep Howard Bragman is out ... even before he officially signed on.


Sources tell TMZ Bragman had all but agreed to help Oksana -- that is until she gave an impromptu interview in front of a grocery store early this morning.

We're told Bragman completely supports Oksana and believes she is the victim here -- but, as one person put it, "He can't help a client who won't listen."

Interestingly, Oksana's last publicist Steve Jaffe said almost the same exact thing on his way out the door.


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karen lee    

For the real story of Oksana, check out UK DAILY MAIL, May 2009

“Oksana's road to Mel: From Russian poverty to Hollywood royalty via an embittered British husband and a Bond actor”

Indisputable facts:

At 19, her mother was horrified she married a much older man & drug addict within a month of meeting him. HE shared HER dream of living in the West; she was prepared to use her talents & beauty to get there.

At 20 she got the her ticket out of the USSR, meeting Sergey Kuzmin who ran a cultural centre in Saransk organizing exchange programs to Britain. He said, “‘She was utterly determined to get away and use her beauty to get on in the world.”

At 22, she married [now] 60-year-old British graphic designer Nicholas Rowland who said, ‘I was married to her only very briefly [few months] … a period of my life I would rather forget.’ Asked what sort of a woman Oksana was, Rowland said, ‘You should ask all the other men – there were enough of them.’

With their short-lived marriage: her British citizenship. She hit the jackpot a few years later when introduced to Bond’s Timothy Dalton; their affair lasted years [she bore him a son] but he never married her.

3-yrs ago, she struck gold when introduced to married Mel.

1554 days ago


What he's actually saying is "this bitch won't shut her mouth and has no brains; she's f*cking up her own situation".

You know it's bad when PR people won't stay; they're professional liars by trade. This russian lying bitch is TOAST...

1554 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

I just saw the interview on radaronline
its more than obvious she is the victim but the its also obvious the interview its set up too Posted at 10:47 AM on Jul 30, 2010 by DANA

How did ROL set her up? They've been her biggest allies and co-conspirators in this extortion attempt since day one.

1554 days ago


Its all about keeping this fiasco going and staying in the spotlight. Makes for a bigger payday in the book and movie deal.

1554 days ago


When DANA said the interview is set up I think she means it is set up by ROL for her to come across well--basically softball questions that lets her tell her story.

1554 days ago


Is this really surprising about this Oakie MOron?? This gold digger has been all smiles and waves with the paparazzi from day one... she wants to be a star above all. Nothing else matter, not the well being of her baby daughter or son. Its all about HER. She will extort her talentless caniving ass to the top.

The sad thing is that a lot of gullible peoople believe her and she will probably end up walking away with millions. 100 million??

1554 days ago

LaToya Jackson    

Did he get paid ? *I'm just ask'en

1554 days ago


LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, hahahahahahaha, at least he was smart enough to jump ship before she hang him in with all her lies...

1554 days ago


During her interview she states she doesnt' know why Mel is talking about having someone there with him and Lucia and yet she's the one that can't keep her big trap shut!! Too funny. I haven't seen him giving interviews putting her down.

1554 days ago


damn, that was fast! LMAO!!!

1554 days ago


Too funny!!! I didn't think this guy would last long, especially without any money. He may have agreed to signing on 'in spirit' initially, but then when they got down to business and he saw that she did not have the money to pay him, then he bailed on her. Just because she opens up her trap in front of a grocery store doesn't mean that a PR professional would quit so quickly. Afterall, I never hear one Bragman word yesterday over any of the Ox/Mel news yesterday. I don't think he has had much to say at all since he supposedly signed on 'in spirit.'

You cannot reason with insanity!

1554 days ago


Even if she was a victim, she is destroying every ounce of creditability that she had. Why? Is she just this crazy?

1554 days ago

Gail Tucker    

she's an idiot and proves it every time she opens her mouth

1554 days ago


"She feared for her life!" Why didn't she call the police?

1554 days ago


Its all about keeping this fiasco going.. makes a more interesting book and movie deal that she's vying for.

1554 days ago
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